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Jasmine Vines

Jasmine Vines Articles

Jasmine Vines Videos

  • video
    How to Plant Jasmine

    Planting jasmine requires full sun, good composted soil, lots of room to grow and something… More

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  • Last one?

    ...ing besides cannas ~ butterfly bushes, candy corn vine, cleomes, moonflower, AND a rebloom… More

  • poor drainage and a star jasmine

    I bought a jasmine vine yesterday, intending to have it crawl up my west wall.Unfortunately, the soil does not drain well. Short of just crossing my fingers, is there anything I can do to give this vine a fighting chance? More

  • Need help to identify this jasmine vine

    Hi Can anyone please identify this jasmine vine ? what kind of jasmine plant is this? Any help is highly appreciated.:) More

  • question about trellis design

    We need a trellis along the west side of the house. We live in Texas, so it's a lot of sun. and hot... and alot of sun. We can't put trees because of our septic field lines. Do you think a trellis out of lattice, about a foot away from… More