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  • Looking for

    Does anyone have Oregano seeds ?? The plant with the white flower. Not purple...... I don't have seeds to trade, but will buy them. Oh I have a few Scarlet runner bean seed.... Thanks :broccoli: More

  • drying herbs

    So I have a plethora of basil and my oregano seems to be drying out rather fast. How should I go about preserving these for cooking? More

  • Mystery in a seed packet...

    Hello! I'm new to the site and new to gardening- I've been growing herbs on my windowsill and just moved to a place with a backyard, so I'm hoping to expand my plant life a ton this year and next. Right now I have one pressing issue...identifying a HUGE plant.… More

  • Cuban Oregano

    ...VORITE house plant is an edible herb called Cuban Oregano. Its a fuzzy leafed minty flavored and a fantastic aroma when you water it. Its really easy to propagate from cuttings. All my favorite friends and family have babies from one of my three plants. I don't know… More

  • Herbs lost their flavor.

    I brought in my oregano, chives, and mint for the winter, but they seem to have lost most of their flavor. I love having them fresh to use. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to amp up the flavor now that they're inside? I'm in zone 5b, if that… More

  • indoor patio herb guarden

    ...m a novice and am growing basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley, cilantro in my screened in patio in ft lauderdale. see alot of small flying insects in soil and on leaves of basil in particular. what is best, organic if possible, way to eliminate these and any other pests… More

  • Hello from Indiana

    ...nana peppers. I also have some curled parsley and oregano. I've also planted 3 canna lilly bulbs. Hopefully, everything… More

  • What all is in your Herb Garden?

    I have a variety of herbs in my herb garden which is not one big patch but several areas within the same zone with different herbs some being perinnials and some seasonal, I have to check the English names for some that have not been mentioned, I just planted them… More

  • My little herb garden

    ...ook more defined. So far, I have Cilantro, Basil, oregano, rosemary and lavender in there. More

  • Oregano questions

    a while back I noticed all the leaves on my oregano had turned red...after asking around on different forums it seems all the rain we have had is the reason for that...well I cut it all back except one or two branches that werent as red...well today I noticed I… More

  • Oregano Wilting and Yellow Basil

    ...inter, with ocassional strong winds and rain. The oregano which I started planting 1.5 month ago is placed in a partly shady area, sometimes getting direct sunlight. Strangely, it is beginning to wilt (spreading from one bunch to the next). Does anyone… More


    What's the difference b/w greek and regular oregano? I want to plant oregano, culantro, dill, and possibly another herb in my garden. Anyone have any tips on how to care for them? More

  • oregano

    ...s now. Inbetween the roses I've planted lavender, oregano and parsley. The garden bed looks wonderful this year, the roses are strong, the lavender is looking fine, parsley might have to be replanted(it's a bi-annual- but food for the… More

  • Oregano mystery

    ...the place of one of the basil seeds. I think it's oregano. As you can see, I planted three seeds in the same spot, and two of them were basil. I think the mystery plant is oregano, but now that… More

  • mexican oregano

    ...t of mexican cooking and recipes call for mexican oregano. I have greek oregano, but the flavor is not the same. Any ideas where I can get the plants, or what it may be called? I'd love to have a couple of plants.:( More

  • Difference between margoram and oregano???

    I just read the topic on Greek oregano. I have something in my garden that I have had for years. I always thought it was oregano, maybe it is margoram? How do I tell the difference and do I need to know the difference? I can use it like I… More

  • False oregano

    I would like to know about false oregano. Some told me there is such a thing. What color are the flowers? white or purple, also any thing I can read would be helpful, thanks More

  • Oregano

    I have a huge patch of oregano that is just decorative. The smell is weak and it has no flavor for cooking. I only have it for the flowers. It makes a nice groundcover. More

  • My Oregano hates me

    I planted some oregano seeds in a small pot and put it in my windowsill. It's been about 3 weeks and all I have seen was one itty bitty leaf that has now disappeared (my son won't admit it but I think he took it, lol) Have I failed? I… More

  • Oregano or not oregano...that is the question!

    ...rs with a few cuttings of what they called "Cuban oregano". I stuck them in some potting mix and they took off. They look like a type of coleus but they smell strongly like oregano. The leaves are thick with a fuzzy… More