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  • Let's talk cucumbers

    I haven't grown any for a couple years due to cuke beetles always ruining the party. Next year I am going to try again. Looking for input from those who have dealt with the cuke beetles and found a solution that works at least reasonably well. Spraying the plants with… More

  • Grasshoppers! Help!

    ... They don't descriminate, flowers, bushes, trees. Insecticidal soap has no affect at all. Does anyone know their natural enemy or any remedy? Thanks in advance. More

  • Zinnia leaves look "lacy" What insect?

    ... Most important what can be done besides using an insecticide? Megan Dolan More

  • Zinnia leaves look

    ... Most important what can be done besides using an insecticide? Megan Dolan More

  • Caterpillars on Columbine Seed Pods

    ... bad they are. Do I need to get another bottle of insecticide? More

  • aphid infestation on butterfly weed

    ...at they will come back. Am I better off to use an insecticide or should i just spray them off… More

  • oleander problem

    ...es of one of my oleanders. I have sprayed it with insecticide and fungicide, but the situation remains the same. There are… More

  • Can broccoli survive summer heat?

    I planted several broccoli plants from seed about 2 months ago. I'm worried about them for two reasons: it is getting quite hot here in DC (85+ days) and I worry that they plant won't survive the heat. Also, cabbage worms have begun to make holes in the leaves (I… More

  • Aphids on roses

    Is there a home remedy for insecticidal soap for killing aphids on roses? On another thread I saw this recipe: A few TBSP. hot pepper sauce I TBSP. liquid soap I gallon of water Should I use this on my roses? Does it work? Do aphids keep coming back? Liquid… More

  • Holes in Leaves

    ...ato plants. I have whitefly and spray weekly with insecticidal soap. Could they be doing this? More

  • Help! My basil and tomato plants are being eaten!

    ...at's doing it, but I've just sprayed a commercial insecticide on my tomato plant becasue I saw spider mites. I didn't spray the basil because I'm not sure if it's safe. Can anyone offer me some advice? This is my very first attempt to grow anything and… More

  • Apple tree that the worms just LOOOOOOOOVE

    I have a beautiful Fuji apple tree I bought for my husband when we redid our backyard a few years back. It has grown wonderfully, and is a very pretty tree... but the worms always eat our apples. I haven't been able to enjoy a single fruit from this tree.… More

  • Insects threatening to take over!

    I've rarely applied insecticides because I've tried to maintain as organic and natural an environment as possible. My fruit trees all seem relatively pest free...mostly because I keep a constant eye on them. I pick off any pests and squash them on an almost daily basis. My problem has been… More

  • Cucumber beetles

    ... bit of Sevin left. It, along with numerous other insecticides, is no longer available to anyone but farmers (who must be trained in its use) in Ontario.… More

  • Scale on Meyer Lemon Tree

    I was thrilled when I won an auction on Ebay for a Meyer Lemon Tree. But when it arrived, it had been poorly packaged and was almost dead. I was able to get it revived but in no time, found it had scale. That was three years ago. It's a… More

  • Introduction

    Hello everyone from BotresearchUSA.I actually go by the initials J.N. and the Botresearch USA is actually the research organization I work for.Yes I'm a research scientist working on a group of plants for which most people are familiar with in part since they are herbs which some use in cooking.The… More

  • A Different Organic Tobacco Insecticide

    ...periment using tobacco (snuff specifically) as an insecticide. Mapes (whoever he was) conducted his experiment in 1851. And since… More

  • Muscidifurax Raptor

    Thought some of you might want to read this or not. :) Pretty neat. Natural Pest Control: Tiny Pest-eating Insect Fights Fruit Flies ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2007) — Farmers and vineyard owners have a new weapon in their pest management arsenal. A commonly used parasitoid, or parasitic insect that kills… More

  • my little gardener's manifesto

    ...ng to do..I am an organic gardener...will not use insecticides, herbicides or anyother cides... prefer learning about making good compost to buying fertilizer... even though it… More

  • Holes in cabbage

    ...ells but so far no good. What can I do other than insecticides? GA More