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Orchid Flower

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  • Help Me With My Orchid

    I received an Orchid in October 2004 and it flowered for a few months. Since then I have sprayed and watered it, but the only thing it is doing is growing big green leaves - what am I doing wrong? Please help as I have nurtured this plant for so… More

  • Easy Orchid

    ...st two weeks ago. The common name is 'white egret orchid'. More

  • Orchid plant.

    ...orchid plant for inside the house. It's lost it's flowers. What do I do now? Do I cut the part where the flowers were? When and how should I repot it? More

  • Walmart Specials Orchids

    ...t Orchid that I found well tucked into some other flowers so I presume that someone had hid it for later pick up ( Can't hide an Orchid from me LOL) Anyway it is… More

  • Orchids anyone can grow!

    WOW, Ron, nice flowers and nice pics. John More

  • Clivia

    ...t another crowded clivia pot !!!! Have it in part orchid/part humus -… More

  • I've been missing everyone

    ..., Hubs and I have been really busy with the Phila Flower show. We even won a blue ribbon on Wed with 96 points out of 100!YAhoooooo finally!! You can see pics at www.about.com in the cities catagory--in the greater philadelphia/south jersey forum. Right now the… More

  • Only heard wild orchid, never heard wild rose..is this plant call "WILD ROSE"?..pls ID, thanks..

    ...n the next couple days it will blooming an orange flowers. i grow this plant almost two years long… More

  • Cactus and Succlent

    I plan on starting some epiphyllum cactus ( Orchid cactus) from seeds has any one tried this before and what kind of luck have you had I found all kinds of information on the net but want to see what some of the members here have to say about growing… More

  • Guzmania...my Favorite Houseplant

    Guzmania Guzmanias are among the most beautiful and colorful bromeliads in cultivation, and one of my favorites. The genus Guzmania was established in 1802 and named after a Spanish pharmacist named "Guzman". Most guzmanias originate from northwstern South America where they occur in the tropical rainforest belt of the Andes… More

  • Updated Trade List

    Seedlings · Datura - Lavender – 3 Black Metal – 12 Discolor – 2 Triple White – 3 Triple Yellow – 1 White – 5 Triple Purple – 2 Double Purple – 1 Purple – 3 Fleur De Lilac – 8 Double Yellow - 10 Seeds · Achillea - love… More

  • Know this flower?

    It was one flower of many other green beautiful flowers I saw at a wedding reception. Everyone took all the other flowers but left these behind. This one was my favorite so I took a bunch for myself. :D The flower was lime (bright) green (?) :0 I took the… More

  • April weekends in New York are booked!

    ... is a [url=http://www.hofstra.edu/COM/Arbor/Arbor_Flower_show.cfm]flower show at Hofstra University in Uniondale NY. I typically take home a whole bunch of daylilies and other plants from the vendors. Second weekend is Easter.… More

  • PICTURE of ORCHID Stem Help Pls?

    Hi I've finally managed to get a pickie on here:) so it will help with my next question. I have snooped around for additional info/help. I read on a site that I should cut off the thin stem but this doesn't sound right to me. I couldn't ask the person… More

  • All my flowers

    ...feel as if I'm in Southeast Asia now. However, my flowers look good now. The following pictures show my properties of flowers. Most of them are not bought from the market. The capillaire is… More

  • searching for there seeds thanks looking

    ...nt tomotes peatunia large flowers-any canna dwarf orchid type.yellow ,white red,… More

  • 2008 Trade and Want List

    HAVES Seeds Seeds · Achillea - love parade – 2 · Alyssum – 2 · Bleeding Hearts – wild – 1 · Campanula medium - Canterbury Bells – 2 · Cherimoya – 1 · Clematis – Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle… More

  • New Updated Trade List

    Haves Seeds · Achillea - love parade – 2 · Alyssum – 2 · Bleeding Hearts – wild – 1 · Campanula medium - Canterbury Bells – 2 · Cherimoya – 1 · Clematis – Sweet Autumn – 1 · Cleome – Rose Queen – 1 · Crepe Myrtle –… More

  • Extreme newbie with a daisy.

    I have many pets, and have always had success with raising/keeping/living with animals. I have 2 birds, 2 turtles, many fish, a rat, a rabbit, and a dog. They have the best of the best and flourish. My history with plants, however, is much more bleak. Every housplant I've tried… More

  • Orchid Help Please

    Hi all, I bought a Orchid Pannekoek about one month ago. It looked like it was growing some buds but they dried and died off (a tad to much sun (i think):( . The long thin stem is still there and it looks like some new buds are trying to… More

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