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  • Fir Mulch/Cedar Mulch and what i learned can anyone help

    So here is what I have learned with fir mulch and I would very much like some feedback. I live in California, I had a gardener convince me to put home depot mulch, fir mulch, on all of my beds. About 2 inches deep it was placed in the spring… More

  • Cedar Mulch and ants

    I have always read that red cedar mulch is a fine mulch to use. I have esom e land with way to many cedars so I bought a 6" chipper to utalize it rather than burning when I am clearing out. I assumed that cedar mulch would repel pest since… More

  • last years mulch

    I keep reading about soil preperation--that is probably one of THE most important things that you can do for your flowers-- I have read all kinds of things about compost & organic matter but I did not start a pile last fall-- but one thing that I do have is… More

  • anyone use little little rocks for mulch

    ...s just wondering if anyone has ever used this for mulch before and your experiences with it. We are considering using this since the regular mulchMore

  • Mulch spearmint?

    Just wondering if it is a good idea to mulch mints.. I believe they like their soil moist, so I'm guessing mulch is a good thing. I haven't mulched it yet..what do y'all think? Edit: The mints are planted in a 7' x 1' enclosed raised bed. Don't know if… More

  • Old Hay "Not my Mulch"

    ... raised beds (over 5' across). Now ! it's time to mulch those babies I went over to my roll of last years hay and started to cut the strings and pull the hay into… More

  • Remove mulch when adding new?

    ...on for you lovely folks: Should I be removing old mulch when I add new mulch on top? I understand that mulch decomposes and incorporates itself into the soil over time, but does this happen fast enough to be able to just pile more on top? If… More

  • Lessons learned regarding wood mulch up to now.

    Citrus trees...do not like mulch. Mango and Avocado...like mulch, but not too close to the trunk. Bananas and berries...LOVE mulch. You can mulch every inch...they will love you for it. Herbs and veggies...I mulch just enough to keep dirt from splashing up onto the plants. They seem to be grateful… More

  • Cleaning Mulch in the Autumn

    ...nfession: Confession: This is my first year using mulch. Although I have heard all the praise about it -- my #1 concern was keeping it clean. I avoided it all the time because of this. Question: So -- HOW do you keep… More

  • Pine needles as mulch?

    I used pine needles as mulch for my azaleas last year-I've always thought pine needles were acidic - are they good as mulch for other things? I vacuum them up with a blower/mulcher, but they don't really get cut at all, and this spring they weren't really broken down very… More

  • best mulch for squash and cucumbers?

    I've used grass clippings, straw and cocoa bean mulch...and I rotate crops..but I still seem to get a lot of powdery mildew. What's the best type of mulch and what else could be wrong? I usually grow the squash on it's own, but I typically plant the cucs w/beans and… More

  • cedar mulch and ajuga

    Just wondering if I put down cedar mulch if my ajuga will still spread? More

  • Mulching on Hill How to Keep Mulch in place?

    ...25% grade. It's pretty large (150'x30') and needs mulching as I've planted plants and now need to put mulch down to keep heat stress down and weeds. I have used 'Gorilla Hair' in the past, and it does not… More

  • Mulch around base of trees

    How close should mulch be placed to the base of mango or citrus trees? My citrus trees are all more or less 1 yr old. My mango tree is 8 years old. I also use a thin layer of mulch on my herb and veggie garden. My green peppers are… More

  • garden mulch

    I have numerous maple trees in my yard.I have been tilling their leaves into my veggy garden.Do these leaves bother certain plants? I was told that a chemical in maple leaves may have adverse effects on some veggys. More

  • Organic Mulch

    ...as wondering,Is there such a thing called organic Mulch? I would like to keep my lawn and trees as pure as possible and want to avoid chemicals on my trees/lawn. Hoping to start an organic garden in a couple of years. Any advice is… More

  • Mulch Preference

    Can anyone recommend a mulch over another. I was going to go with hemlock this year over cedar but heard that cedar was better. More

  • Compare, Mulch and no Mulch

    ...t 4-6" high, worked my row using tiller , adding, mulch, horse poo, old leaves and rotten hay, adding a handful of lime, and a hand full of (6-6-6-). I spaced all tomatoes about 3' apart planted… More

  • Mulch and seeds

    can I plant seeds and then place mulch on top? Or should I wait until they are grown? More

  • What kind of mulch is best?

    I've almost completed my beds and am ready to mulch this weekend. I'm not sure which mulch is best or if really matters which one I use. Are there advantages or disadvantages to different types of mulch? Thanks! More



  • Specific mulch?

    Ok I need advice on mulching. Is there a kind that I could use for basically anything? Or do you have to see the plants you have and mulch accordingly? I'm still waiting for my plants to get here and then once they are planted, I'm going to mulch the… More

  • Mulch is not breaking down. Help

    Over the past 7 or 8 years we have been adding mulch to our flower bed in the front yard. Well the mulch is not breaking down from year to year. We now have 6 to 8 inches of mulch in some places. What do we need to do to… More

  • garden mulch

    We have mulch available for free from a city run landfill.Is it a good idea to use it on veggy gardens?I think it is mostly leaves but can contain any lawn waste.Do I need to apply fertilizer along with this mulch? More

  • Rubber mulch?

    ...y as the day is long and he is dead set on rubber mulch cause it dosent decompose and will last a good 10years. I am thinking that is a whole lot like putting garbage on my plants. It dose look like wood and comes in 2… More

  • money mulch

    ...d checks from his work. It actually makes a great mulch for my tomato beds. The white may look silly but it works so if it works for tomato beds I should be able to use it in the blueberry bed… More

  • Mulch from leaves

    I was hoping to use my leaves cut up as mulch this year but I have a maple tree thats leaves have black circles all over them is this Black leaf mold? If it is can i still chop the leaves up and add right to my garden. More

  • When to mulch question

    ... mild. We finally have freezing temps - I used to mulch BEFORE the cold got here, but have recently read that I shouldn't mulch until the ground freezes - is that right? So it'll be ok… More

  • Mushrooms in my mulch??

    :confused: About 3 weeks after we put in cedar mulch in the garden there are huge mushrooms all over. What can I do to permanently get rid of them? This is the first time this ever happened and I've used this type of mulch for years. More

  • When to Mulch

    ... could get a major snow storm next week. Should I mulch now before the snow comes even tho the ground is not frozen or should I wait. Hopefully some one will come by and tell me what to do!!!… More

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