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Japanese Maple Tree

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  • Japanese Red Maple

    ...y tree. These seeds are collected from this large maple. I am guessing this tree is 15' tall at this time. This particular tree very graceful growing habit. I used the trees as an example of winter gardening, since they are usually… More

  • Japanese Maple needs help!

    ... I'm in Southern California and I have a Japanese Maple in a container, it's about 3 feet tall and right now it has tan spots on the leaves(they are green right now) and the tips are turning brown and crispy! The tree is in full shade (we are in… More

  • I need help with my japanese maple seedling

    I have a Japanese Maple seedling from my parents house in the fall of 2006. It was about an inch tall when I brought iot from Ohio to Tennessee. It is now about 2 feet tall. I cannot honestly remember if I brought it in last winter or not. I… More

  • Woohoo!!!! Japanese Maple

    ...husband has been dying to get ahold of a Japanese maple. We just really couldnt justify buying one at the gardening centers around here since most want $60 per tree. We have had really bad luck with having trees shipped to us (except for a Colorado Blue Spruce that… More

  • Do you have a favorite small tree?

    ...e killed it. Here it is a month ago. What type of tree would look nice along the fence, stay under 12 feet tall, and do… More

  • Revive My Dwarf Japanese Maple

    ...wth coming in long shoots off of the trunk of the tree, but none of the original branches have any leaves or new growth. I… More

  • need help with japanese maple pruning

    Hello all, Everyone is welcome to have a laugh at the pictures below :) This is my first time pruning ANYTHING and I started at the top in the huge hole you can see in the middle. Then I proceeded to do some reading and found that it was best… More

  • Japanese Maple not leafing out

    ...t joined as I'm looking for help with my Japanese Maple tree - Sango Kaku variety. I live in Northern California and our temperates average 70 degrees Spring to Summer. We had a pretty cold and dry winter (more days below 32 degrees than we've had in the… More

  • WHAT is this TREE?

    WHAT is the NAME of this TREE? We found it growing in the yard of a vacant home, so there is no one to ask. A recent wind storm had knocked a branch out of it, so we rushed home and snapped the attached photo. I am pretty sure it… More

  • Japanese Maple did not drop leaves this winter

    ...heir leaves a month or so ago. Is this a sign the tree is getting ready to fail or is it just due… More

  • Seeds To Trade

    ...erry, Candy Cane Sunflower - pretty, red/mahogany Maple Tree - Sugar Maple Olive Tree - 2 commercial seeds Fingerling Potato Tubers Blue Hubbard Squash Many more seeds from 2007 Looking for: Dwarf Flowers Container Veggies Unusual… More

  • Red Japanese Maple seeds

    ...ave yet to find seeds from our Red Japanese Maple tree in the many years since planting. Do they not produce many seeds, if any? Would appreciate any information. More

  • moving and replanting a japanese maple

    ...d be the best time to move and replant a japanese maple tree, spring or fall? Thanks More

  • Japanese Maple Tree Seeds

    ... me how and when to collect the seeds from my two trees ? I don't know if I should get them when they fall, hard to see in the grass lol :), or should I pick them right off the tree ? I have noticed… More

  • Japanese Maples

    ...everal youngsters. Most look just like the Mother tree, which is green but I also found several saplings that were red Japanese maples and we dont have any of those. Is this… More

  • Spring planting of a Japanese maple

    ...g for a small tree for my backyard, and I think a Japanese maple may be the best choice. Would you recommend that I wait till the fall to purchase one?… More

  • need help with this ID...please

    ... J. maple i've ever seen plus i didn't know these tree flowered! do they? Second pic is a long view of the same tree. More

  • Japenses Maple Tree

    ...veryone I am having a small problem with my dwarf Japanese Maple Tree. Seems like all the tips of all the leaves are brown, even the new ones when they come out. There is new growth, and this Maple is in a very, very large container. Anyone know… More

  • japanese maple problem

    ...what would make my seemingly healthy 11+ year old japanese red maple not bloom on at least 2/3 of its branches?This tree looked perfectly healthy last year,and the fact that most of it may be dead is killing me.Is there anything… More

  • Selling a mature Japanese Maple Tree from my yard.

    Hi, I am selling a mature Japanese Maple tree from my yard. Tremendous gratitude for anyone who can share contacts including nurseries, collectors or landscape architects in Washington state that purchase these beautiful trees. Thanks for your advice and feedback in advance. Jamie More