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Lawn Grass Care

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  • "Rain Gardens on Clay Soil Sites"

    Just read about Rain Gardens ("Bioretention Pond"). Didn't know where to post it (mods can move it, if it doesn't belong here. :D ;) ). Thought some of you might want to know about rain gardens also. http://www.for-wild.org/download/rainclay/rainclay.html With changing federal laws governing water quality, many municipalities are enacting storm… More

  • HELP!

    My poor lawn needs help! To me it appears to still be dormat in spots. I have fertilized and raked, watered and cried but it still remains half dead. I have applied triple 16. It helped green up the part of the lawn that has started to grow but it… More

  • Installing a Backyard Fish Pond Tips

    ...ers a bit of tranquility as well. However, taking care of backyard fish ponds is not as easy as one might think. And, you have to do more than simply install the fish pond and then let… More

  • Hey there

    My name is Yasaibatake (real name is Brittany) and I'm a 21 year old college student living in eastern Kansas, only about 15-20 minutes from the Missouri border. I'm studying to be a special education teacher and have 7 years of experience working with severly autistic children (which is the… More

  • Weed ID

    ...give it to me when I was ill, otherwise I did not care for it. While on a trip to Point Beach… More

  • 70 yr. old woman arrested for dry lawn

    ...pparently alledgedly abused by police for her dry lawn. Can they arrest you for an unkempt yard? Also notice this is being reported by the BBC, I don't watch much mainstream news due to not… More

  • Starting fresh with lawns and gardening

    ...er and I have some basic question related to lawn care as I see my lawn in a very bad shape after winter (tookover the house with a snow covered lawn). Can someone point me to… More

  • NickDanger

    ...a new member was asking about what to do with his lawn - too many weeds etc. This nick fellow gave a snide remark that I didn't think would go over well. Like 'take care of it - or pave it. I looked at his profile… More

  • HELP!! grass issues and lots of pine trees...

    So number one, I moved house not far from the last but sooooo much more space to plant... plus I own it so I can actually dig up the yard! yay! anywho onto the issue... There was an issue with the yard last summer where it was not watered at… More

  • Newbie...Help me with this lawn!!!!

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm not much into lawn care and I don't really know all the "do's and don'ts". Here is my deal. We built a new home in 2000 and I have replanted the lawn 3 times. The last time was last fall. I planted fescue which… More

  • Get Wild Strawberries out of my lawn!

    ...ild strawberries taking over our lawn. I wouldn't care if they weren't tasteless. Is there any kind of fertilizer/weed controller that would work without destroying the lawn? More

  • how do I plant a new lawn from scratch?

    ...scratch.. I don't really know anything about lawn care/maintance - other then how to mow it :).. anyways, from what I know I… More

  • EEK! Help Nasty Weeds are overtaking my lawn...

    ...ear we only had a month of summer to care for the lawn which was immaculate:D ... Last year was nice, too, but still weeds started showing up:confused: . This year we are innundated with weeds all over the lawn:mad: .… More

  • New lawn or overseed?

    ...eached 100, despite following all the recommended lawn care. I know what the problem is--compacted soil. I want to avoid throwing water on it every summer just to lose it by July, so I think I have two choices in… More