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Northern California Gardening

Northern California Gardening Articles

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  • pruning roses

    ...ering if its to late to do it now in Feb. here in northern California. Thank you, viao90 More

  • Any other SE Wisconsin / Northern IL gardeners?

    Hello everyone, I'm a novice gardener but very excited to begin gaining experience. My hubby and I created a 5x15 raised garden this spring and I'm about to start planting. We put down 1 yard sand, 1/2 yard compost, and 2 yards loamy garden soil in our box. I have… More

  • Northern Flicker Nest

    I noticed this nest this summer. I got a few pics, but I had to stand in the middle of a busy street to get the shots. Hello...anybody in there? More

  • northern? catalpa tree

    I have a catalpa tree in southern Indiana, captured in the wild, growing happily, except that he/she never flowers!!! Is there something I need to do for it, or are there males and females as with the Ginko tree? Help! More

  • What to grow behind retaining wall

    ...e. And I am entirely new to gardening. We live in Northern California. I have a 4 foot retaining wall. Behind the retaining wall I have about4-5 foot dirt. What can I grow there without causing any damage to the wall. It is a block… More

  • Newbie here

    ...any others out there?? I have read some post from northern MI but, haven't seen any from up here yet. Well, hapy gardening to… More

  • my pet will die without, please i need to learn

    ...a question. I am going to be moving to Arcata, in northern California. It’s in the middle of the red wood forest and on the coast, meaning it’s wet and cold. Winter is coming and I need a garden. I have a pet skink (lizard)… More

  • Hi everyone

    .... We're 120 North of Sacramento up I-5. I've been gardening forever and love it more everyday. I'm not a fussy gardener. I try and stay with the "local" plants.....we have 5 acres, about 275 olive trees (Sevillano and Manzanillo varieties), some Eucalyptus… More

  • how much to water

    ...t sure if I water to much or to little. I live in northern california and it can get… More

  • Great Northern Beans

    I've been eating a lot of great northern beans lately, and I was wondering if I should try planting the dried beans I got in the store or if I should try to find seeds? More

  • Hello from Northern Michigan

    I am planting my first vegetable garden. The plot is 20x30 feet (actually I have 40 acres but thought I would start small and work my way up to a couple acres) with sun all day long. I will be planting sweet corn, onions, scallions, tomatoes,carrots,radishes, chives,peppers, cantelope, watermelon,lettuce, cabage,… More

  • New Here from Northern Nevada

    Hey folks, I just found this site and so far it seems a perfect fit for what I was looking for. I currently live in a duplex with my hubby and our dog, Nova. All the kids and grandkids are scattered and I have more time on my hands these… More

  • Hi from Northern Maine

    Wow what a great site .I have been gardening for about 14 years. I moved last Sept and had to leave all but a hand full of plants what a sad time that was . I am now starting over have moved to the woods should be an interesting challenge… More

  • Hello from Northern Indiana

    ... & flower Gardener. Feel free to check out my Gardening photo journal at: http://www.indianagardening.blogspot.com Happy Gardening! Garden Girl Jo More

  • Northern Florida here!

    ... Halime and just wanted to say hello. I am new to gardening but willing to overcome my "gangrene thumb" by listening and learning and trial and error!:p More

  • New from Northern IL

    ...inois, and I'm new to the board and pretty new to gardening. When I was a kid, my mom did some fantastic work to our yards...creating amazing landscaping and my Grandmother's yard was sort of famous on her street for having… More

  • Northern Wisconsin

    Anybody from Northern Wisconsin? I like to share ideas that work and ideas that didn't, about vegies, perenials, fruits, whatever. More

  • Hello from Northern Arizona!

    Just sayin hello and glad to "meet" ya! It's just starting to warm up here now in my area. Still chilly at night but glorius during the day! Seedlings are coming up and my Red Maple, planted last summer, is waking up! Hugs to all! Lisa:p More

  • Northern Cardinal

    I see lots of Northern Cardinals from the kitchen window. Hey, who put corn in the safflower seed? More

  • Northern Hairstreak?

    ..., and damselflys. Anyone know if this is really a Northern Hairstreak ? My book says they are rare. More

  • New from Northern Indiana

    ...ost. I live in northern Indiana and do most of my gardening alone. I could never get my husband interested, but I'm always happy if he notices or comments on any of the plants. We've had a few shouting matches over his use of the… More