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Medicinal Herbs & Plants

Medicinal Herbs & Plants Articles

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  • Angelica

    ...am looking for angelica seeds. This is a biennial medicinal herb, but a very cool-looking plant to boot! I grew this in Wisconsin years ago but was unsuccessful saving seeds. It seems that the seeds only retain their viability for a very short time. Anyone? More

  • Need help finding a place to buy a False Nettle plant...

    ...ieve that Stinging Nettle is a type of herb...for medicinal purposes... But I'd rather have False Nettle to avoid the "stinging"...;) Anyhoo, I would like to have it for/as a host plant for butterflies...but I can't seem to find it anywhere...:( Any help would be greatly appreciated...:D More

  • Help identify this plant I was given!

    ...d it is doing very well. my friend says it is for medicinal purposes;used for respiratory complaints. The identity is unknown. She says she just eats a leaf with honey and it improves her condition.She regularly gives this plant away to friends… More

  • hello from costa rica!

    hey all....i just found this forum yesterday. i'm originally from chicago but i lived in miami, fl and austin, tx before moving down to costa rica about four years ago. i'm a nature freak, so i've done a fair amount of gardening everywhere i've lived. i'm much more of a… More

  • Tomato Festival Cookbook with Recipes and Other Information

    I received the Tomato Festival Cookbook for my birthday last month. Here is some information on Lawrence Davis-Hollander and a few recipes. Gary Lawrence Davis-Hollander is the Director and founder of the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy. He was trained as a botanist and ecologist at Connecticut College and has conducted… More

  • Led grow lights........

    I am an avid user of led grow lights and would like to know if anyone else uses them. Im currently growing tomatos and wheatgrass and peppers with mine and also a few different flowers and ornamentals.....:)Lemme know what your using!! I would like to share about my wheatgrass. After… More

  • Mystery Plant 17

    ...g down the species will be a lot harder. :-) This plant now grows all over the world, including almost every state in the US. But is… More

  • is it just me or is this bull??

    ...h/ biyu: what is it? friend: a fed bill to outlaw herbs, natural supplements and give health can ad inspectors the… More

  • ALL these POISON plants i only know 1st one is used as MEDICINE also for BIOENERGY, but don't know its name...anyone knows?...

    ...re), beside has been used as a traditional herbal medicine, also has been cultivated to produce bioenergy (biodiesel) as an energy alternative, i only know its name in Indonesia, It is "Pohon… More

  • a pot connudrum

    ok well my moms gonna start irkin me agin soon AND fast --i have 2 pots at her house 1 of which (the big 18 inch one) i baught with MY birthday muney the little ive used sence day 1 an its used fer whatever returns from last year an… More

  • Edible cut flowers

    ...great cut flowers? Extra credit if they also have medicinal value. I have a fascination with making my garden both aethetic & edible. I already have several flowering herbs such as lavender, chamomile & hyssop; although… More

  • Hello fellow gardeners! Hello from Southern California!

    ...:I have a small yard with little dirt area. Herbs/medicinal plants/edibles: I want my garden to be useful! I live in the LA area,… More

  • Herbs.. What are the most common and most used?

    ...t beneficial and aren't hard to prepare for teas, medicinalMore

  • healing herbs

    ...one here have extensive knowledge or education on medicinal uses for herbs?? More

  • Help

    ...le of houseplants, especially if they have a use (medicinal, edible) or flower, but I don't have much sunlight in my house. Any suggestions as to what plants to buy? Thanks. More

  • Introduction

    ... distributing rare Tree & Plant Seeds, Indian Medicinal & Prioritized Herbs, Plants Live Material, Indian Spices & Condiments. We are the principal supplier based in India supplying these products to various companies around the world. We are… More

  • Hi from Tillamook Oregon

    I live in a dairy valley on the Oregon Coast. We are famous here for our Cheddar Cheese. Because this is such an interdependent community I am learning the joys of nearly free gardening. My husband brings home empty wood machine crates we break down and recycle into raised garden… More

  • Hello from Southeastern Massachusetts

    :p I have just joined this site, but I have been trading on a couple of other sites this summer. This was my first year for seed saving and trading, but I'm loving it! My garden interests are * perennials, hardy to zone 6 and the more unusual the better,… More

  • Introduction

    ...t people are familiar with in part since they are herbs which some use in cooking.The… More

  • Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

    ...out I will scale it down to 3 pages. Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Anise Annual, Height: 18 to 24 inches… More