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Okra Articles

Okra Videos

  • video
    How to Grow Okra

    Okra is a heat-loving plant that is very tolerant of the cold and best planted… More

  • video
    Growing Okra

    Growing Okra requires pinching out one or more seedlings. Learn how to grow Okra plants… More

  • video
    Growing Okra

    Growing okra in full sun to partial shade works very well. Learn how to grow… More

  • video
    Designing an Organic Garden

    Get tips on designing an organic garden, and what types of vegetables, spices and other… More

Join the Discussions About Okra

  • more seeds

    ...i have blue morning glory vine, snake gourd, some okra left over, wheat grass ( for all you cat lovers ). i still have pink & purple cleome and cardinal climber. will trade for pretty much anything that i dont already have. More

  • Odd Need your help!

    ...ng going on. One of my banana pepper plants and a okra plant has been completly stripped of leaves. Whatever it is leaves the fruit but strips the leaves. They lay green at the bottom of the plant. Any ideas?:confused: More

  • Orka??

    ...wasn't sure if it was a weed or not. I hope it is OkraMore

  • Okra seeds rotting

    Hey, I'm having trouble with my okra seeds. I soaked the first batch in water overnight, planted them in seed-plug things, and nothing happened. When I dug one up to look at it, it had rotted and smelled VERY bad. Next batch I sprouted between wet paper towells before planting… More

  • Leaves and no blooms

    ...s one for you I hope somebody can help, I planted okra this year they seem to be doing better in pots than in the ground, they have nice leaves but no blooms. There are no desease them but they had a few aphids, a little detergent and… More

  • Do seeds need any help?

    ... the soil? I am planting corn, carrots, collards, okra, pole beans, onion sets and seeds, cucumbers, marigolds, zinnas, baby's… More

  • sunken beds vs raised beds

    ... compost? I have done this and intend to plant my Okra there and sweet potato vines but I… More

  • What is Full Sun?...

    I just started my veggie garden on the side of my house. Now that the sun is in full force I noticed that part of my veggie garden is shaded by my house. My garden is out in the sun but shaded areas are worrying me. Is that still considered… More

  • What is it

    ...d it was in the winter. The leaves are furry like okra leaves and has small purple blooms on it. I don't know if it needs sun, shade or… More

  • Okra

    All right, I LOVE it. I want to grow it, I find it in our farmers market but not sure if they grow it some greenhouse way or what. Has anybody any experience in the North West growing it? Can I grow it inside, perhaps? More

  • Musk Okra

    Is anybody familiar with this plant? I think I have one. Don't know where it came from... More

  • Sterile Okra?

    Has anyone had experience with okra plants which just won't put on any blooms, much less set them? I have plants that would make great shrubs, 60+ feet of rows in fact, but haven't gotten so much as a quart of okra off of them. I have fertilized with bone… More

  • container grow okra?

    Anyone try growing okra in a container? If so, how big must the container be? Thanks to everyone that replies.:confused: More

  • Okra recipe?

    I purchased some okra at a bodega on Saturday and need a good recipe. The only time I have had them is fried and that is out of the question so does anyone have a good healthy recipe using okra? More

  • recipe for canned okra please

    ...d be drained and used for frying? Not just canned okra for boiling/stews. Thanks. More

  • Saving seeds from okra

    Question. If you take the seeds from a green okra pod and plant them, with they germinate? Or do u have to wait until the pod and seed dry out ? Thanks , larry More

  • Pickled Okra

    Anybody have a quick and simple recipe for Pickled Orka?? More

  • okra

    Care As long as it is warm, okra will grow. You can help by weeding in the area. However, you don't even need to water it very often. If you notice the soil is very dry, then water it. Otherwise, leave it as is. One danger that is common among… More

  • Okra In Container

    ...nyone could give me any information about growing okra in container. My son bought some seed packs last year and I went ahead and started them for him. Now i have this unexpected little arrival and unfortuantely I am not sure where to start with him/her.… More

  • Need recipe for fried okra

    I love fried okra, but all the ready made batters from Wal-Mart are just Nasty on okra in my opinion. I had the best ever fried okra from Lamberts years ago and was wondering what you all use as a batter for fried okra. More