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New England Gardening

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  • New Mystery

    I am the only palm that will readily grow in New England. I even thrive in the snow. Woe be to the fool who plants me bare handed though...what am I? More

  • New Englanders

    ... & onions under cover so they don't drown The garden is very green & lush. The Lilacs are almost out in full bloom. More

  • New to Garden Guides

    ...le about me. I'm from Westbrook, Maine. I started gardening last year in containers. I loved it so this year I have made raised beds to give myself & partner 80 sq ft of veggie space. We also have a couple of flower beds and some… More

  • Winter gardening?

    ...nything in winter? or better yet, What do YOU do, garden wise, during winter. More

  • Gardening Calendar?

    ...to plant what and how. I was wondering if anyone knew about this and where it would be. I was CERTAIN it was here, but I can't find it. More

  • Organic gardening

    Hi, I want to use organic manure for my garden. How do I make that at home?:confused: More

  • Easy Gardening: creating new beds

    Hi, I'm new here. I want to do LOW maintenance gardening. If I want to create a new raised bed vegetable garden, could I put down layers of newspaper over the grass and add 6 to 8 inches of soil on top of that and plant this year using plants… More

  • New to Gardening In Alaska

    I would love to start a garden this year I feel overwhelemed with all my choices WE live in alaska on 5 acres so where do i start? Also what local nurseries do you all recommend? The wasilla Palmer area thank you sonya More

  • New at Gardening in general

    Hello! Last year I attempted growing some herbs from seeds but a few weeks in they all up and died on me! I said forget it. This year I bought a sweet basil plant and it was around 4" and its about 9" now! I went to Lowes today and… More

  • Pleas help! I'm new to gardening

    Which flowers are in season in July? What kind of flowers can I purchase now that I can use for centerpieces at a wedding reception in late july or early August? I would like to use annuals that are in bloom then that are also suitable for cut flowers. All… More

  • New to gardening, want to try veggies

    I would like to put in some vegetables in a small spot of the backyard. I only have about a 20 x 30 space to work with. I was thinking about some raised beds because of the limited space. Where do I start? More

  • new to gardening what's wrong with my cukes?

    I have a new garden and all of a sudden this has happened to my cukes. Please take a look at my picture and let me know what you think is wrong. I have been watering at night but someone told me to water in the morning. I have no… More

  • New to Gardening in Washington

    Hello all, I just started gardening this season. It is now as big of a part of my life as lifting wieghts and fishing. I just love spending time outside in my garden. As my name implies, I have no problem killing earwigs. They have became the number one enemy… More

  • New here&to gardening

    Hello everyone,I am new here and to gardening really. I've always wanted to grow my own food just have never done it. So my plan is to educate myself till it is time to till the ground for next spring.Although I like the idea of raised garden beds...hmmm. Decisions...LOL I… More

  • I'm new at this gardening thing

    Hi Everyone I'm new at this gardening and not too sure if I will be good at it. I'm from Kitchener, Canada. Not sure what zone I'm in because I don't know how to find out this info. If anyone can tell me how to obtain this information, it would… More

  • Anyone ever try Lasagna Gardening?

    I recently read a snippet about it, and it sounded rather interesting. More

  • Hi! New to gardening...

    Hi everyone! I'm completely, utterly brand new to gardening and can use all the help I can get! We just bought our first house and I've inherited a beautiful perennial bed. However, because of the timing of our move and the really weird cold spring we've had (I'm in the… More

  • Please help! I'm new to gardening.

    Which flowers are in season in July? What kind of flowers can I purchase now that I can use for centerpieces at a wedding reception in late july or early August? I would like to use perennials that are also suitable for cut flowers. All ideas appreciated. More

  • New to Gardening

    I'm new to gardening but looking forward to learning :banana-wa More

  • Hello from England..... the sequel

    ... still go everyday to a forum that's based out of England, Love it when my daughter in laws grandparents come for a visit, with their English accents...I get out my good tea service and have a proper tea… More

  • Hey from New England

    ...ts of info on everything you could imagine in the garden from generous gardeners sharing their time and talent. Just love searching the site and every time I am able… More

  • Hello from New England!

    Hello! I just joined, I don't really have a garden yet. I live on the third floor of a "three-decker", so I have a large front and back porch, and I'm hoping to start a container garden. I see you have forum for that. I can also do some work… More

  • need help new to gardening

    btw i posted this as a blog also... I'm LOST. Gardening is something i've never really done before. i'm REALLY excited for this coming spring, because i'm not working and i'll have tons of time on my hands. well as much time as you can get with a 2 year… More

  • new to gardening

    Hello, Everybody! I live in South Florida and I have grown violets for quite a while, always indoors. I have been very lucky with my plants, getting many compliments for the beautiful flowers. However, three months ago I decided to start planting out in my backyard; since then, I am… More

  • Halloween Gardening

    Scary Shrooms! More

  • Gardening books?

    ...ner like me to start and do know the basics about gardening? More

  • Gardening Cat

    Motley likes to see what's going on: More

  • Hi, I'm new at gardening and this site!!!

    Hi, I'm new at gardening, I have no idea what I'm doing, and I just thought I'd say hello to everyone on this site.:) More

  • New to Gardening

    ...ive in new york state. i have the space to grow a garden, now, and that's just what i'm hoping to do. i'm here to get ideas on how to keep my garden naturally. i have composted manure...and an endless supply of manure, for… More

  • Hi I'm a nubie from Warks England and have lots of Questions

    Hello out there, I've just sorted out how to get my profile etc on here, I even got a photo on there, how's that :). I have a question regarding my escallions, I'm growing them to form a hedge. I planted them last April 07 so this is their first… More

  • Hello to all lower New England

    ...ut New...... I'm looking to talk to anybody about gardening. I'm off of the sound in Southern Connecticut.... Anyone in this area or the Island or New York that wants to talk about local gardening issues..give a holler !!! We do have distinctive… More