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Organic Edibles

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  • ProtoGrow Organic Fertilizer

    ...(don't hit me with a stick) I decided to look for organic alternatives. I started composting, but that will take some time. I have tested my soil and it is a bit low in Nitrogen (P & K are… More

  • Organic edible flowers

    ...ooking for organic (and therefore pestiside free) edible Nasturtiums, Elderflowers, Dandelion Heads and Violets that I can get relatively fresh in (or shipped to) Spokane WA. :rolleyes: If you have any leads, freinds, good ideas or tips, please give a shout out to an avid culinary… More

  • Young weeds for Organic matter?

    I was wondering if there would be any problem using fresh weeds for a nitrogen source? If the pile gets hot enough it will kill the seeds anyway right? Even if it didn't I plan to mulch with straw or hay anyhow so weeds seeds shouldn't be a problem. Has… More

  • organic raised beds

    ...but need to find what to build it with to keep it organic. I have read that treated timbers will leach out chemicals in the soil that will go into the veggies. Does… More

  • Organic Food Year Round!

    Well, I grow orchids, but I don't grow veggies in the house. I read the article at the link. They had a lot of interesting suggestions, which I will not be doing. The closest I ever get is catnip for my kitty. They mention tomatoes, but I imagine in an… More

  • Fire Ants! Any new organic approaches?

    I'm in Texas - and fire ants are always a problem. Boiling water doesn't work--for more than a few hours at least. Wonder about vinegar? My hubby uses Ortho stuff and it works - fast - but what is it doing to us? And the future world? Nothing good, I'm… More

  • So I bought some organic tomatoes from the farmers market.. can I plant them?

    Silly question. I bought some organic cherry tomatoes from the local farmers market. They are fresh and I am 99% sure they are heirlooms not hybrids. I chose 4 different types ranging from yellow pear shaped to purple/greenish. I am curious to see if they will grow from the fruit… More

  • Organic Potting Mix

    ...t. x 1.5 ft. containers going for next spring for organic veggies. I have found many recipes for soil, but I have never made my own organic mix. I will be growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, peas, cucumbers, radishes, and herbs. This… More

  • A novice trying to create an organic raised garden

    I am trying to get my organic vegetable garden started. I've decided to use the raised garden method since our soil is practically like trying to dig concrete. I was going to use wood to build them, but I was reminded it's not a good idea since we have bad… More

  • Low yield with organic gardening?

    ...of years now. I did not have a good yield from my organic garden this year. I am planning to do more research and prep for this fall's garden hoping to improve it. I am also planning… More

  • Trying to find a book on Organic Gardening

    ...airly new then and the title may have been simply Organic Gardening. It had information about the French intensive method of planting, companion planting, interplanting and had zone information for… More

  • What is the point of Organic Seed?

    ... having a blond moment. But, what is the point of organic seed? I mean really, isn't it the how it is grown and what it is grown in and what you use on it vs. the actual seed? In some strange way today this just comes across… More

  • Organic Fertilizer

    I found this organic fertilize mix and here it is to share, Mixing parts (using a coffee can, a bucket or a spoon a part is a part) Mixing (approx, cost from local feed and seed store) * 4 parts cotton seed meal 50 lbs @ 9.50 * 1 part… More

  • Help with organic sprays

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what I can use safely on my leafy veggies, such as spinach, lettuce and collards, that can rid of bugs, especially beetles? Any help would be greatly appreciated. More

  • organic fertilizer

    ...th problem and had a few responses recomending an organic fertilizer. Would this orgaanic fertilizer be manure? Or is there other kinds? If you know any brand names or where to find more information about it please let me know as I was unaware… More

  • Organic Mulch

    ...ng and was wondering,Is there such a thing called organic Mulch? I would like to keep my lawn and trees as pure as possible and want to avoid chemicals on my trees/lawn. Hoping to start an organic garden in a couple of years. Any advice is… More

  • organic alternative to bordeaux?

    Is there an organic alternative to bordeaux spray? What about an organic treatment for wood borer insects? More

  • Interested in Organic Gardening?

    If you are interested in organic gardening and better health sign up for our intensive course taught by Master Gardener Darren Butler. Have a Great Day!:) More

  • Organic Vegetable Garden

    ...rst home a few months back and I want to plant an organic vegetable garden. I have an idea of which fruits and vegetables I want to plant and I know I want to… More

  • Tastiest organic food in your garden

    In your organic gardening experience, which fruit/vegetable/herb did you find to be the most superior to the mass produced varieties at the supermarket? For me, it would have to be onions..:cool: More

  • Interested in Organic Gardening?

    If you are interested in organic gardening and better health sign up for our intensive course taught by Master Gardener Darren Butler. For more info go to Herbalroom.com and look under ECCM News! More

  • Buying organic seeds

    I have a question...what exactly is "organic seeds"? I thought about buying some Burpee organic seeds for my vegetable garden this year but I'm totally in the dark. Can I save seeds and plant them next year-will they grow and produce? This is all a new venue for me and… More

  • Organic gardening

    Hi, I want to use organic manure for my garden. How do I make that at home?:confused: More