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Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern Articles

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  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • SOOO Much to Trade!! Here's my updated list!

    Plants and Cuttings I have to trade: *Note: We grow completely organic only. • -Tamarix 'Summer Glow' - cuttings • -Willows: CUTTINGS: Salix Mats.'Golden Curls'(brilliant golden yellow bark, orange/red stems, green curly leaves-stunning, S. 'Dragon Claws", 'Hakura Nishiki', S. purpurea nana (Dwarf Blue Arctic), S. pur. pendula (Weeping Blue/Purple Arctic),… More

  • Outdoor fern garden help!

    ... doing very poorly right now. It has a mixture of maidenhair and ostrich ferns. All of them look like they are at the end of their season - droopy, brown tipped, some dried fronds etc. Now, in this part… More

  • hi from haddington east lothian (scotland)

    ...d a little help i need to know weather maidenhair fern is for long term or short term use and if its for indoor or outdoor use and what time of year it is used More

  • Maidenhair Fern

    I need tips on keeping a maidenhair fern alive. My mother had one for years and it was gorgeous. I inherited it and no matter what I did, it started dying. After it's death, I tried a couple of times with new ones and the same outcome. I have just… More

  • Mulching ferns

    ...e numerous plain old "woods Ferns" and a Northern Maidenhair Fern (now divided into two) that I've had for a few years. Today on… More

  • Maidenhair Fern & Japanese Painted Fern Question?

    Can anyone tell me if they are growing Maidenhair Fern, and if so, how well will it do in the shade? Also, has anyone ever moved a Japanese Painted Fern from one location to another, and if so, are their any tricks or suggestions that I should know before doing… More