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  • Mixed Green Salad

    OK, dumb question alert! lol I've been looking at seed catalogues, figuring out what seeds I need (ok, want) to buy. I keep coming across a "mixed green" salad. How does that grow exactly? I know it is a mescaline mix, but do you just sprinkle the seeds on the… More

  • how to plant a garden

    How To Plant Your Garden First, you Come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses.... FOR THE GARDEN OF YOUR DAILY LIVING, PLANT THREE ROWS OF PEAS: 1. Peace of mind 2. Peace of heart 3. Peace of soul PLANT FOUR ROWS OF SQUASH: 1.… More

  • Caterpillars

    I recently planted lambs-ear lettuce and to my dismay discovered it to be choc-full of caterpillars. They're cute green little guys, but it's not so cute when they take my lettuce to the ground. At first it was five fat little suckers, but I picked more than 50 little babies… More

  • Just Thought I would share

    I just thought I would share my little stupid move with everyone... When we planted our garden I was in a hurry at the store picking out my seeds.(Stupid move #1) because I guess we desided to plant the SAME DAY as everyone else in this town!:( I ended up… More

  • Weekend gardener, maybe

    ...g for my radishes, carrots, onions, potatoes, and Lettuce. Lettuce and potatoes are a first time crop for me,… More

  • bugs

    ...ash,beans,melons,qcomers,tomatoes,pumkins,carrots,lettuce,cabbageand radishes. all the rest of the veggies are doing fine but the lettuce and cabbage have little black bugs on the leafs that are eating holes in the leafs. what can i do to get rid of the… More

  • Treating bugs with leafy veggies

    ...tell me what type of bug spray to use for mesclun lettuce, collards and spinach? I have a big problem with beetles. More

  • Just found a good cuke recipe!!!

    Hi everybody just found a good cucumber recipe, and thought I would pass it along to all my friends here at the garden guides forum!!! Cucumber Chicken Salad Sandwiches 1 c. cubed cooked chicken breast 1/3 c. chopped seeded peeled cucumber 1/4 c. fat-free mayonnaise 1/4 teas. salt 1/8 teas.… More

  • What Ya Planting Now?

    Zone 9; lettuce I just set out the some skinny lettuce plants , they were very small, I set out 7 containers with 7-8 plant spacing. Cucumber going to setout cucumber plants tonight. Broccoli the broccoli plants are too small another day or two. Tomatoes I also have some roma… More

  • Hot amish lettuce salad

    Amish hot spinach salad is the same as hot lettuce salad.This is how we make it.I use a 1 pint jar add to it 1 egg,3 table spoons of flour, vinager to taste, Add water with a little romm to shake the mix ,shake well untill the egg is blended.… More

  • What is now eating my >Lettuce

    My lettuce was all fine two days ago, today I looked and there are holes in the lower leaves, top leaves are ridden with some sort of sphid or white fly. I have marigolds, mints, lavender and oregano, green onions and garlic planted in this bed, but nothing seems to… More

  • Holes in water lettuce leaves!!

    ...ced last night that some of the newest baby water lettuce plants in my pond have got some holes nibbled in them- I've never had a problem with plant nibblers before- any idea what might be lunching on my lettuce ?? More

  • Stupid question..about lettuce, collards

    I am growing bib lettuce for the first time and collards. The bib lettuce is growing fast in zone 5 (north of NYC) as are the collards. When do you pick off the leaves? Also, does it keep growing all summer... some of the lettuce leaves look good enough already… More

  • tomatoes and lettuce

    A few pics of my brandywines and summer lettuce. More

  • Info on Water Lettuce

    ...ns the yellowing problem I'm having with my water lettuce, check it out: http://www.mwgs.org/index.php?rte=pltviewd&pid=1&cid=2 Bill More

  • Lettuce in duck shoe planters

    I bought some lettuce and parsley seeds from Dollar Tree (10 packs for a dollar) and also found these little ceramic "duck shoes" in there for $1 each. I put lettuce in one shoe and parsley in the other. They are on my front porch and I enjoy watching them… More

  • Lettuce and Broccoli container sizes?

    ... what is the smallest possible container size for lettuce and broccoli plants? How much space do they REALLY need? Can I trade depth for width, or do their roots really need horizontal real estate? Is a windowbox even… More

  • Planting Onions, Lettuce and a Quick Garden Nap

    ...re are pictures of our fall planting of , Onions, Lettuce and Collards. Along the way with Maggie and Jake helping set the Lettuce sets, Jakes tires out (he's a 5:30 am kind of guy) it is afternoon, Jake walks over lays on my sholder, what I thought was a… More

  • Seedlings Questions RE Lettuce & Orregano

    ...ed starter tray last weekend at Lowes and put 3-4 lettuce seeds on each of 6 peat pellets and 3-4 orregano leaves on each of 2 additional pellets. Tuesday, two of the lettuce pellets had sprouts. Last night, tonight two more pellets had sprouts. How long should… More

  • Lettuce

    ...ndering if anyone here might know why I have leaf lettuce that is growing upwards and taking the shape of a small christmas tree:confused: The lettuce tastes just fine and it's nice and full. I have a head of romaine that also appears to be growing upward???? Is… More

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