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Pacific Northwest Gardening

Pacific Northwest Gardening Articles

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  • HELP!!! Who is eating my Cucumber plants!!!

    ...bout a mile and a half as the crow flies from the Pacific ocean; it… More

  • Time setting

    I see everything in Pacific Standard Time but I live in Eastern Standard Time zone :confused: can this be fixed? More

  • Hello to you all from Australia!!

    ...n the nearly sub-tropical part of the east coast (Pacific) of Aust which makes life fairly simple as regards growing many plants. Don't have a garden, all my plants are in pots, indoors & out, & so far, they mostly seem very happy. Early spring… More

  • Time frame for veggies in PNW

    ...time frame) for putting out my plants here in the pacific northwest. Today's weather was not quite 83degrees, and I've read that [COLOR="green"]BELL PEPPERS shouldn't go out until it's regularly at least 85. Hmm, okay.... should I wait a bit longer on these? My… More

  • Happy B day Ruokdel

    ...morrow night. We also bought her a copy of "South Pacific". Her all time favorite movie. Hope your special day is as great… More

  • Tall spike, yellow blooms, fuzzy leaves

    I live in the Pacific NW. These plants volunteered; I didn't plant them. So I have no idea what they are. They need little water and reached 4 to 5 feet tall by October when this picture was taken. What are these? More

  • Hi everyone!!! I have some seeds for you!!!

    Hi everyone, I barely finished planting my garden, and I have some excess seeds, so I'll post the ones that I have, and I'll post the ones that I want. I only have seeds in very small amounts though. Together it's an okay size mix. Haves Sunflower- Autumn Beauty Morning… More

  • Seeds avaliable.

    ...all, single * Dianthus: mixed colors * Calendula: Pacific Beauty * Calendula: not sure, the pack just said "mix" * Marigold: Crackerjack mix * Gloriosa Daisy *… More

  • boa constrictor in my garden....

    ... have a big rainforest property near the southern pacific coast of costa rica and in one clearing we put in what we call the "restaurante para los animales". here we have planted tons of bananas, platanos, guineos for the monkeys and birds and a ton of other fruit producing… More

  • Moving Threads

    ...ns within the forum?? I looked and looked for the Pacific NW get together one and it wasn't where it had been, it had been moved to another section. If you move threads, can you please give a heads up to the mods and… More

  • Funny stories or the adventurers and history of members

    ...hought I'd give it a try. After growing up in the Pacific Northwest, then following my Navy hubby around for 31-1/2 years (some people can't take a… More

  • Looking for other Zone 8 Gardeners

    Hello fellow gardeners! I joined awhile back, but didn't introduce myself then. This site is awesome; there is so much to look at. I live in Eugene, Oregon, which is Zone 8b. We bought a house about three years ago that had very unimaginative landscaping. It was mostly lawn with… More

  • Pacific NW Get together?

    ...ne 23rd is the first choice. Any objections? Dora/Garden Goddess More

  • The Pacific Northwest, a Frozen Wasteland

    The snow fell one day last week--big, beautiful flakes like the ones I knew when I was a child in New York. The ground was cold, not wet as it usually is here, so it accumulated quickly. It had the makings of a blizzard. We get snow here some winters,… More

  • Pacific Northwest Plant ID

    ...first time poster here and a fairly green (haha?) gardener in general. I'm working on putting some plants around a newly constructed deck and as I've traveled throughout my neighbor hood I found 4 plants that I really like, which would start off my filling in… More

  • Wildflower Pacific Northwest

    This one grows in the forest in northwestern CA. Real mountainous area. Any ideas what it is? More

  • Pacific Coast

    The "little" starfish-sorry the picture is blurred-It was raining and kinda cold! And the date is SOOO wrong! I don't know what I did to the camera-and I haven't taken the time to figure out how to UN do it! More

  • First Timer

    ...some tips for growing in containers and in cooler Pacific Northwest weather. More

  • New gardener in Japan

    ...teacher, but I have recently become interested in gardening in my itty-bitty yard (three feet by nine feet, half in the shade) in the outskirts of Tokyo. The yard has in it a persimmon tree (bears huge amounts), a loquat, a kumquat, a… More

  • strange blue/purple flower

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, this is my first post. One of the main reasons I joined was because I have this flower in a hanging pot and I cannot find out what it is. It's driving me a little bit crazy. Most of the posts seem to… More

  • Hello from the San Francisco bay area!

    ...s searching for answers to a few of my many, many gardening questions - seems I struck gold here! I'm excited to see there are… More

  • Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hi and formally introduce myself. I can see that there is a wealth of knowledge here which I'm quickly discovering as I've been posting to the Plant Identification section. Let me ask, is there any way to search through the members listed and… More

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