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Insect Control

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  • Pumpkin

    Motherbored told me that there is a insect on the yellow blossom.Yeah,she's right.I magnified the flower and found one.It looks like having stool. More

  • Red Velvet Ant?

    Is my insect a dasymutilla occidentalis 'velvet ant', 'cow killer'? I read it's a wasp :rolleyes: but I didn't see wings on mine :confused: Could it be something else? Real pretty insect. :) More

  • Cucumber problem

    ...em is this this a Florida problem? Looks like and insect problem. Again, Thank you so much Simon More

  • Willow tree Zone 4

    Willow trees in zone 4: I have had this willow tree for three years now. There was a problem keep it to stay straight. Last year was really good but now its bark on the bottom is hollow but the top wants to make nice leaves. I gave it a… More

  • yellow beans

    ...s already seem to be eaten by bugs.:mad: The only insect I am seeing in my garden are ants. Could they be… More

  • Grasshoppers...I think

    ...ething munching my pole beans. Its a leaf cutting insect of some sort. I suspect grasshoppers. Anyone know of a good all natural pest repellent/cide? More

  • Hickory Tree Pruners

    Can anyone tell me what kind of insect or animal has been pruning pencil size branches from my hickory trees. More

  • look what the feds are upto nowDear Friends, This is a matter of the most serious consequence for all of us. Nowhere in th

    Dear Friends, This is a matter of the most serious consequence for all of us. Nowhere in this bill does it state it applies only to food for re-sale. It refers to all food grown anywhere - including in our own gardens. Please call your Senators and Representatives, the White… More

  • Insects seen in my indoor plants

    ...nough water, and thats when i saw this brown thin insect (like a worm ) but… More

  • Zinnia leaves look

    ...s so that they look "lacy". Does anyone know what insect/bug is responsible? Most important what can be done besides using an insecticide? Megan Dolan More

  • Muscidifurax Raptor

    ...etty neat. Natural Pest Control: Tiny Pest-eating insect Fights Fruit Flies ScienceDaily (Dec. 6, 2007) — Farmers and vineyard owners have a new weapon in their pest management arsenal. A commonly used parasitoid, or parasitic insect that kills… More

  • Raspberry Disease Help

    I planted a new raspberry bed last year. They are doing very well. I have experienced a very serious problem with a previous bed. They became infected with a maggot that eats the new growth while it is still dormant (late winter) and the new growth is then very weak… More

  • Please help ID this insect.

    ...ross this unusual ( at least to me and my family) insect. It was relatively large ( the size of a hornet), colorful ( green, brown, orange and black). It acted… More

  • Unknown Insect.....

    I've had an insect visiting me each day and I've never seen one like it. I'm wondering if anyone knows what this thing is? It's approx 1.5" in body length, it's wings appear to rotate in such a way that it can maneuver in any direction in a millisecond! It… More

  • I need insect help Please

    Hello, I'm having a problem with some wasp-like insects. They seem to be coming from nests that were dug into my grass. When I go out into my yard in the morning I see a hundred of these wasps flying around. I also noticed a couple dozen small holes in… More

  • Anyone know what insect this is???

    Here are some photos. There are several in my yard. I have yet to notice any damage to these trees in particular(sapodilla), but Im still not sure if they are friend or foe. Someone please help! :confused: More

  • Interesting Insect

    This fellow is still sitting on my deck. It was there the whole time I BBQ supper and it never budged. It's small.... about 1" from wing edge to wing edge. The antennea have me stumped. Never seen anything like it. It seems to almost have the coloring of a… More

  • Insect life?

    How much insect life is normal in a compost bin? I have a 100 gal plastic storage bin with about 200 dime sized drainage holes drilled in the top sides and bottom. I have only turned my compost a few times all summer. But i did yesterday and a watermelon… More

  • Pole Bean Pests

    ... out what's eating my pole bean leaves and how to control them. I live in south-central Wisconsin and have a back-yard garden plot. Everything else is virtually untouched - except my pole bean plants. Some of the leaves look like an… More

  • Insect that looks like a flying shripm??

    Does anyone know what this might be? Couldn't get a good picture but it looks like a flying shrimp. It seems to be attracted to my Monarda. Strange looking bugger.:confused: More

  • Alphabet insect names

    ...th letter A and go on till we reach Z ----name 10 insects starting with A and then B and so on...... 1. aphid More

  • Zinnia leaves look "lacy" What insect?

    ...s so that they look "lacy". Does anyone know what insect/bug is responsible? Most important what can be done besides using an insecticide? Megan Dolan More

  • Name this insect

    Name the insect.It chrips More

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