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  • Use MINT

    Okay Y'all Dab some Mint extract on your hummer feeders everytime you clean and fill. Been working and researching this for 2 seasons now. Mint is a neurotoxin to bees, also keeps ants away. A food item so it wont harm birds or other animals. It works, give it a… More

  • mint planting??

    Okay folks, WHEN can I plant mint and expect it to survive? So by NEXT summer at least I can start clipping for my iced tea? I live in NW GA, north of Atlanta, zone 7 -- zone 7A if we must be specific. Our winters do commonly dip to… More

  • mint schnikes

    ...so acouple weeks ago i needed ta chop some of the mint in our pots --it loves this area-- i decided ta toss some in this vase my mom has with water i really dont know if she likes it oir not lol well now like 2 weeks later… More

  • wild mint?

    ... lawn at my Mothers house, I always get whiffs of mint, which I belive is just a wild variety. I want to plant some in my own yard, mainly because it reminds me of her ( she passed away). I read on your website about how mintMore

  • Mint question

    Just bought a couple of spearmint plants for pots in my patio herb garden. I just pulled a few of the leaves for a cocktail and they dont taste very strongly of mint- and also a little bitter. The plants are still fairly small. My question is- will the flavor… More

  • Getting Rid of Mint

    ... is not growing something -- it is getting rid of MINT. When we bought this home (Highlands, N.C), MINT was growing on the side of an embankment -- we have tried a lot of things -- hand pulling it, cutting it… More

  • Yerba Buena Mint

    Do any of you gardeners have this variety of mint? I have a recipe for Mojitos. Its a Cuban Rum drink with crushed mint. I have this great little book about Cuban stuff...coffee, cigar's and rum. and would love to make this drink. Its really a refreshing summer drink made… More

  • Mint garden

    Does anyone else have a mint garden? It's one of the only things that wildlife won't eat so I pretty much dedicated a part of my garden to them. Can anyone tell me what mints flower? So far I have lemon balm, bee balm and peppermint and catnip/catmint. More

  • Wintering mint

    ...n them completely and then I got a nice surprise. Mint growing the potted violets. I must have resued some soil/potting mix. Anyway now I need to know what I should for the winter. Should I… More

  • Mint and Coneflowers?

    I have a bulb garden completely surrounded by cement. It looks great in the spring, but in the summer and fall, I have a hard time getting the weeds out. I just finished planting some purple coneflower seeds in that bed (we got them for free from the water company,… More

  • Is this Wild Mint?

    Does anyone know what this is? I think its wild mint but am not totally sure...I have tons of it growing around my pond and the smell of mint fills the air it is awesome!! More

  • ginger mint?

    well this is from ginger mint last year (the pot frose zone 5 but 2 bits managed to survive) im corious is this ginger mint an 2 what the heack is up with it?? (yea im aware photo quality is CRAP close ta my camera phone) edit the leaves LOOK… More

  • Mint recipes??

    I would like to get some mint recipes. This spring I got starts for spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint. I would like to get some other mints but I figure I had better find some recipes for using some of the mint plants before doing it. More

  • mint comment

    ok 1 im SOOO glad my ginger mint survived the winter (i rather like the stuff an a small pot outside in our winters only the TOUGHEST survives) sadly no pics of it but asnywho the real reason of this post is to show yall how out of control mintMore

  • Pineapple mint?

    I have a mint that I was told is pineapple mint. Does anyone have any suggestions on a use for it? Can I use it in tea? Thanks in advance. Tammy More

  • Mint as a Ground Cover?

    ...p out the weeds during the summer and fall. Would mint work that way, or would it choke out the bulbs? Also, I was thinking of planting some coneflowers… More

  • Invasion of the "mint monster".

    ...at areas of the main veg garden where there is no mint growing, are doing MUCH better than areas where exactly the same thing is planted, but have mint as an uninvited companion. I'd like to eliminate the mint in the main garden altogether. Is it possible and… More

  • does mint grow wild?

    ...o the woods around my house it always smells like mint. whenever i look around i dont see anything that looks like my mint plant in my garden. does anyone know if mint grows wild in PA?:( -emily More

  • Flowering Mint

    Hello again. I wanted to post some pictures of my mint. It's planted in the ground and grows/spreads like crazy. I cant seem to use it fast enough. I make tea and meat rubs. I was thinking mint Jelly...anyone know how? Whatelse could I do with all this mint? 1st… More

  • mint question

    ok well i have 2 chocolate mint plants an 2 orange mint plants that i got from my fave nursery--2 different days-- im corious should orange mint TURN orange?? i have some leaves dooin it right now all the mints are LITERALLY sitting in water --ok was gonna paste info… More