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  • Dead spots in mixed border, partial sun

    ...f late afternoon shade. I currently have a mix of mums, tiger lilies, cardinal flower, a climbing rose, coral bells, liatris and ...oh shoot, I can't… More

  • HELP. how do i care for mums

    ...e:( . My boyfriend just got me some yellow (ray?) mum flowers. Anyways, from what I have been reading sounds like they shouldnt bloom until the fall. Well its June and they have a bunch of flowers all… More

  • My Potted Mums are Dying... HELP!!!

    ...d plant as favors. I bought about 80 potted white mums and planted them in ceramic pots. They currently reside in our sun room which has three big windows that I keep the blinds… More

  • Mums someone told me to trim them. Is this right?

    A friend of mine said that if I keep my mums trimmed to about 4 inches high until July 1, then let them grow, that they won't flower until later in the season, after the other flowers in that area have faded. Is this right? I don't want to trim… More

  • Overwintering a mum in a container

    I have a large lavender mum - it's partner near the front stoop died so I am replacing them with orange mums - can I put the lavender one in a pot and then what to do with it over winter - I'd love the mum on my back patio… More

  • clematis

    ...ld deadhead clematis and will they rebloom?i have mums coming up and need to know how far to cut back. half, less, or more? More

  • Orchid

    ...ants when I was in the hospital, mostly beautiful Mums, but there are two orchids. I have no clue how to take care of them. I need all the help I can get. Thanks. John More

  • My Butterfly Garden

    i have a mix of white and purple aster, mums Butterfly Bush and Agastache blue fortune and black eyed susan More

  • What is your favorite perennial that blooms in August?

    ...ugust into the fall.. any ideas besides aster and mums? More

  • Mums

    I can't believe that they are already for sale at the garden centers. How soon do you buy yours? More

  • Help!! Mums dont look healthy

    My perennial mums i planted in late October i had to cut blooms off when they died and since ive done that i haven't had any new buds open and some parts of a few stems look brown? What could be wrong and what should i do to make them… More

  • planting mums

    do mums come back every yaer if so what kind do i need to buy i live in ky:surprised: :surprised: More

  • Mums

    I bought a couple of mum plants. One larger one in a basket and two small ones. I buy mums many years and they never seem to come back. I've gotten a few leaves the following year, but never blooms. Most often they are just dead. Any ideas? Are mums… More

  • Mums

    Some of my mums. More

  • Whats a good spacing for my mums?

    How far apart should i space my mums this fall? thanks Tura More

  • Question about potted mums

    I recently received a container of Mums from a florist, in full bloom, in the middle of June. I don't know any details about them except that they are yellow. I don't know much about Mums but I do know they usually bloom in the fall. So anyway I want… More

  • Mums

    A perennial--at least in theory. :) More

  • Leggy mums

    I have some mums that are very tall and leggy - they only get morning sun - do they need more light or could I prune them more severely in June when I am pruning back to encourage more buds?? The first picture is from June of this year, the… More

  • arky in zone 7 transplanting mums

    ...ends, share info. Anyone know about transplanting mums and the best side of the house to plant 'em on? I got mine in before heading to work. Low temp predicted in the 30's tonight. Thanks More

  • growing mums from seed???

    ...would be able to plant seeds this next spring for mums. I have dead-headed the mums as needed, and I have all these seeds. Could I in Indiana grow mums from seed? Any help would be appreciated! More