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  • New looking for some new seeds

    ...ive me a heads up on how it goes thank you i have marigolds--there 3 shades of orange Red poppyImpatiens-tom thumb bachelor button not many but like i said… More

  • my seeds

    ...ed susans.Rose of Sharon seeds. Assorted zinna's, marigolds. Will post if more goes to seed, thanks,DianePS.I have a few Indian blanket seed pods drying.Plus blue morning glory seeds. More

  • best mulch for squash and cucumbers?

    I've used grass clippings, straw and cocoa bean mulch...and I rotate crops..but I still seem to get a lot of powdery mildew. What's the best type of mulch and what else could be wrong? I usually grow the squash on it's own, but I typically plant the cucs w/beans and… More

  • Fall in the Steamy Toe

    ...nd of October, we haven't had a frost yet, and my Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and Dianthus are looking better than they have all summer. Too bad it won't last much longer. More

  • Do seeds need any help?

    ...kra, pole beans, onion sets and seeds, cucumbers, marigolds, zinnas, baby's… More

  • Do Peony seeds look like hair?

    ...e found seems to resemble hair, like the seeds on marigolds or mums. Are those the peony seeds, or am I not… More

  • Seedy Acres....now casting!

    It's been awhile since we've had an ongoing story thread, sooooo....... Welcome to Seedy Acres, it's a mobile home park for garden critters just past the compost pile and that rusty old lawnmower that hasn't been touched since 1986. We're a rather large and free spirited community, so come one,… More

  • postage for seeds

    ...is year with miniature purple morning glories and marigolds. Nothing too eciting i suppose. i would like to add a little veriety this year and am asking anyone who has extra seeds, seeds you'll never plant, or even ones that have… More

  • Tomago leaves looking odd

    My tomatoes are looking quite odd, some of the leaves are getting a yellow or see thru white thing on them, when I pluck the lead and hold it above it is like onion skin you can see thru it, what can this problem be? I am doing organic gardening… More

  • Good filler plants for perennial borders

    ... and flower through the fall besides petunias and marigolds? More

  • Pot Marigold

    Hi there! I planted pot marigolds along the front of the house, and aphids have completely annihilated them. (I cannot express strongly enough how much I dislike aphids) Now, a flower on one of the plants has started growing some sort of offshoots. I'm wondering what's going on. What are… More

  • New Marigolds

    I have sowed lots of marigolds and they all have come up well. But now they are not doing anything. I have them under grow lights but they still don't seem to be going anywhere. I moved them closer to the light last night. I also gave them 1/2 strenth… More

  • Marigolds and African Daisies

    I am new at gardening, and I need some help on my Marigolds and african daisies. I live in a very dry area and I don't know whether to leave them in the sun or not. Will too mch sun kill them? More

  • Marigolds and Calendulas

    I purchased some marigold and calendula seeds today. I have grown marigolds year after year with wonderful success. In reading about calendula, they are in the marigold family. Does anyone know the major differences and what extra care might be needed for the calendula? The little information I found about… More

  • Is it true that marigolds help keep pests away from veggies?

    and will Zinnias do the same thing...are they in the same family? More

  • earwigs

    ...also troubled with earwigs---what annuals besides marigolds have you found they are fond of. I can grow marigolds in the sun where it isn't damp and there is no mulch, but forget them near any mulch. Now I'm thinking about next years garden in shade… More

  • starting marigold seeds

    As I deadhead my marigolds I have been spreading the seeds in a flat in my greenhouse. How soon can I use seeds once they are dried? Do I need to do anything else to them? This is my first time growing seeds from my own plants so nothing is… More

  • Using last years marigold seeds will they revert?

    I collected lots of seeds from last years Marigolds (shop bought and grown from seed). I have heard that they may revert to their ancestral type - is this true? I don't want to waste time planting seeds that produce different flowers... Can anyone help me? More

  • Slugs!!! EEEWWWW!!!

    I planted marigolds all along the edge of my garden to keep the slugs out, and now they are stripping the marigolds. I'm losing about one a night, along with my vegetables. Nasty creatures!! Last night we fed the outdoor cat and the slugs were in the catfood bowl before… More

  • Marigolds and Tomatoes

    ...d found out years ago about the trick of planting marigolds next to tomato plants to keep bugs away, but a question just hit me today: Is it better for the tomatoes to plant the marigolds first and leave them there for a year or so before planting tomatoes?… More