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Oak Tree

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  • mail box help

    ...aded with some afternoon light. There are alot of oak tree's in the area , so the ground is pretty acidic.Just can't seem to get to much… More

  • Worms

    ...nto a home this last fall with a beautiful mature oak tree in the back yard. A week or so ago, the worms came. They swing on their silky web and have decided to attach themselves to our back porch. Does anyone know what they are and how… More

  • HELP

    The tree in our yard, an oak tree, has a very thin layer of webbing all over it!! I don't mean the trunk only, or a few branChes here and there, no ALL OVER EACH LIMB!! I stated on another forum how we have pest problems and this one was… More

  • help with ID

    This ivy has just about covered my large oak tree, it has small yellow flowers and watermelon shaped seed pods. The humming birds love the flowers. Thanks. John More

  • Mushroom??? Toadstool??? What is it???

    ...? We have a LOT of them at the base of a huge old Oak tree. Most of then were BRIGHT orange with one clump being bright yellow. And...they smell really, REALLY bad....and had lots of flies buzzing around. They were absolutely beautiful. Only lasted about 1 week… More

  • What type of tree to plant?

    I'm looking for suggestions on what kind of tree to plant in my front yard. I have a huge bed of azaleas that are under pine trees and couple of hardwoods on one side of my yard. There are a few scattered pines and then another smaller bed that has… More

  • What tree produces this seed pod?

    ...f cluster. My MIL thought the leaves were Spanish Oak however everything I'm finding online is showing that Spanish Oaks produce acorns and not these pods. The leaf definitely… More

  • What in the world is this??????

    ... area are two sycamore trees,crepe myrtles,and an oak tree. It was under the leaves that I was raking.… More

  • What to plant for the birds?

    ... is a dogwood tree and a holly and a couple large oak trees. There is a good variety of birds in that part of the yard. Red bellied woodpeckers, goldfinches, cardinals, nuthatches, bluejays and so on.… More

  • Close and Personal

    This little guy comes down this big oak tree, which is right beside me where I sit on my porch. He drinks from the water fall on my little fish pond. John More

  • !!!HELP!!!

    ... and the germination needs for sycamore seeds and oak tree seeds thanks More

  • Oak Tree with problem worms

    More than likely a permanent problem. More

  • Oak Tree that has more than nuts.

    ...nd there are 2 well established (25 or more years)oak trees in my yard. They both produce the bigger acorns, but the also have this other round fruit that is light tan color with reddish veins. About an inch in diameter. The inside is red… More

  • Holes in Oak tree trunk

    ...have geometrical hole in the trunk near where the tree brances out. I have exerienced borers before but these hole are in symetrial order around the tree just like someone took a… More

  • suggestions for dirt around old oak tree

    We have an oak tree that is appx. 150-200 years old in our back yard. My problem is that much of the roots are growing on top of the ground and between the roots has become a total nuisance with blackberry vines & weeds of every description. I tried spot… More

  • what is wrong with my red oak tree??

    I planted a red oak (Shumard) in February. It did great for a little while, growing taller, wider, and getting lots of leaves. All of a sudden, the leaves started turning brown and crispy. It got a little better for awhile, but now is browner and crispier than ever. There… More

  • Color Splash

    ...front yard at least through the summer. I have an oak tree I would like to plant under. What can I plant? Carolyn More

  • !!!HELP!!!

    ... and the germination needs for sycamore seeds and oak tree seeds thanks More

  • Need advice: oak tree infestation

    ...e've just discovered that something is eating our oak trees and need some help identifying the insect and what to do about it. They appear to be red-bodied spiders, hatching from globe-shaped sacs attached to the underside of the leaves. We didn't see very many sacs, but some were obviously… More

  • egg sacs on oak tree???

    Hi. I logged on to find out what an oak tree at my parent's house (Dutchess County, NY) is infested with. There are ovular sacs on many of the leaves. The sacs are yellow centered with reddish-brown hairs(approx.: 10-15 mm). If anyone knows what they are I would greatly appreciate… More