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  • milweed in a pot?

    I was wondering if any one has put milkweed in a large planter? Do you think that would work? More

  • can't believe what i found!!!

    ... in our backyard to find some monarch eggs on our milkweed...and we found 1 egg...so anyways today i went out to cut the milkweed and put it in our butterfly house to watch it grow...and i… More

  • milk weed

    ... I wouldn't think I'd need to buy it. I have some milkweed at my job and missed getting those pods at the end of last season (I'm thinking that was the way) When… More

  • Need help with milk weed

    ...e, i have a vegetable garden and this year i have milkweed growing in it. my question is does anyone know how to get rid of it without harming the food? and also i heard milkweed is toxic, can this… More

  • neem oil on butterfly plants

    Milkweed bugs are taking a toll on my butterfly weed plants. All the monarch caterpillers are gone, but the wilkweed bugs are everywhere. I try to catch them by hand but they are too fast. Can I use neem oil and still allow the Monarchs to use the flowers? TIA,… More

  • Lack of Bees

    There is a noticeable lack of bee's of all kinds but yes the Honeybee's numbers have dropped due to a parasite that gets into the hives and causes the bee's to die if I remember this correctly. I am hoping they are working on the problem of those bee parasites.… More

  • What wild flowering plant is this?

    I often go to a Wisconsin State Park not far away from my home. While walking a power line right of way, I see many different butterflies using this flowering plant. It seems to like open, wet areas as there are ponds or marshy areas very close to where it… More

  • Seeds, horn of plenty and others

    For those that asked for horn of plenty seeds I'll be mailing them out next week, hopefully monday or tuesday. If anyone wants anything else, here's what I have a bunch of right now: Datura inoxia white moonflower blackberry lily portulaca/moss rose Stella d' oro lily garlic chives dark purple… More

  • Matalea gonocarpa and any Matalea species

    These are a climbing milkweed Matalea gonocarpa has the purple flower and if you need any pics for ID'ing let me know... but am looking for any kind of Matalea's I have to trade Grandpa Otts MG Mini Blue MG Trumpet vine-yellow Trumet vine-Orange/red Lunaria-purple flowers Physotegia virginiara Hibiscus dinner… More


    ...m one is the vegetable one. this year i have some milkweed growing in it and i was wondering if… More

  • Milkweeds wanted

    Hi. I am looking for Milkweed seeds. I am looking for seeds of all the Milkweeds. I only have Arizona, Common, Butterflyweed, Swamp, Clasping, Pineneedle, Balloon Plant, and Spider Milkweed. I am looking for the other Milkweed species. If anyone has some(even just like 5)I would like them. Thank-you in… More

  • Wanated This Climbing Milkweed

    Wanted this climbing milkweed LOL Cynanchum angustifolium Sarcostemma's Matalea's any kind just let me know if there is something your looking for or check out my list. thanks Carol More

  • Milkweed Question

    My Milkweed has rust! It also has several very young catepillars. Does anyone know if eating the leaves with "rust" will harm the little ones? Kelly More

  • milkweed [[[[[ im looking for ]]]]]

    I am trying desperatly to find ,,, showy milkweed, and hello yellow , and orange ,,,, can anyone help me ,, thank you More

  • Looking For Whorled leaf Milkweed seeds

    ...ow Asclepias Verticilata also called whorled-leaf milkweed. I want to trade seeds for it of some kind.. More

  • Wanted Asclepias Connivens (Baldwins) Milkweed

    Needed Asclepias Connivens (Baldwins) Milkweed says it grows down Georgia way. fragrant and kinda pretty.. Does anyone grow this? Will trade some seeds for some of yours. Carol More

  • Wanted Upright Milkweeds for the North

    I grow this kind A.Syrica A.Tuberosa A. Viridis Let me know what kinds you grow. I am searching for Hello Yellow - A.tuberosa lutea it is a perennial and the ones below. I am trying to increase my butterfly population which this year was very low.. Also searching for the… More

  • A Milkweed/aphid question...

    ...egard...and just let the aphids multiply on their milkweed? I'm wondering if I'm just making matters worse for the tiny Monarch Cats emerging...or when very small...I'm hosing them off too at the same time...:( It's easy to see… More

  • Wanted Seeds or Plants of Matelea decipiens Climbing Milkweed

    ...ants of the mysterious Matelea decipiens Climbing Milkweed. If anyone grows this in your backyard or close by please email me or call me or yell at me whatever it takes LOL see my list plus I have other things not listed just let… More

  • Swamp milkweed

    ... for a central Ohio (mansfield) supplier of swamp milkweed More