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Palm Trees

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  • Cardboard Palm Tree

    ... don't remember it. He also called it a Cardboard Palm. It has long flat leaves and grows very slowly in shade. It seems as though it grows horizontally as well as vertically.… More

  • Replanting palm tree

    ...zone 7, North Carolina, and need to move my 4 ft. palm tree to another location. When is the best time to replant this? More

  • Palm Tree's

    Just curious how everyone feels about palm tree's. And what everyones favorite palm is. I am planting a bunch of palms in my yard, I am starting alot from seed and have purchased some from plant sales. I am trying to create a tropical paradise in the back yard. I… More

  • hello from costa rica!

    hey all....i just found this forum yesterday. i'm originally from chicago but i lived in miami, fl and austin, tx before moving down to costa rica about four years ago. i'm a nature freak, so i've done a fair amount of gardening everywhere i've lived. i'm much more of a… More

  • Acai Palm

    ...e this is the right forum, was torn between tree (palm) and fruit (acai berry). Has anyone had any success with growing these in Zone 8b? I know it doesn't tolerate cold but other than that I'm clueless. More

  • Madagascar Palms Help!

    Thanks for taking a minute of your time to help out a new Floridian in distress. I have jsut moved to Plantation/Ft. Lauderdale FL from Marietta,Ga, 2 months ago to be exact. I have a beautiful lawn and garden but I am really wnating to give it some personal touches.… More

  • Cocos palm care (Cocos nucifera)

    ...the photos on the website). Whe I bought it had a tree and a few leaves growing out upright of the cocos base, but not it the tree is falling on a side (I… More

  • Need help with sago palm!

    Hi all, I recently purchased a sago palm houseplant. It has just three fronds, and they were kind of yellowing when I bought it two weeks ago, but it was the only one the had, and I really liked it (I sort of felt like it needed me, just like… More

  • WHAT IS THIS???? Need help identifying flower

    ...plant at Wild Dunes Resort located on the Isle of Palms on the coast of South Carolina. The tree was covered with hundreds of these! Please help me to identify. Thank you! More

  • Let's get to know our GG friends

    What is your favorite color? Purple Fondest memory in High School? Laughing the the class clown Dress style? dressy casual Other hobbies besides gardening? painting Any pets? what kind? names? two cats, Daisy and pumpkin Are you generally the host of a party or regular guest? sometimes host, other times,… More

  • Hi!

    ...n acre of scattered flower beds. Not as much as a tree on the land when I moved in and now there are… More

  • My Banana Trees

    ...lbums/v394/qcp/Jul24312.jpg this is my Travellers Palm I just planted on Friday 7/21 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v394/qcp/Jul24311.jpg More

  • Washington Palm Roots

    ...-12 inches. I'd like to cut the roots back to the tree and reclaim my patio space, but I'm concerned about doing… More

  • Need a help

    ...Miami City I saw these 3 beautiful trees and this palm in the city.So exotic for me. Someone can help and tell me the common name and or the scientific name from these trees and the palm ? I will be really grateful.… More

  • What is the name of this tree!

    Hi all! My family and I are currently vacationing on the tiny island of Bonaire N.E. We went on a walk yesterday and found this really cool seed pod! Inside it there are shiny black seeds with a white protection coating thing around it. The seed pod is red. It… More

  • make your own portrait/avatar

    hoping this link works: http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml YES! it does. click on each body part...eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc. a window will open with choices. click your choice. when all parts are selected you'll get your 'portrait'. you have 5 minutes to save them so they can be posted. as you can… More

  • transplanting crape myrtle

    ...moved here from NY in july. I wanted to move some trees around in my yard rather than… More

  • acid or alkaline

    ...re alkaline without buying potash? Are there some trees whose leaves will make the soil more alkaline? I'm specifically thinking of persimmon because mine drops lots of leaves in… More

  • Hello from Sunny South Florida

    ... or so. But I love growing all kind of plants and palm trees. I also have an orchid collection now. I have… More

  • My Palm tree is drying out

    ... is a picture of my Dragon tree plant and my baby palm. im not sure what this palm is called, i know the name starts with an A. Anyway, some of the leaves are drying out. How can I save this little guy? Ive never really had a problem… More

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