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Orange Trees

Orange Trees Articles

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  • Citrus orange tree help required

    :confused: My citrus tree which sits on the kitchen windowsill has stated to drop a few leaves. The leaves have turned yellow I also noticed some small round yellow spots on the leaves. Is this normal? The weather is the same (no sun through window. no drafts) I live in… More

  • help with my orange tree

    ... but we were blessed with a large backyard and an orange tree in our new home. At least I think it is an orange tree..the fruit it produces looks like oranges and if opened smells like oranges, but it tastes like the sourest lemon… More

  • No respect for a family day.

    Kids Fishing Day Montauk State Park: Dent County Missouri May 20, 2006 This morning started early. We were up and out of bed, hoping to make the 70 minute trek to Montauk (often misspelled Mauntauk) State Park and be there by 6:30am. We nearly made it, entering the park at… More

  • Kathy's Southern Ohio Garden

    I moved into my first house six years ago and was so excited to finally have a lot of space to plant. Before that I was limited to containers and shade only plants. One of my goals is to have something blooming from April through October. Here are my areas:… More

  • orange tree problems

    ...oking for a solution for a problem I have with my orange tree I planted 4 years ago. It developed fruit the first season but not since. The leaves look wilted and are turning black. The blossoms dry up turn black and fall off. Can anyone tell me… More

  • oranges

    I have an orange tree that produces very small, bitter tasting fruit. The stem are also very thorny, to the point you have to wear gloves if you want to pick the fruit. I am clueless when it comes to citrus. Any help identifying? More

  • big lemon or sour orange????

    ...too big for a lemon (I think) but too sour for an orange. I have posted some pictures. Would anyone help to identify it? Thanks Victoria More

  • Mystery tree turns neon orange in late fall

    ... in '95, and always turns a brilliant neon yellow/orange color in late fall. The bark is… More


    ...ted. Here is my problem, my wife and I bought our orange tree about two years ago and for the first year keep it in a 5 gallon pot where it was allowed to drain when we watered it to prevent root rot. Then we… More

  • 5 gallon fish tank

    ...y bitty trees growing in there? (i have apple and orangeMore

  • Going to pot....

    PS: You didn't think i meant pot now did you??? :confused: Discovering that the wildlife here at my new digs in NC eat anything and everything that they can get to; i decided to have a pot garden on my large fenced deck with all day sun. i used the… More

  • How to attract Baltimore Orioles?

    It took me 3 years of putting hummer feeders up with no hummers before they finally found them, and now they come back every year. Now I want to attract Baltimore Orioles - when I stopped in a local birding shop last summer and asked how to, I was told… More

  • citrus fruit trees in mississippi

    does any one know if orange, lemon, and lime trees do well in northeast mississippi zone 7b. what about any other fruit trees. any suggestions More

  • Orange tree drops baby fruit

    :confused: Can someone tell my why my orange trees which we planted 16 mos ago, are dropping the tiny new oranges? They are very small and when we had someone out here to spray the trees, he said the fruit looks very healthy and no disease... It flowers, then tiny… More

  • Grafted & Self Pollenating Trees

    ...res? I have a cocktail tree but only seen fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit) which fall off the tree before they ripen. I have a self-pollenating cherry tree & a plum tree but I've only seen flowers. My plum tree had a few fuzzy things on… More

  • Hedges in Shady Area

    ...eet high) in shady side yard for privacy. Live in Orange County, NY. Area gets minimal sunlight in early morning and late evening. Soil is acidic (many oak trees in yard). Heard of Wall of China hedge but not sure what that… More

  • Cabo,Sn Lucas Plant /Tree?

    ...there, came accross a beautiful tree with vibrant orange blossoms and bean pods hanging from them. The locals call these trees " Pico de gallo tree". I have not been able to find the real name for it anywhere. Please help!!! Also, all… More

  • A sad day in the citrus orchard

    ...on noticing that...I spotted signs on my Valencia Orange tree that lead me to believe that it is infected as well. If you don't know what Citrus Greening is.. just think of it as terminal… More

  • Cabo, Mexico Tree/ Srub?

    ...there, came accross a beautiful tree with vibrant orange blossoms and bean pods hanging from them. The locals call these trees " Pico de gallo tree". I have not been able to find the real name for it anywhere. Please help!!! Also, all… More

  • Lemon, Lime and Orange Trees

    Fruit trees can be divided broadly into two categories; citrus and deciduous. Once, every household grew several fruit trees, but now suburban blocks are much smaller and so space is limited. Citrus trees don’t take up much room and are fairly hardy. They will grow in a variety of soils,… More

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