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Landscape Ideas: Envision What You Want

Landscape Ideas: Envision What You Want Articles

Landscape Ideas: Envision What You Want Videos

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  • Indiana groundcover, too late to plant?

    ...ought this summer. Pulled out over 900 gallons of landscaping rocks. There are still plenty of rocks embedded in the soil, as they were laid down years ago. I would like to start digging in a couple weeks, and get… More

  • show me your mailboxes!

    ... poolscape" which was great, but i need ideas for landscaping a pie-shaped area around my mailbox. it's in full sun in Missouri (zone 6 ). the pie shape is 1/4 of a circle. it's the inner corner where our driveway meets… More

  • ideas

    ...the picture is a little blurry, but my son really wanted to take the pic. We had 2 severely overgrown pine shrubs here (no lie 10 ft. tall) and one cedar shrub. We cut them all out. So now we are left with a pie shaped space with… More

  • My 4 o'clocks

    ...he ground and right before they were to bloom the landscapers weed wacked the plant. I used miracle grow and it came back with a vengence. It looks great and it is way bigger than before.… More

  • Beginners' Gardening Guide Martha Stewart

    ...eners on planting, flower gardens and landscaping ideas: http://www.marthastewart.com/gardening She also has a pretty vibrant gardening community forum, with more ideas from readers: http://forums.marthastewart.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ms-gardening&nav=start More

  • Rose of Sharon

    ...ron's located in various locations throughout our landscaping. Not one of them has a leaf on them? Can anyone suggest why? All of my other plants grew just fine, just not these. Any ideas?:( More

  • landscapers

    ...and butterfly friendly. Is it really so unreal to want a bare spot with gravel in my yard… More

  • Another darn 'Wabbit' thread...

    ...ea... I always thought they were "cute"...UNTIL I wanted to plant a major garden... Many of the bulbs, rhizones and tender vegatation that will be going into an "L"… More

  • Hello from UPSTATE NY

    ...d to get a bit more creative and have completed 1 landscaping project and have ideas on a few others. Any great ideas for… More

  • Four O'clocks

    ...he ground and right before they were to bloom the landscapers weed wacked the plant. I used miracle grow and it came back with a vengence. It looks great and it is way bigger than before.… More

  • Help! I'm on the landscape committee!

    ...burb, in a condo. (zone 5) We need to upgrade our landscaping, and in a fit of civic-mindedness, I volunteered to help on the landscaping committee. We are removing some delapidated evergreens and viburnum shrubs. We need to completely… More



  • need ideas for my planned urban garden

    Guys i have a 1000sqm piece of lot at the center of cebu city.about 7000 people living around the lot and sure quite crowded and i suspect air is not so fresh ,with some small handicrafts factory in operation whole year round. I wanna grow MATSUMOTO ASTERS AND GERBERAS here.I… More

  • Help me landscape my new house

    My new house should be completed sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a very modest retirement home and has lots of shade in the front. I do get a little filtered light a few hours a day. Soil is very sandy and we have experience drought conditions here the past… More

  • Hello from Affton, MO

    ... and turned an area in my yard and I am wondering what some of your suggestions might be concerning keeping the weeds down.… More

  • Climber for scorching full sun zone 5

    ...ertical structures. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can plant on an arbor in full sun? It's not even summer yet and the sun in this area is very hot and it… More

  • Mulching with pine needles

    ...good idea. I have neighbors that are professional landscape designers,… More

  • Need Help...Just Moved

    ...o this house in December. Well..it needs a lot of landscape help..lol I need suggestions please! I have never grown a plant in my life, and I know nothing about gardening! EEK. But I would love to make this pretty and I think I would really enjoy… More

  • BAD soil help needed

    ...al with my very poor soil conditions. I have been envisioning years of hard labor to get my soil in better shape, and thought someone here might have a "short cut" of some sort for me. We… More

  • Help on landscape and designing

    ... Me and my wife will do the labor. I need help on what to plant and how to shape the garden in front of my new house. My wife would like to keep the wrought gate… More

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