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Lambs Ears

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  • Caterpillars

    I recently planted lambs-ear lettuce and to my dismay discovered it to be choc-full of caterpillars. They're cute green little guys, but it's not so cute when they take my lettuce to the ground. At first it was five fat little suckers, but I picked more than 50 little babies… More

  • Safe transplanting of my perennials?

    ...renting the same property for approximately four years now. I have done numerous gardening around the house and in my small gardens here. We are planning on purchasing a home in the next six months, it is now just a matter of waiting for… More

  • Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

    I am giving another presentation at work next weekend...here is what I have come up with. This is the long version with some of the interesting tidbits included. For the handout I will scale it down to 3 pages. Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Anise Annual, Height: 18 to 24 inches… More

  • Companions for lamb's ear and heather

    ...ly starting to work on my front yard after three years in the back gardens. I need suggestions for something colorful in front of my heathers. It's very hot and dry there in summer. I put lamb's ears in yesterday and I need something to fill in between them… More

  • Lamb's Ear

    I bought a baby Lamb's Ear for a buck from the Farmer's Market. I see they like full/part sun. How will they do in a very dry area? They have those thick succulent-type leaves. More

  • Lambs ear??

    I have the usual "lambs ear" plant in my flower bed. A new plant has appeared in a nearby field, it feels like lambs ear, it's almost the same color, but it's in the shape of a "cabbage head". What on earth is it? Can anyone identify this plant? More

  • NOT lambs ear

    ...a perenial that everybody always mistakenly calls lambs ear, although the foliage is just like it , light silvery green, soft and furry, it is not lambs ear. It flowers from mid-summer right into fall, pretty pink flowers and I've collected many seeds from it and would like… More

  • My six year old son's garden is doing well

    ...on his plants as well. I am amazed at how big his lambs ears are in just their second year too. More

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