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Natural Animal Controls

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  • Safe Crop Spray

    ...orum, Eddie posted this site link for alternative natural sprays for plants, It is a long and good site, WOW, check it out, I added it to my favorite, Later Guilt Trip http://www.panna.org/files/field_gui...endosulfan.pdf More

  • lawn rust

    ...t chemicals that can help but does anybody have a naturalMore

  • Herb Seeds

    ... sucess. I picked up a Stevia plant today, it's a natural sweetner, does anyone know how to use it? floridagirl. More

  • TRUNCATA's Blog

    titled Alternative Methods. --Please read and see what you think?? It is about cancer treatments. I edited out her email addy and her statement that she was not afraid to post her addy on the WWW and could well take care of naysayers. Not her words but mine here. Now… More

  • Need help can't find this information anyway on the internet about the herbs I need.

    Hello! I am new to your community. My name is Dora Renee' Wilkerson. I have chickens, horses, rabbits, goats, and I grow a lot of our own food. The whole reason for me joining your group is because I can not seem to find any information on what I can… More

  • Spying on the neighbours: tiny front garden

    ...most of all I love the way it is kind of wild and natural. German gardens are… More

  • Muscidifurax Raptor

    ...u might want to read this or not. :) Pretty neat. Natural Pest Control: Tiny Pest-eating Insect Fights Fruit Flies ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2007) — Farmers and vineyard owners have a new weapon in their pest management arsenal. A commonly used parasitoid, or parasitic insect that kills… More

  • Hedge Apples

    ...edge apples (osage orange) to use in the house as natural pest control. Have any of you tried this? The scariest thing in So Calif were Black Widows, they liked the dark and damp places and a wack with a flip… More

  • "Organic Pest Control: Mustard"

    ...:) Organic Pest Control: Mustard -- Hot Stuff For Natural Pest Control ScienceDaily (July 29, 2008) — Researchers, growers and Industry specialists from 22 countries will share the latest research into the use of Brassica species, such as mustard,… More

  • Organic Weed control

    ...to this. Everything else in my life is organic so naturally,… More

  • "Got Powdery Mildew? Get Milk!"

    ... in South America discovered a new alternative to controlling powdery… More

  • throaghts been bugging me

    ...esterday if remember woke up with it but was semi-controlable well it seems only eating helps fer 3 minutes after i finish eating frappes dont help (i… More

  • Grasshoppers! Help!

    ...soap has no affect at all. Does anyone know their natural enemy or any remedy? Thanks in advance. More

  • New to the forum...

    ... is oooooollllddddd! Hoping to get some advice on natural, chemical free, compost-heavy gardening. More

  • Garden furniture hand carved from natural pine and oak

    Hi Gardeners !!! Take a look at furniture made by my father Regards Tomski London More

  • Fleas

    ...oing to give it a try. Dose anyone know of a good natural way to get rid of fleas on pets and in the house? More

  • Garden furniture hand carved from natural pine and oak

    Hi Gardeners !!! Just take a look at this Could you estimate them ? Regards Tomski More

  • Natural rabbit and squirrel deterents?

    My wife and I recently started annual flowers and Herbs from seeds in peat pellets. They started great, but when we planted them , a few days later they had been dug up and the pellets ripped apart. The most frustrating thig is they didn't even eat the plants. We… More

  • natural clover killer

    I have 3 dogs, one of which has epilepsy. A few years ago I had 25 yards of dirt delivered and leveled the backyard. At first the grass grew great and now most of it is clover. The back corner of the yard is covered in non fruit bearing strawberry… More

  • Moving rose bush

    ...he problem is it is planted in front of where the natural gas enters the house. When it was planted it was where the propane tank went in to the house but now we have had it replaced with… More

  • Eggplant Problem

    ...I am not sure). What are some good and preferably natural ways to stop the insects from ruining my eggplant? More

  • Good Morning from Beautiful NC!

    ...be outside, the better. I was actually looking up natural pest control for aphids and Japanese Beetles when I ran across this group. Can't wait to interact with you all. Take Care, C~ More

  • Houseplants for my office

    ...brighten-up my office with houseplants. I have no natural source of light. My window looks out on an enclosed courtyard. What are some houseplants that will do well under these conditions? More

  • Red beetles

    ...rid of them? It doesn't have to be organic or all natural. I have no problem using chemicals!!! More

  • Grasshoppers...I think

    ...I suspect grasshoppers. Anyone know of a good all natural pest repellent/cide? More

  • Natural Boquet

    I bought a house for my Mom about 30 years ago and when she passed I sold the house. I couldn't stand to see her roses go with the house, so I dug them up and planted them last year. This one blooms in bunches. I don't even know what… More