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Indoor Gardening

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  • My Beau Needs an Indoor Garden, All suggestions Welcome!

    Hello everyone, I sit here in beautiful Deerfield, Ma near a glowing fire, just in last night from Waterford Ct, my home base. I was feeling sadened that the herb plants brought in late October have not fared very well, lack of water by my male half in residense here… More

  • Strange Indoor Plant

    My mother and I each bought one of these plants at a nursery that was going out of business. Hers was in low western light, bloomed frequently but died within a year of purchase. I've had mine in high western light for almost four years now but it has only… More

  • Insects seen in my indoor plants

    One of my potted plants (sorry dont know the name ) was dying all of a sudden (leaves started to just fall off) , so i checked the soil to see if there was enough water, and thats when i saw this brown thin insect (like a worm ) but… More

  • Indoor Herb Garden

    Hello: I'm new to the forums, nice to meet everyone. :) A few months ago, I had to start working in a cubicle. It was very dull looking, so I bought an ivy plant to make my space more friendly. I really like my ivy and am shocked I haven't… More

  • Newbie to indoor seed starting

    ...ery plants for the flower beds, and seeds for the garden. Last year we decided to start our own from seeds. The thing is, for Memorial Day, I help plant flowers on my grandparents and… More

  • Indoor plants in bloom Jan. 09

    Here is two of my flowers that I started before Christmas. The paper whites have been blooming for almost a week now. I will not plant them again for they stink. The amarylis is doing great. I have about 6 different amarylis plants started so I will be posting pictures… More

  • Sowing Black Eyed Susan Vine Seeds Indoor Seems SLOW!!!

    ...ined today. I started some black-eyed susan vines indoors in early April. They have the true leaves on them now but they aren't very big...seems like they are growing slow!! I recently put them outside in the jiffy pots and I want to plant… More

  • Recommend a cactus for indoor low light area

    I'm trying to find house plants that will do okay with (1) me and my brown thumb, and (2) in a room that gets very little sunlight. I thought a cactus might fill the bill. I prefer a type that won't get really big; however, I don't know much about… More

  • A couple indoor water gardens... fish tanks!

    I thought I'd share photos of my planted fish tanks, since they're most most green things around these parts in the winter! The first is my oldest tank, the pic is a bit old, 3 months because I've had major algae issues and have done massive trims, so it's bare… More

  • Help with indoor bamboo! (the small grassy type)

    I have bamboo in a container in my house. It looks like grass, like the attached image. Since a couple of months it has slowly dried up, and now there is a single green stalk on it ! It's quite strange, this single green stalk is there since a long… More

  • Indoor seeds sprouted too early!

    ...ks : ) It being March and all, I started my seeds indoors the other day and much to my surprise..many are sprouted to an inch tall already (although package said it would take much longer!) I am using one of those Jiffy kits and wanted to know how… More

  • indoor patio herb guarden

    i am a novice and am growing basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley, cilantro in my screened in patio in ft lauderdale. see alot of small flying insects in soil and on leaves of basil in particular. what is best, organic if possible, way to eliminate these and any other pests… More

  • Indoor's to Outdoors.

    I am starting my seeds indorrs this year, when it is time for the plants to go outdoors how do I get them acclomated to being outside. I have tried before and they just died. Any help would be great. More

  • my indoor composter

    the bokashi and composter where made at home with inexpensive items. It is said a picture is worth a 1000 words so here is 8000 words worth to explain More

  • Mini Rose Care Indoor/Outdoor Help!

    ...e "green thumb potential" but I definitely need a gardening mentor, so I'm currently taking applications. As I mentioned in my profile, my husband and I are currently living in NW Pennsylvania. Around Valentines day I purchased… More

  • Innovative Indoor Tomato Gardeners in Indiana!

    Hello gardening enthusiasts! You'll be hearing a lot from this father and son green thumb duo known as Hautions11, this is Zach the son speaking. My dad is sick and tired of his miserable tomato yields out in our shady yard so we're bringing them inside to start what I… More

  • Indoor spinach

    ...nts are difficult at best. I want to grow spinach indoors. Any suggestions? :confused: More

  • indoor growing

    Thank you hehe i will post some pics soon just got done running a cold water line lol! looking good so far, i got the 2 bulb system so i can use the mh for vegative stage and use the hps for fuiting and blooming. Gona try 8-10 tomato plants,… More

  • Hard Liquor for Indoor Plants

    ...y found that using a little bit of hard liquor on indoor plants actually makes more blooms, or more colorful blooms. Something like that. I think the… More

  • Growing herbs indoor

    I would like to grow some herbs indoors over the winter. Has anyone done this and how would I go about it? I do not have window space, but I do have a light table. More

  • Indoor Seed Starting

    Thanks again Ron. Sorry to make work for you when i know you'd rather be in the closet. :rolleyes: I'll redo the pics tomorrow. :D More

  • My indoor garden...

    ...or at least the part that pertains to this part of the forum. 1. Either a San Pedro or a Peruvian Torch, not too sure which. Given to me at a yard sale as an 8" cutting a year ago and now it's 2 foot tall...and growing. 2. From left… More

  • Indoor container gardening with grow lights?

    I question whether or not my deck is going to get enough sun for my plants to be very productive. So I'm considering using grow lights in my basement. 1) What kind of lights would I need? 2) Should I go with some type of hydroponic system or just regular… More