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Iris Flowers

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  • August Gardening Report

    Awe isn't early spring beautiful:) The gardening bug sure is itching to get his hands dirty, but morning frosts keep them well inside gloves right on. The rain has finally eased and the soil is slowly, slowly drying somewhat. Plum and apple trees started blooming this week, so beautiful to… More

  • Hello from NSW Australia

    Hi, I have been reading the forums on this site for a week or so and tonight, I have added my profile and some photo albums. I apologise that they are not up to date ones but last Spring (Sep/Nov 2006) my new hubby and I were overseas for eight… More

  • Newbie from South Carolina

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a a stay at home, empty nester with just me and hubby so gardening is a favorite past time for me. I've been gardening for years. I guess you could say that I just love digging in the dirt. Every Spring I… More

  • hummingbird flowers and feeder

    I am looking for flowers that humming birds like, either plant or seeds. I would like this to be somthing that is proven to attract hummers. I also would love to get a nice hummingbird feeder and bird feeder....I want the bird feeder to be made of wood and look… More

  • Indiana groundcover, too late to plant?

    I just did a major overhaul on the house I bought this summer. Pulled out over 900 gallons of landscaping rocks. There are still plenty of rocks embedded in the soil, as they were laid down years ago. I would like to start digging in a couple weeks, and get… More

  • Iris question

    ... in bondage'. But, when an in-law offered me some irises [irides?], including some quite unusual and expensive ones, I accepted and tossed them in… More

  • Why Flowers Change Colors

    ...t more easily. http://www.essortment.com/articles/flowers-change-color_104524.htm Article written by Written by Cindi Pearce - Colorful flowers exist for pollination purposes--the pollinators, bees and birds, are attracted to certain colors. However, as gardeners we often select flowers based on their hue,… More

  • Ants eating blossoms

    This is a blog from "Hyacinth" She is having problems with perhaps Ants eating the blossoms on some of her plants. Maybe someone can help her a bit. You, see, I have a garden inside and out side. inside i grow from seeds since ths is Canada and is freezing… More

  • Naked Ladies?

    ...n spring and had no leaves. They were tall like a iris. They were all in odd places like the middle of the yard and along the drive… More

  • hardiness of bulbs

    ...ng plants (hosta, tulips, daff's, lilly,hyacynth, iris) don't seem to mind and are popping out of the ground. It has been on the cool side compaired to "normal"… More

  • iris beds

    ...t them in existing beds among all the rest of the flowers? About all I know… More

  • Side of the house garden

    Need some ideas for a side of the house garden about 20 feet long but only 2 feet deep. South side of house, with an over hang in one section so it gets very little water in that area. I have lots of stuff in there but don't particularly like… More

  • My iris changed color

    Hi, I had some beautiful iris that was white with purple/blue edges in my garden. I really loved them. Then after about 2 years they changed color and now are a very dirty yellow with brownish black edges. Does anyone know why?I do have some other iris planted about 20… More

  • Non blooming flowers: peony, iris, daylily

    ...ut never blooms. The same is true for my siberian iris and my daylilies. I've never gotten a soil test,… More

  • Transplanted Iris

    About 2 weeks ago, I transplanted some iris and daylily plants from my friends garden into my garden. They were well established bulbs/plants in her yard. I've been watering the plants every day. I'm not sure if this is too much water or not until the bulb/plants are established. Should… More

  • Splitting Bearded Iris

    A few years ago my parents gave me some of their Iris bulbs they had no place to plant. Knowing nothing about how to care for them, I followed my Dad's advise and planted them around a flag pole with NO mulsch in my front yard that gets about 5… More

  • Hi From Connecticut This Forum Is Much Too Quiet!

    Hi to all my fellow New England gardeners! Where are you? Seems that there haven't been many posts here lately...I suppose everyone is out gardening. I've lived in Connecticut for the past twelve years. I think gardening here is so much easier here than in Georgia, where I'm originally from.… More

  • Identifying a flower

    ...pindly with small blue flowers. Looks like a tiny Iris and has what looks like two tiny yellow eyes and a tiny yellow mouth below the eyes. Weird description huh?… More

  • Unidentified Planting

    ...like 2 yellow eyes and a yellow mouth (sort of an iris shape I think). I planted these from tiny bulbs, they sprouted like palm leaves and now have taken… More

  • Splitting Iris flowers

    I am in the process of splitting my iris flowers. I want to take some of the plants to my son in Atlanta, how do I maintain/keep the roots until I go to Atlanta in a couple of weeks? More