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Orchid Garden

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  • My indoor garden...

    ...or at least the part that pertains to this part of the forum. 1. Either a San Pedro or a Peruvian Torch, not too sure which. Given to me at a yard sale as an 8" cutting a year ago and now it's 2 foot tall...and growing. 2. From left… More

  • PICTURE of ORCHID Stem Help Pls?

    Hi I've finally managed to get a pickie on here:) so it will help with my next question. I have snooped around for additional info/help. I read on a site that I should cut off the thin stem but this doesn't sound right to me. I couldn't ask the person… More

  • My lovely Chinese orchid

    This is only one of the thousands kinds of orchid. So beautiful! And I'm glad that I could catch its beautiful since my camera is not anti-shake.However,I don't know how long it can live,the former one is near death because of the poor soil.I should buy some special soil.God bless. More

  • orchid seed question

    A seed pod developed on my orchid.... is this usual? Can I plant it..? How? Thanks!! More

  • Ludisia discolor Jewel Orchid in Bloom

    Here is 1 of my Orchids in bloom right now. It is called a Ludisia discolor or Jewel Orchid and it is almost in full Bloom. It has a velvety leaf with red veins running through them. Here are a few pictures. More

  • My Beau Needs an Indoor Garden, All suggestions Welcome!

    Hello everyone, I sit here in beautiful Deerfield, Ma near a glowing fire, just in last night from Waterford Ct, my home base. I was feeling sadened that the herb plants brought in late October have not fared very well, lack of water by my male half in residense here… More

  • April weekends in New York are booked!

    I was just looking at my calendar and realized that every weekend in April is booked! The first weekend (8th, 9th) is a [url=http://www.hofstra.edu/COM/Arbor/Arbor_Flower_show.cfm]flower show at Hofstra University in Uniondale NY. I typically take home a whole bunch of daylilies and other plants from the vendors. Second weekend is Easter.… More

  • Cactus and Succlent

    I plan on starting some epiphyllum cactus ( Orchid cactus) from seeds has any one tried this before and what kind of luck have you had I found all kinds of information on the net but want to see what some of the members here have to say about growing… More

  • Only heard wild orchid, never heard wild rose..is this plant call "WILD ROSE"?..pls ID, thanks..

    this plant has thorny stem like the stem of rose plant, attached 3 photos which taken last night, in the photo we can see the buds are ready for blooming. maybe in the next couple days it will blooming an orange flowers. i grow this plant almost two years long… More

  • orchid problem

    My wife and I are new to growing orchids. We have about 30 plants. However, most of our phalaenopsis have developed a problem. The leaves begin to get small and scattered dark spots, and the crown of the plants seen to be rotting away. (Pic attached) We ran into a… More

  • Orchid cactus

    ... have 2 very nice 10 and 12 inch rooted leaves of orchid cactus. I would like to trade them for other succulents. I am really wanting some Echeveria but would consider other things. The orchid cactus came to me in a (cactus for postage trade) and I misunderstood what… More

  • Orchid

    ...ospital, mostly beautiful Mums, but there are two orchids. I have no clue how to take care of them. I need all the help I can get. Thanks. John More

  • Help Me With My Orchid

    I received an Orchid in October 2004 and it flowered for a few months. Since then I have sprayed and watered it, but the only thing it is doing is growing big green leaves - what am I doing wrong? Please help as I have nurtured this plant for so… More

  • Orchid help?

    I've been interested in purchasing an orchid, but have had a hard time figuring out where I want to put it in the house. I have decided I'd like to put it in the bedroom, but now have some questions before I put the money out for one. If there's… More

  • What is this orchid?

    ...ant last weekend. Can anyone tell me what kind of orchid is this and do you know the name? More

  • Orchid Help Please

    Hi all, I bought a Orchid Pannekoek about one month ago. It looked like it was growing some buds but they dried and died off (a tad to much sun (i think):( . The long thin stem is still there and it looks like some new buds are trying to… More

  • Chinese orchid

    They are grown in south of China. More

  • Easy Orchid

    ...st two weeks ago. The common name is 'white egret orchid'. More

  • Orchid Passion

    Hi, i'm new to this site.......have a passion for orchids and have sent you a picture of one of my plants in bloom; hope you enjoy. More

  • Orchid plant.

    I got an orchid plant for inside the house. It's lost it's flowers. What do I do now? Do I cut the part where the flowers were? When and how should I repot it? More

  • Butterfly Orchid

    ... them! They are peeking out here and there in the garden. They come in a variety of pinks and whites and some are very reddish. I ordered more to… More