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  • septic an plantings...

    We bought our house about 6 months ago. We knew it had a septic and thought we would be able to figure out where the drain field and everything were since we had the diagrame and copy of the permit. HOWEVER. The company who put it in won't get back… More

  • Catmints

    ... I mentioned a lemon variety in another post. The Japanese Pink variety is well worth googling to see a photo. I am going to get another variety to mix with my catnip that has a white to purple blossom that… More

  • Eggplants

    ... varieties such as purple-and-white-striped, thin Japanese, and small Italian eggplant varieties. Did you know unlike the traditional purple pear shaped eggplants, they actually got their name from being white and egg shaped? Eggplant info is from… More

  • Raspberry Picking...found this!!!

    ...instorm ;). Found out more about this pathway and garden today. Its… More

  • OMG!! What happened?!?!

    I am pretty new to gardening, and my garden only consists of roses bushes... as of right now. Last night I went to bed, just having looked at my roses before dark & they were fine. To my surprise, this morning I went out to look at them again, &… More

  • Need help landscaping patio!

    Hi, I could use some suggestions on how to landscape my patio area. As you can see, it's pretty much a pile of dirt now. I have tried to make a sketch of the area (the cross-hatched area is brick); dimensions are in inches. The only plant that I have… More

  • Help me save my cantaloupe, PLEASE!!!

    Hi All! I'm re-posting this since I put it in as a reply to an older post and am not sure if anyone is seeing it.:confused: Haven't been back here this year. Everything looks different! Thought I was in the wrong place at first! Hi to everyone, especially those who… More

  • From AcraMax Gardening Email Tips on getting rid of UNWANTED Pests

    ...aking spring, it promises to be a banner year for garden pests. I'm bracing myself for the onslaught. The slugs are rearing their ugly heads already, so I've been wearing thick-soled shoes whenever I visit my gardenMore

  • Hi from Texas

    ... at the front entrance to my house. I purchased a Japanese maple last fall to complement the garden area. I want to fill it in with gerber daisy plants. I'm not sure if I want… More

  • Holes in my leaves

    ... in Nebraska and I have holes in every leaf in my garden except my mint plants. My digital camera isn't working, otherwise I'd show you a picture. The thing causing the holes is attacking all the plants in the neighborhood, and no one knows why. We have two very… More

  • Hello, I'm new from Ky.

    ...yone. I joined earlier but got sidetracked due to Japanese Beetles. In fact, getting help with those critters is one of the reasons why I decided to join a garden forum and I really liked how friendly everyone here seems to… More

  • I don't know what this is.

    ...n't know what they're called, but the ones in her garden were about 4 feet tall. Mine only grew about a foot. She brought the seeds over from Japan. They also flower in… More

  • Japanese Iris Swap

    In the last Seed Swap I took some Japanese Iris seeds from the swap box. I need some information about these seeds. I have researched Japanese Iris and found some contradictory information. The Univ. of FL states it will grow in Zone 10 but isn't specific about moisture and light… More

  • Japanese Beetles I hate them!

    ... told not to put the Beetle Bags anywhere near my garden because they will attrack beetles from all over. I see bags in my neighbors gardens that are full of these terrible… More

  • Japanese Beetles got most of my edamame

    ...ds on my 30 feet of soybeans. I went to the local garden center and bought a trap. Bingo, worked great - I am on my second bag. I have caught maybe 1500 in 2 days. Box said 4 traps per acre.… More

  • Why did my Japanese Painted Fern die??

    ...is spring and everything is doing well. Except my Japanese Painted fern died. It's a shady area and I keep it moist. The fronds broke off, or rotted, or were eaten, right at ground level. It was just heartbreaking watching them droop one by one.… More

  • Woohoo!!!! Japanese Maple

    ... We just really couldnt justify buying one at the gardening centers around here since most want $60 per tree. We have had really bad luck with having trees shipped to us (except for a Colorado Blue Spruce that… More

  • Japanese Red Maple

    ...g habit. I used the trees as an example of winter gardening, since they are usually… More

  • I love this tree, but what is it?

    I saw this tree at the Portland Japanese Garden (behind the azalea). It looks like it gets a small white flower in spring. It has lots of small twiggy branches. More

  • Home Remedies for bugs in the garden

    ...would kill and deter any and all garden critters, japanese beetles, aphids, cabbage worms and tomato… More

  • japanese yew can I plant seeds successfully

    Our Boy Scouts are working this coming year on belt loops and arrows (they are 2nd graders). One belt loop is "Grow Something". They must plant a terrarium (sp?). I have rooted some sedum--grows madly and roots quickly. I would like to plant some Yew seeds and get them to… More

  • Japanese Aralia Fatsia Japonica

    ... today, got confused, and purchased this plant....Japanese Aralia aka Fatsia Jaonica. Now that i have it home, I don't think it will work where I wanted to put it. I've started a winding trail of 4 rose bushes, all shrub type and… More

  • Japanese Beetles?

    ...ou place four feet apart throughout your yard and garden. It'll kill the grubs, which are the babes of the beetles. It works by introducing a bacteria into the… More

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