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Maple Trees

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  • Japanese Maple not leafing out

    ...t joined as I'm looking for help with my Japanese Maple tree - Sango Kaku variety. I live in Northern California and our temperates average 70 degrees Spring to Summer. We had a pretty cold and dry winter (more days below 32 degrees than we've had in the… More

  • what do you prefer

    well to be truthful.. I like them all !! LOL The perennials come back like faithful friends and they new annuals and bulbs to fill in during their resting time. I am in love with daylillies, viburnum, butterfly bush, bulbs such as canna, daffodils, tulip, dahlia. The ornamental grasses fill… More

  • Rogue Trees? Are they Weeds?

    ...ticulture/Bonsai/images/lores1737-1.jpg"]Japanese Maples and 'Standard Maples' (I love Acer in all forms) have a several week difference in breeding seasons. So the following spring, with home and grounds owners permission I went about saving baby… More

  • Japanese Maple Tree Seeds

    ... me how and when to collect the seeds from my two trees ? I don't know if I should get them when they fall, hard to see in the grass lol :), or should I pick them right off the tree ? I have noticed… More

  • Trillium...Red vs. White

    This is a wildflower question & I don't see an appropriate forum, so I'll put it here. In a nearby woods, trilliums grow bountifully. There is the very occasional white one, but almost all are red. I understand that in most places, it's the white that is more common. Might… More

  • egg sacs on oak tree???

    Hi. I logged on to find out what an oak tree at my parent's house (Dutchess County, NY) is infested with. There are ovular sacs on many of the leaves. The sacs are yellow centered with reddish-brown hairs(approx.: 10-15 mm). If anyone knows what they are I would greatly appreciate… More

  • Compost...

    ...re not sufficient. At a former property I had big mapleMore

  • Memorial Tree Selections

    ...elp me. My family has decided to plant a memorial tree for my dad. He lived in Sechelt BC and that is where the tree will be planted. The city had a Memorial program that offers… More

  • New here

    Hi all! :banana-wa I am new here and a novice gardener. I am a SAHM with three children ages 4,2 and almost 3 months. I live in central Arkansas. This looks like a great spot to get some advice from people who have been doing this longer than me. I… More

  • Japanease Maple

    I have two Japanease maples I have had for 15 years this spring and this is the first year they have ever had seens on them. I see alot of them on the ground and was wondering if anyone knows if they will germinate where they fall from the two… More

  • Woohoo!!!! Japanese Maple

    ...husband has been dying to get ahold of a Japanese maple. We just really couldnt justify buying one at the gardening centers around here since most want $60 per tree. We have had really bad luck with having trees shipped to us (except for a Colorado Blue Spruce that… More

  • Selling a mature Japanese Maple Tree from my yard.

    ...in Washington state that purchase these beautiful trees. Thanks for your advice and feedback in advance. Jamie More

  • Spring planting of a Japanese maple

    ...mall tree for my backyard, and I think a Japanese maple may be the best choice. Would you recommend that I wait till the fall to purchase one?… More

  • Maple branches dead no sugar tonight :(

    ...lity company pruned side by side silver and sugar maples. The sugar maple is fine, but the pruned parts of the… More

  • garden mulch

    I have numerous maple trees in my yard.I have been tilling their leaves into my veggy garden.Do these leaves bother certain plants? I was told that a chemical in maple leaves may have adverse effects on some veggys. More

  • Chinese Maple

    ......I recently bought a house and I have a chinese maple in the garden. Very nice little tree... My questions are as follows 1. What are the basic care features I should focus on for this tree 2. If I wanted to transplant it,… More

  • Japanese Red Maple

    ...y tree. These seeds are collected from this large maple. I am guessing this tree is 15' tall at this time. This particular tree very graceful growing habit. I used the trees as an example of winter gardening, since they are usually… More

  • White Pine or Trident Maples please?

    ... anyone live near any White Pine trees or Trident Maple trees and have an excess of seedlings or seeds? I would love some, if you don't mind. I would like to bonsai them. Please can some one help me?:p More

  • What kind of Japanese Red Maple is this?

    ...nt to be sure how to identify it. This is a large maple, not a dwarf species. I have seen ones with other growth habits. This has very graceful growing habit. I used the trees as an… More

  • Bonzai out of maple?

    ...ree out of it. I live in Ohio and here, the maple trees grow pretty big, but I've been told it's… More