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Mangos Articles

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    ... anything that we eat throughout the day. Banana, mango, papaya, all meats, chicken, cheese, rice… More

  • For All Dog Owners..

    ... anything that we eat throughout the day. Banana, mango, papaya, all meats, chicken, cheese, rice… More

  • Happy Birthday's!!!!

    ...all of you .... :leekguita :dancing t :banana-wa :mango: :broccoli: More

  • Farm Fair time

    It's farm fair time in NJ. I've been *goated* into entering some jellys, jams, and some baked stuff. Rather then competiting with cetain jelly makers with Apple, strawberry, or blue berry jellys. I've decided to be creative. I made a coconut,lemongrass,ginger and hot pepper syrup--it's yummy on grilled shrimp. Next… More


    ...hs ago that consists of several citrus trees, two mango trees, vegetables, and herbs. I want to know how I can continue my garden for years to come by extracting and planting their seeds. Specifically, the tomato and cilantro tree, but a general… More

  • Lessons learned regarding wood mulch up to now.

    Citrus trees...do not like mulch. Mango and Avocado...like mulch, but not too close to the trunk. Bananas and berries...LOVE mulch. You can mulch every inch...they will love you for it. Herbs and veggies...I mulch just enough to keep dirt from splashing up onto the plants. They seem to be grateful… More

  • hello from costa rica!

    hey all....i just found this forum yesterday. i'm originally from chicago but i lived in miami, fl and austin, tx before moving down to costa rica about four years ago. i'm a nature freak, so i've done a fair amount of gardening everywhere i've lived. i'm much more of a… More

  • Making Compost at Home

    I would like to start making some compost. I am totally new to the process and have no idea where to begin. I have several questions for whomever can help. 1. Is a compost bin the best way to go? If so, how big of a bin should I get?… More


    I am not sure the exact name of the grapefruit variety. I know it isn't Ruby Red. It's skin when ripe is yellow on the outside and the inside is white. It is now producing fruit for me, but it seems that all the new leaves look wilted and weak.… More

  • Mulch around base of trees

    How close should mulch be placed to the base of mango or citrus trees? My citrus trees are all more or less 1 yr old. My mango tree is 8 years old. I also use a thin layer of mulch on my herb and veggie garden. My green peppers are… More

  • mango is this normal?

    hi, I started growing mango from seed on 27 oct. And transplanted it to a pot after about 2 weeks. This morning i found 2 seedlings have grown. But i only started with 1 seed. My question is, is it normal to have 2 seedlings from 1 seed? One more… More

  • Mango Flowers!

    My Carrie mango tree is loaded with flowers this year. I haven't had a mango off of this tree since 2004. This is the first time it has flowered since back then. :D More

  • Mango question

    What dos it take to germinate a mango seed from a mango fruit? More

  • Getting a new fruit tree from an old one..

    I recently learned the exact process of "air rooting"(or so I've been told that is the english term for it). It's a great way to take your trees with you when moving to a new location or to just give to someone who would appreciate it. First, select a sturdy… More

  • Mango Seed

    Has anyone started a mango seed. I would like to try to start one just for fun. Any suggestions for this challenge?? More

  • How do I identify what type of mango tree I have?

    I have a great mango tree in my yard that produces the biggest and sweetest mangoes I've ever eaten. My neighbors wait patiently every year for their share and they say the same thing about them. They are quite large, mostly green with some yellow and red and the flesh… More

  • Two Handsome Trees

    ... local birdlife:) . Number two is a beautiful big mango tree. Don't know how fruitful it is, as we are… More

  • Mango seed

    Has anyone started a Mango seed? If so how do you go about it and since it is such a large seed does it take a long time? Would like to try one for the fun of it. Thank you much:) More

  • carrie mango

    My carrie mango was hit by the freeze this past month. It is about 15 feet tall with leaves starting from about 5 foot on up. All but the bottom 1 foot of leaves are dead. Any suggestions as to what I need to do. More


    My 8 yr old Carrie mango tree was hit hard back in 2004 by two hurricanes. One of the largest branches was ripped right off! It produced over 50 mangos each year from 2002 up to that point. The tree gave me 2 or 3 mangos the next year and… More