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  • star jasmine poor drainage

    The soil in the area where I just planted a star jasmine is either deeply compacted or its composition is 110% clay. At any rate, it does not drain well. Is there a substance I can mix into the dirt around the plant to give it breathing room? More

  • jasmine

    ...live in the Almeria region of SE Spain, planted a jasmine in Jun,and come Aug it had really established itself, and was blooming beautifully. However during Oct the plant has lost all of it's leaves and is looking very sorry for itself. The garden… More

  • poor drainage and a star jasmine

    I bought a jasmine vine yesterday, intending to have it crawl up my west wall.Unfortunately, the soil does not drain well. Short of just crossing my fingers, is there anything I can do to give this vine a fighting chance? More

  • Jasmine in Winter

    I live in Atlanta and have a Jasmine in a large container on my patio. The leaves have turned a reddish color with hints of yellow. Is that normal during the winter months? Is there something I am doing wrong? I really haven't done much maintenance on it this winter.… More

  • Outdoor jasmine, green bugs and larva

    ...oks like larva and small green bugs on my outdoor jasmine. It's experiencing a great spring growth spurt, but now bugs have seemed to enjoy this as well. More

  • Night Blooming Jasmine

    ...eally realizing, I chopped off the night blooming jasmine that by bf loved. I didn't know. He is… More

  • HELP! Jasmine doing poorly

    A friend gave me a lovely jasmine plant (not sure what kind) the second week of April. It did fine for 2 weeks or so, and now, after a month, many of the leaves and flowers are turning brown. (see photos) I don't have much experience with plants; I replanted… More

  • Star Jasmine

    Ok ~ somebody kick me, I bought a Star Jasmine at Lowe's today. Yeah, that's what I get for having a yak-fest with the garden associate as I was leaving the store empty-handed. As we yakked, I spotted it peeking out among some other items on what they now like… More

  • Can anyone please advise me on my sick looking Jasmine?

    I have this beautiful Maid of Orleans Jasmine potted in container about 2 years almost. Last year it blooms continously in the summer and leave were nice & green. This year I don't know what happened some of the leave are yellow & curled up and rest just look weak… More

  • Yellow Jasmine

    I have a yellow jasmine that has gone wild. Long, ugly shoots coming out all over the plant. Cutting them back does not help. What am I doing wrong? Should the entire plant be cut back each year? I am about ready to dig the whole thing up! More

  • Jasmine Leaves

    Help! My potted jasmine has started to lose its leaves now in May! The plant is in full bloom but leaves are starting to turn yellow/red and drop while the rest of the plant seems ok. Am I watering too much?:confused: More

  • help me with my jasmine!!!

    I had beautiful jasmine growing all over my chain link fence. It was one of the selling points of the house when I bought it. We put in a privacy fence and had to rip out all the beautiful jasmine to make it happen. All that is left is little… More

  • Please help my Jasmine...

    Hello, My beautiful Jasmine, about 8 years old, has grown some type of pest on it. I don't know what type of Jasmine it is since I'm not the original owner. I would appreciate any help to save my plant. Thanks. More

  • confederate jasmine cutting back??

    We have a Confederate jasmine that has taken over the fence, the neighbor's fence, etc. We live in S. Ga. It's still in the 70s during the day and getting down to 50s at night. How much can we cut this jasmine back without killing it? Thanks, Kathy H. Lee More

  • Jasmine for Zone 6a or 6b

    Is there a jasmine that can be grown in zone 6a or 6b? I miss the sweet fragrance from my time in San Fran. More

  • Confederate Jasmine Question

    Is it possible to root a confederate jasmine from a cutting? I have one that is in the wrong place, but she lives and blooms. I'd like to propagate her, and not dig her up. More

  • Insects on night blooming jasmine?

    ...ing is eating my Cestrum nocturnum(night blooming jasmine) I live in SW Florida. What can i do or use. I have tried using soap but it does no good More

  • jasmine

    I have two jasmine climbers, which I planted last year. I notice that the leaves of both plants are yellow or a browny yellow. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how I can treat it? They are in separate half barrels, and trail against a south facing… More

  • Pink jasmine hardy in zone 7?

    Anyone know if Pink Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) will come back in zone 7? I do have some spots around the yard that are protected from winter winds. More

  • Need help to identify this jasmine vine

    Hi Can anyone please identify this jasmine vine ? what kind of jasmine plant is this? Any help is highly appreciated.:) More