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  • Side of the house garden

    Need some ideas for a side of the house garden about 20 feet long but only 2 feet deep. South side of house, with an over hang in one section so it gets very little water in that area. I have lots of stuff in there but don't particularly like… More

  • pop ups

    howdy, in the middle of my lawn, there are perrenials popping up. i mean, one section of my front yard is totally dedicated to tulips, ground cover, lillies, and the like, but then in the middle of the dandelions that are popping up, there are what looks to be three… More

  • Fall Garden Clean Up

    ...p with the late crops and get ready for some fall gardening, I must admit things can pile up, I always like to have a… More

  • Steve's Photo Journal

    . . . . . . Welcome to my gardening Photo Journal! This is only my second year of gardening, and this year I thought I would share my gardening experience with you. I live in Vancouver BC, Canada. We have a wet and balmy coastal climate that gets alot… More

  • Freezing Carrots

    ... has done that. I don't want mushy carrots in the middle of winter when I want some on a salad. Lynne More

  • Epson salt

    ...veral tomato plants, some in pots and some in the garden. The tomatoes in the pots are growing nicely with… More

  • big purple plant

    ...ink it has a purple flower on a tall stalk up the middle at times. Does anyone know the name… More

  • Need some ideas : )

    ...orner are several hostas and some daisies. In the middle is nothing but… More

  • I Remember

    ... my great grandmother Callie. She was a wonderful gardener and she had the most extraordinary strawberry patch. Her berries were so sweet! She bred them all from wild ones.She lived in a remote spot in a log… More

  • Yellow leaves on tomatoes

    ...ing yellow leaves on them. They are growing in my garden where they get plenty of sun. I live in Maryland and the temps have been 80-85 degrees with high humdity and it has been raining off and on steadily for… More

  • Soaker Hose

    I visited some folks with a garden setup a little different than I've seen before. The garden had 10 rows 50' long, the raised beds were 4" high and 22" wide. each row had a little sprinkler shutoff box at ground level, a shut off for the 50' soaker hose… More

  • The Cats Meow

    ...y to find "Hatari Honso" and "Ninja" lying in the middle of my corn. Oh does the catnip need to grow and grow quickly...... More

  • salvia

    ...anyone tell me why my salvia is seperating in the middle and laying down? It is two years old and is beautiful in color but all three plants are seperating. More

  • please someone let me know what this flowering vine is

    ...is vine is with a white flower with purple in the middle. If anyone could tell me i would be very greatful. More

  • Hi, I'm new but not new to GG

    Gardening is still a ways off in my part of Pa. still have frost in the ground. Starting to get the bug to plant so i will be starting my tomato seeds around the 1st of april peppers in a week.I hope to post a few pictures of birds and… More

  • new from oklahoma!

    ...he name princess) and have 4 kids. We live in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, We travel about 90% of the time with his job. so we are always moving… More

  • tell me if you know what this bird is?

    can you see him in the middle of the feeder ? More

  • Stuck in the middle....Dry shade

    ...On the other side...a mature cypress tree. In the middle-a flower bed that needs help. Any ideas? The cypress drinks water. Lilies have done very well in this flower bed...However, those lilies don't last all year. What can replace those lilies when they have bloomed… More

  • Hello from Middle Indiana

    ...d states are only ten days away from planting our garden. As this one this year is going to be real big, 200 x 300. Having a little problem with Rulgers tomato's as they start in flats real good and are 2 1/2… More

  • A Hoosier Hello!

    ...e--just a few house plants. I used to live in the middle of 100 acres of woods and had a vegetable garden that was 25 sq. ft.! I grew many,… More

  • Well I'll make another Grants Pass thread :)

    I just joined GG today. What a great place! I live in beautiful Southern Oregon, Grants Pass to be exact, where I have lived for the last 11 years. Prior to moving here to be near my mom, I lived all over Cali, parts of Washington, and even on a… More

  • Need Help...Just Moved

    ...rown a plant in my life, and I know nothing about gardening! EEK. But I would love to make this pretty and I think I would really enjoy… More

  • Hi I am a new member.

    ... did you learn English?....and tell us about your gardening experiences............so many of our much loved plants came from the Orient...........I live in Missouri, near the… More

  • Church flower beds in desperate need of help

    I am new to this gardening thing but the small church I attend has 4 small flower beds that are 98% weeds. They just look horrible and I want it to reflect beauty not neglect. I would like to make them beautiful but need some help on the design. It… More

  • Minnesota Hello to All 1st Year Gardeners

    ... July so we are finally doing more than container gardening. It has been so much fun already but I can't wait to start reaping the rewards of August! We moved to a small town from Minneapolis to slow… More

  • Help, Ideas and Suggestions

    ...d in the center of my driveway. Being very new to gardening, at times I feel way over my head. I'm not really looking for a place to sit and enjoy although the idea is tempting with all the flowers, I'm… More

  • Hello from Middle Tennessee

    Hi all. I am new to this board and new to gardening. I am hoping to get enough seeds ready to try a variety of veggies and herbs and have a good selection of perennials to plant along with some annuals next year. I would also like to try growing… More