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Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree Articles

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  • Worms on Mulberries

    ...re. I have heard that silk worms are attracted to Mulberries, but… More

  • Mulberries to tree or not to tree?

    I know some people think mulberries are a pain, but for sentimental reasons I searched high and low for them a couple years ago (they are almost regarded as weeds at the local nurseries here). I ordered a couple from Gurney's last year and, they are indeed, growing like weeds!… More

  • Male or female mulberry trees????

    ... friend is convinced she has not one but two male mulberry trees. Is this possible, she claims they produce tiny flowers. However she describes them as a miniture fruit, like one or two small segments of the fruit on some of the flowers.… More

  • It's a white mulberry

    ...r house, I am finally able to identify one of our trees. This year was the first time it actually produced fruit. More

  • fruit trees, herbs,yes!Spring is here

    ...ry,and lime trees are almost finished blooming.My mulberries have fruits about 1/2 long already.My confederate rose is in full bloom hanging atop my holly tree,bees are loving it!Smells like honey in the front yard.A few of my hyacinth and daffs are still blooming and my everlasting rose.Wild turnips,jack… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • fruiting trees

    ...I was told to use some of it to purchase fruiting trees. We already have 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees. The… More

  • Are Mulberry trees alleopathic?

    Does anyone know if mulberry trees are alleopathic? I was listening to a gardening program and an arborist said they were; not to use the leaves in a compost pile or as mulch. I have a large mulberry tree with bare ground under it. It is very shady (great in… More

  • Black mulberry tree

    ...nd I bought a house 3years ago and it has a black mulberry tree in the back yard. The first season in the house the tree bloomed and we had terrific berries, plenty of birds, turtles (there is a lake that butts up to our property)ducks, geese, you… More

  • Mulbery trees

    ...ve a fond memory of climbing up into a neighbor's mulberry tree and eating mulberries. That was over 60 years ago. Boy, those things were good. It was an old tree and quite large, but… More

  • Hm, weeds and a blowtorch?

    ...vest. Now there's an idea. I have a couple little mulberry tree stubs and any number of trumpet creepers that I KEEP trying to hack off, dig… More

  • what should I use it for

    ...(he made me say it), ripped, cut and sawed up the mulberry trees that had started taking over the south yard. I have a "tree guy" coming to chip all of this up for me tomorrow or Friday. My question is.........can I… More

  • Mulberry Tree

    I almost ordered myself a Mulberry tree several times over the winter months. I'd been fancying one for a long time. I remember picking and eating them on a neighbors farm when i was small. Went for a walk on an old abandoned farm today and four little White MulberryMore

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