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Marigold Flowers

Marigold Flowers Articles

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  • New looking for some new seeds

    ...ive me a heads up on how it goes thank you i have marigolds--there 3 shades of orange Red poppyImpatiens-tom thumb bachelor button not many but like i said… More

  • New to site with lots to trade!

    ...ething specific! thanks, lisa Oriental Poppies sunflower mix trumpet vine angel of peru datura cleome white daisy kentucky green beans acorn squash monkey… More

  • New additions

    ...d leaf lettuce. Out back, I put in some annuals...marigold, zinnia, and snapdragon, as well as blanket flower and an encore azalea. More

  • Yellow Flower?

    ... of Colorado. I'm wondering if it is similar to a Marigold. Can anyone id it? Thanks much! More

  • Do seeds need any help?

    ...kra, pole beans, onion sets and seeds, cucumbers, marigolds, zinnas, baby's… More

  • Do Peony seeds look like hair?

    ...e found seems to resemble hair, like the seeds on marigolds or mums. Are those the peony seeds, or am I not… More

  • What happens if you plants flower seeds too early?

    I started my first backyard garden recently and afterwards I read that seeds should be planted after the last frost. Well, as my luck goes, I planted my seeds a few weeks ago and then there was a frost that same night... and the next night. I see no sprouts… More

  • Hola from Florida!

    ...brought myself seeds of Baby Eyes Blue and French Marigolds and Pellets right now and stupid me, I forget to label which seeds that I planted in and there's few pellets that are sprouting, and I am not sure which flowers is coming up, oops.… More

  • Suggestions for Front Lawn Flower Bed Expansion

    ...me suggestions as to what to add to my front lawn flower bed that already has an hibiscus plant there, as the #1 plant. I need some vertical, evergreens and shrubs. The area gets a lot of sun,a nd both pics are in the same place. I have all… More

  • Good filler plants for perennial borders

    ... and flower through the fall besides petunias and marigolds? More

  • Pot Marigold

    ...strongly enough how much I dislike aphids) Now, a flower on one of the plants has started growing some sort of offshoots. I'm wondering what's going on. What are… More

  • Novice need help with flowering bowls

    ...f the day. I've shortlisted the following for my "flowering bowls". (Will mix & match 2-3 plants per container based on… More

  • advice on what to plant in my new idea, "flower garden shaped like a house"

    ...I have put in a couple of Petunia's, pansy's, and marigold also I have planted bachlor button… More

  • clearing out seed box!

    ...hlberg Daisy Miniature Daisy Dicentra Bronze strawflower Brocoverde Pink bee balm Nasturtium jewel mix Sweet pea galaxy mix… More

  • Plant ID very tall yellow daisy like flower without the petals

    ...oks like full sun requirements. Tall 5 foot plus, marigold-like leaves. Flowers could be described simply as buttons - just like shasta daisies without any petals. In my opinion it can be an attractive… More

  • Seeds avaliable.

    ...* Calendula: not sure, the pack just said "mix" * Marigold: Crackerjack mix * Gloriosa Daisy *… More

  • What is this pretty little flower?

    I threw marigold seeds and a wildflower seed mix here. The levaes look more like a marigold, but the flower looks sort of like a cosmo. Whatever it is, I like it! More

  • Ants eating blossoms

    This is a blog from "Hyacinth" She is having problems with perhaps Ants eating the blossoms on some of her plants. Maybe someone can help her a bit. You, see, I have a garden inside and out side. inside i grow from seeds since ths is Canada and is freezing… More

  • Another Ohio Newbie

    ... been gardening since my granny gave me a pkg. of marigold and zinnia seeds when I was 9 yrs. old. I couldn't believe I grew all those beautiful flowers from just putting a little seed in the ground. I was hooked! We've lived… More

  • Using last years marigold seeds will they revert?

    ... waste time planting seeds that produce different flowers... Can anyone help me? More

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