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Mulching Techniques

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  • Potato In Tub update

    Well we talked with excitement about the potatoes in a barrel/tub/container and here is the up date. As you can see the plants are starting to grow toward the top of the half/barrels . I have been adding one year old chips to three barrels and a mix of 50/50… More

  • Brassicas, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower etc

    ...t the bottom of all my Brassic leaves. when i was mulching this afternoon I saw these little white creatures flying about. They are not fluffy lice as they all have wings. I suspect whitefly? How bad is this and how can… More

  • Strawberry advise

    ...nking ahead) Do I mow/cut the tops off? I get the mulching and trimming runners, it's just the… More

  • Fall or Spring?

    ...planning on top dressing my beds with compost and mulching with shredded leaves or pine needles (whichever I can get from my neighbor's). I don't plan on doing this until close to Thanksgiving. But until them I am collecting bags of leaves and pine needles that my neighbor's… More

  • 1st time mulcher here with crazy questions!!

    I read over a lot of the mulching questions and received some good info, but I am still a little confused.:rolleyes: 1. What is the best mulch to use for a veggie garden? For a flower garden? 2. Do you sprinkle mulch on top or mix it in with the… More

  • weeds in the vegetable patch

    Hi, I am new to gardening and this forum. We are planning on starting a small vegetable garden. In the fall, I prepared an area where we would like to plant (I just removed weeds, took a soil test, added some topsoil and fertilzer and turned it all over). I… More

  • Old Idea, new thread

    ...es I thought this would be a good time to address mulching and cover ideas. Those of you still in the cold can be planning ahead. One of my all time favorite mulch covers is news paper covered with grass clippings ,leaves, or… More

  • Cleaning Mulch in the Autumn

    ...nfession: Confession: This is my first year using mulch. Although I have heard all the praise about it -- my #1 concern was keeping it clean. I avoided it all the time because of this. Question: So -- HOW do you keep… More

  • How to mulch roses for winter

    I am very new at roses and bought two this year (one at 70% off - $3.98!). The other one is a Barbra Streisand - absolutely gorgeous and the best smellin' rose I've ever grown! (see above :D ). I want them to make it through an upstate NY winter,… More

  • acid or alkaline

    ... folks, I know you can help the soil's acidity by mulching with pine needles, but how can you make soil more alkaline without buying potash? Are there some trees whose leaves will make the soil more alkaline? I'm specifically thinking of persimmon because mine drops lots of leaves in… More

  • Wild Violets

    I know they are pretty in spring, but I have them everywhere. I really wouldn't mind them in the lawn, but they have spread to the slope I have been trying to landscape in my front yard. I dig and dig. I really think I need to get rid of… More

  • Silly question.....

    ...em on out or if you have to pull the weeds before mulching. And yes, I guess I am lazy or just really, really… More

  • Mulching Onions?

    Do you mulch Onions, Ive set out six rows Onion sets on raised beds appox 28" wide , using a six inch spacing wire grid, the onions have taken off well, but noticed the little weeds also have taken off as well, on my hands and knees I with Maggie's… More

  • Mulching ferns

    Yay, I'm quite excited. My fern garden contains some cultivated ferns but it's more than half wild ones I've brought home (nothing endangered, never fear). I have numerous plain old "woods ferns" and a Northern Maidenhair Fern (now divided into two) that I've had for a few years. Today on… More

  • mulching question

    I was told my someone that mulch would hinder the growth of tulips & daffodils and any other spring coming bulb.....Also that it would keep them from multiplying...Especially the tulips....Is this true...? Thanks, I'm a new member so please answer fast... Bikinicat (my cats name) More

  • Question about mulching

    ...uestion BUT I have no clue. For those of you that mulch with wood and stuff how often do you dig your bulbs up that stay in the ground year round and reset them shallower in the ground. I assume after a few… More

  • Mulching with pine needles

    Just wondering....Is it ok to mulch perennial beds with pinestraw? I have always done all beds with pinestraw, but that was mostly b/c I liked the look. Now that I'm growing more perennials, I don't know if it is a good idea. I have neighbors that are professional landscape designers,… More

  • Mulching with coffee grounds

    I know coffee grounds make a great mulch but I now have access to LOTS of coffee grounds. Can I spread them over my entire garden or is it too acidic to use as an all-purpose mulch? Will it keep the worms up all night? :rolleyes: More

  • Specific mulch?

    Ok I need advice on mulching. Is there a kind that I could use for basically anything? Or do you have to see the plants you have and mulch accordingly? I'm still waiting for my plants to get here and then once they are planted, I'm going to mulch the… More

  • New to Mulching added mulch in Sept.

    I am a newbie member and live just outside Toronto Canada, hardiness zone 5b or 5a depending on the winter we've had. http://www.usna.usda.gov/Hardzone/ushzmap.html My son does almost all of the gardening as I am disabled. We had a major weed problem in my front beds and last summer I decided… More

  • Mulching on Hill How to Keep Mulch in place?

    ...25% grade. It's pretty large (150'x30') and needs mulching as I've planted plants and now need to put mulch down to keep heat stress down and weeds. I have used 'Gorilla Hair' in the past, and it does not… More

  • mulching

    :confused: I`ve 'cleaned my perennial beds', and I have a question. Every year I add peatmoss to my beds. I usually work it gently in the top 2''-3'' of soil. Should I just put it on top? and how deep? Do both? I use it because I have sandy soil,… More

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