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Lime Tree

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  • Lemon, Lime and Orange Trees

    Fruit trees can be divided broadly into two categories; citrus and deciduous. Once, every household grew several fruit trees, but now suburban blocks are much smaller and so space is limited. Citrus trees don’t take up much room and are fairly hardy. They will grow in a variety of soils,… More

  • Dwarf fruit trees

    :) Hello, Ok so here is my first (of many I don't doubt) fact finding missions. Although I am no where near planting anything ( I have a great deal of de-jungelising to do first), I do have to buget, and to do so, it would be nice to have… More

  • Composting " oh Yea! " HELP

    ...back off and rethink what your doing in the Mulch/Lime fourm, I needed that. ariving home yesterday afternoon to find a huge pile of horse stable clean-out by my garden area, a friend "Dan" said he had nothing to do… More

  • citrus fruit trees in mississippi

    does any one know if orange, lemon, and lime trees do well in northeast mississippi zone 7b. what about any other fruit trees. any suggestions More

  • make your own portrait/avatar

    hoping this link works: http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml YES! it does. click on each body part...eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc. a window will open with choices. click your choice. when all parts are selected you'll get your 'portrait'. you have 5 minutes to save them so they can be posted. as you can… More

  • "The New Soil Mix"

    My New Soil Mix as you can see fron the first picture last years mix wasen't that bad, (didn't drain well enough when plant roots grew to the bottom of container ) New Mix * 1-wheel barrow load of last years mix (1 1/2 container tubs full) (60% peat, 30%… More

  • Compost ingredients???????

    ...this gardening business. We have 2 acres with 110 trees, most of which are live oaks. Needless to say, too many to rake or pick up, so I grind them up with the mower. We have just… More

  • Help my grass won't grow

    ... year after year. Last year we raked it and layed lime down, it came in great, but this year it's dead and sooo many bare ugly spots. Over the winter we did take a… More

  • fruit trees, herbs,yes!Spring is here

    My plums,pears,peaches,sloes,wild cherry,and lime trees are almost finished blooming.My mulberries have fruits about 1/2 long already.My confederate rose is in full bloom hanging atop my holly tree,bees are loving it!Smells like honey in the front yard.A few of my hyacinth and daffs are still blooming and my everlasting rose.Wild turnips,jack… More

  • Key Lime tree

    About 6 years ago I bought a key lime tree (twig) at a FL stand. I live in Mass and bring it in during the winter and outside during the summer. This year it finally bloomed and currently have about 10 key limes on it. My questions is, how do… More

  • Kaffir Lime Tree

    ...t north of Baltimore and I'm looking for a Kaffir Lime Tree (makrut). Can anyone suggest where I might purchase one? I'd like to keep it indoors so a potted one would work best. Thanks More

  • Does my lime tree need straightening up?

    ... No really - in February I bought this little key lime tree, and I have it in a pot. Not sure how old it is, but it's about 5 feet tall. Aaand it leans. Seems to be growing… More

  • citrus lime tree leaf miner

    ... do to eliminate it? It's on all our dwarf citrus trees in Southern California. More

  • At last!

    ...uch as I used to, but I just had to. Finally, the lime tree I purchased 30 Dec 2003 and planted in a large container has flowers :) And a couple seem to be polinized :) :) :) So I hope to be drinking… More

  • Need ID

    ...They are ready to bloom.. Was told the bloom is a lime green. I will find out shortly.. I was told they thought it was a Japanese Cypress but no search turned up anything that looked like this. Hope you… More

  • Fungus on Lime Tree Soil

    ...ck on a fungus we have growing in the soil of our lime tree. We are growing the lime tree in a pot indoors, and every time we water, these yellow, mushroom-like spoors appear. The tree itself looks very healthy (we did have some… More