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Improving Soil

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  • "Organic Pest Control: Mustard"

    Some more info thought some of you might want to read. :) Organic Pest Control: Mustard -- Hot Stuff For Natural Pest Control ScienceDaily (July 29, 2008) — Researchers, growers and Industry specialists from 22 countries will share the latest research into the use of Brassica species, such as mustard,… More

  • Hello from Southern Indiana

    Hello, I am in southern Indiana, Bloomington to be exact. I think we are in Zone 5b/6a. I am a native New Englander (Maine) and have parents and grandparents with green thumbs. We always had vegetables, perennials, shrubs, etc. We've been in our house (in the 'burbs = small yard)… More

  • Perfect Storm of a Planting Problem

    This problem has boggled me. Have clay soil which retains a lot of water. Runoff from neighbor's spout floods area when it rains, not to mention the natural rain accumulating. This area is also out in the wind (prairie winds are named for a reason!) It is in full, relentless… More

  • New pathway of leaves and pine needles

    ...k it looks pretty cool, and will even improve the soil. I laid down some black/white newspaper, then a layer of mixed leaves and pine needles....only, because I raked under my pine trees and have lots of leaves from my old english walnut trees. It… More

  • Give 'em a bath!

    ...ave hard water. But...a gentle bath will actually improve your plants health! I… More

  • Happy Birthday ZERGAS!

    ...our Interests: Computer Hardware, Gardening, Home improvement ......how cool would that be? More

  • I'm new here again?

    ...profile:banana-wa So here I am again, all new and improved:evilB: More

  • some new blooms today (well, for me)

    ...ther... i have no clue. but remembering one is an improvement, no? More

  • A Garden Log Book

    ...s :) http://room.nathanielguy.com/2008/08/11/ Any improvements? Nathan More

  • Nuts shells in compost pile

    ... the pH (the higher the pH, the more alkaline the soil). Coffee grounds are acidic. Well there it is. Maybe it's because there is so much more coffee than eggshells when I spread? Of couse at this point the garden had… More

  • Iris

    ...ic muclch and compost the best way to improve the soil? Also, I have Iris's and some have not bloomed in a… More

  • "Genetically Modified Root Systems"...

    Thought maybe some of you might want to read this. :) Genetically Modified Root Systems Result In Plants That Survive With Little Water ScienceDaily (July 30, 2008) — A part of the global food crisis is the inefficiency of current irrigation methods. More irrigated water evaporates than reaches the roots… More

  • Good Morning from Mississippi

    ...much as I can. My primary interests right now are improvingMore

  • You can search for a member now!

    ...e. Also, this is the first version and we will be improving the search feature very… More

  • Green Onions

    I've tried planting red onions from seed once in the past. Unfortunately, not a single one sprouted. I purchased a packet of green onion seeds about 2 months ago and planted several seeds in a pot. They sprouted and grew about 3 inches tall. They seemed very fragile and after… More

  • Chit Chat for banter that doesn't fit a specific topic

    Family's fine....things keep improving on that front. :) We had a light dusting of snow, which is still on the ground. We're having bitterly cold weather for the next few days, down into the teens at night. Brrr! I've gotten back into writing. That's feeding my need to write, in… More

  • Citrus Trees

    ...he conclusion that citrus trees do not like moist soil. I have cleared away some mulch from all of them to see if they improve. They all look healthy, but are not growing at the same rate as my other trees. Hopefully, this does the trick. More

  • Special Sand?

    ...cial sand that would help improve our sticky clay soil. Has anyone ever heard of that and if so, what is this sand called? I know that regular sand would make it like concrete. More

  • Glitches, glitches, glitches....

    ...rote some of my suggestions on what you should be improving rather then adding new feaures. At that point in time, I couldn't remember them all, so now that I have made note, I thought I would write them… More

  • Oyster shell "mulch" effect on soil ph

    I live in a region that has an abundance of oyster shells, and pine straw. We've recently re-designed the garden of our new home for a more tropical look; palms, bird-of-paradise, agapanthus, heliconias, etc. In the previous home, pine straw was obviously the mulch of choice because of the many… More

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