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Lavender Flower

Lavender Flower Articles

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  • Lilac or Lavender?

    ... previous owner told him this is a rare, heirloom lavender bush. However, the flowers look like lilac to me. Can anyone confirm which it is? Thanks! (P.S. These are his photos, not mine.) ;) More

  • Lavender

    ...ck how-to. Now that my lavender has grown and has flowered, is there anything I should do to it? Let it be? When to harvest (though I'm not sure what I'd do with it)...etc.. Thanks! More

  • Lavender when and what to plant?

    I'm in zone 6a and I wanted to plant some lavender. I tried to plant English lavender years ago by sprinkling a massive bag of seed that I bought but not a single plant surfaced (if I recall correctly I sprinkled in the fall). I figure I must have missed… More

  • Updated Trade List

    Seedlings · Datura - Lavender – 3 Black Metal – 12 Discolor – 2 Triple White – 3 Triple Yellow – 1 White – 5 Triple Purple – 2 Double Purple – 1 Purple – 3 Fleur De Lilac – 8 Double Yellow - 10 Seeds · Achillea - love… More

  • why aren't my lavender plants not flowering?

    ...eps growing I've even had to replant it twice! It flowered when I first got it, but it hasn't flowered since. I've fertilized it, i've even moved… More

  • Edible cut flowers

    ...e. I already have several flowering herbs such as lavender, chamomile & hyssop; although… More

  • what is this?

    ... changes colors throughout the day. White to pale lavender to pink. And 15 minutes later back to white? Never seen anything like it in my lifetime. I willtry to get pics.(have honey take pics… More

  • Provence Lavender

    ...ar, by bonnieplants.com, to put in a corner of my flowerbed next to my deck where the hummingbird feeder is. Has anyone had good success with this plant? It says it will grow up to 2' tall, is this about right? Will it have… More

  • Need help identifying tree

    ...ee has seen better days. The flowers used to be a lavender blue color, but now seem to be dying. The tree is fairly tall, I would estimate 12+ feet. Really want to find out what type of tree it is to ensure that I am providing… More

  • Seeds

    ...Aruncus dioicus-goats beard Baby's Breath Balloon flower-purpl/blue Black eye susan Butterfly Bush-Black Knight, pink & wt., pink Calendula-yellow&orange Castor Bean-red Celosia- tall pink Ceratotheca trilob-South African Foxglove Chimes Crabapple Columbine-white Coneflower-purple, prarie, Coreopsis-tall yellow,red plains,lance leaf,sunray, Cosmos-yellow… More

  • New in Zone 5, Chicago Area

    Hi! This is a great forum. We've bought our first house with an overgrown yard and garden space and I've already gotten great advice for roses and honeysuckle here. I've been gardening in containers in apartments for years, so having a yard and garden is great. We have a lot… More

  • What's this plant? No photo here, though :(

    ...oto, though. It's kind of between a pale pink and lavender, looks like 4-5 petals on the flower...definitely a perennial, and about 12'' to 15''… More

  • I need some advice about growing lavender

    ...out there can answer a few questions for me about lavender. My mum, who lived in Suffolk England, recently passed away. I have "inherited" her green thumb"(ok, well I have inherited the want to have her green thumb anyways!;) I live in Hawaii, and have… More

  • Flowers or Weed?

    ... pretty. Real tiny. The blue one looks a bit like lavender and the orange flower looks as if it belongs in the pea :rolleyes: family. I remember throwing seeds of lavender everywhere out front but the leaves on the blue one don't look… More

  • Ranger Dan's mystery flower

    ...tion: it was about 2' - 2.5' high, the blue-ish - lavender-ish flowers probably 1/4"maybe bigger - maybe up to 1/2". Popped up beside the reeds in one… More

  • seeds

    ...annie" parsley broccoli pepper-green i would like lavender living stones… More

  • Several questions.....

    ...wn twice already this year. I do it each time the flowers loose most of their color and they… More

  • Question re: drying flowers

    ...nd I am new to this terrific site. Also, planting flower seeds and buying flowers are all new to me! I live in an apartment, so I don't have a garden, but still love the beauty of flowers, plants, herbs, etc.! I just started so I hope… More

  • White flower bed

    I found a picture of a 'white' flower bed and it was beautiful. I have a small area next to my house where two white Angel Trumpets grow. (see pictures below) There are also 2 large white dusty miller plants. I was gong to empty out that bed to redo… More

  • Lavender question

    ...f just putting them in the ground or in my raised flower bed. I really want these plants to do well. More

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