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  • Plants Poisonous to your cats!!!

    This does not mean the whole plant but sometimes parts but is best to keep them out of reach regardless Plants Poisonous to Cats Almond (Pits of) Aloe Vera Alocasia Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) Azalea Baby's… More

  • need help finding out what this is...

    My neighbor gave this to me for keeping her and her husband in tomatoes and cucumbers all season. She has five of them that she has rooted in water from cuttings. She said it was swedish ivy but it doesn't look like any ivy I have ever seen. It's a… More

  • What disease is this on my ivy?

    I'm not sure what kind of a vine this even is, but it is all over my fence. It's been beautiful for years, but this year something happened and the leaves are getting spots, shriveling, and it looks like it is all dying. Can anyone ID the disease and help… More

  • Something is eating my Swedish Ivy!!

    I recently purchased (about 5 wks ago) a beautiful swedish ivy and hung it in my entry (outside) it gets good indirect ligh with soft filtered early morning sunlight. It is a perfect location for this plant and although it looks healthy, the plant has seriously thined out and although… More

  • First Try At Repotting

    The ivy I got for work was getting too big, so I tried to repot it. I also picked up a Medusa Pepper plant today and tried to pot that from a peat pot. The ivy I think I did OK on. I got a pot one size up along… More

  • Fels Naptha Soap

    I just heard of this yesterday and wanted to pass it along. I was reading a post on another message board where the person makes her own laundry detergent using this as part of the recipe. I wanted to pass the name of the product on to folks on this… More

  • Variegated Shrub

    What is this variegated shrub? My mother pinched this from somewhere and she doesn't know what it is. Sometimes it sends up a runner that has "feet" on it like an ivy. More

  • New to the site!

    Jump right in Ivy, post, blog and share all your gardening knowhow. Welcome Linda B from SC More

  • What to Do

    I was sick for a couple of years and couldn't take care of my gardens. I have a bed around a big Oak tree that got completly out of hand. It stays damp and in shade. Apparently green stuff loves this location. I'm almost scared to get in there. Snakes,… More

  • how invasive is the phothos ivy?

    i have been desperate to get some ground cover growing in a bed that has some privacy trees in it (red tip photinia). I trimmed some pothos ivy (from a potted plant) and put them in the bed to try and start some cover. Well, now it appears that this… More

  • Ivy

    So I got a 3.5 in. pot of Ivy today and I was wondering if anyone had any care tips for me? I have had horrid luck in the past with them... this one is soooo pretty I would like to keep it in good shape. I know that I… More

  • English Ivy

    Help...........5 years ago I planted English Ivy after the ground hogs ate my other plantings. They ate Snapdragons, Impatiens and Alyssum before I tried the English Ivy. Now back to my problem.....the ivy is growing well. It is 12 inches over the brick border hiding my hard work of shaping… More

  • Ivy Id

    This is an Ivy that was in the soil from a rose bush that I dug up from my Mom"s old house and transplanted here. It has three leaves and little yellow flowers. John More

  • Potted ivy

    I think I asked this before, but I forgot where. Where can I get those posts and pins that ivy plants grow on? More

  • Erradication of Poison Ivy

    Damned vines..they are slowly but surely invading everything including my box hedges. I am prone to poisoon ivy..I get all scratch in a heart beat. Any members know of a way to eradicate the stuff, espcially roots, that does not involve a commercial defoliant, or if not ohter way, one… More

  • blue myrtle ivy

    :confused: I am trying to get rid of what I was told was blue myrtle ivy plant which is taking over my lawn and am looking for something to spray on these. I usually do not like to put pesticides on my lawn but need help here. Can anybody suggest… More

  • Anye else HATE poison ivy??

    so the other day i was working back in my woods clearing out some branches that had fallen during a thunderstorm and unknowingly ran into a patch of poison ivy and woke up the next morning trying to scratch my arms off :mad: . I am not big on wearing… More

  • Ivy Help....

    Hi All, Attached are pics of my ivy. I've had this ivy for a long time and don't want to lose it. It started out great (in my last place, in front of a large window), went to my parents when I moved, also more sun, and now here in… More

  • Huge Ivy

    Check out this ivy that was sent to me by a colleague. It came in a small florist pot and surprise surprise, I talked Mr. Bayou into buying and repotting it into a larger pot. With what florists charge now days I can only imagine what that thing cost. It… More

  • Swedish Ivy

    What does one do to get a Swedish Ivy with big thick dark leaves? More