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Hyssop Articles

  • Flowering Herbs

    Flowering herbs do more than add beauty to the garden. They can be used… More

  • How to Divide Hyssop

    Hyssop (Agastache) is a sturdy perennial that, once established, will thrive in poor soil,… More

  • About the Hyssop Flower

    A member of the mint family, hyssop makes an attractive garden plant with its… More

  • Types of Hyssop

    The Hyssop genus (Hyssopus) belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae) and contains several species… More

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  • My seed list

    Here's what I have to trade- Just let me know what you have, I'll try just about anything :) All are from my own garden plants ;) Ready to send Blue-eyed grass (native)- Adorable small blue flowers with yellow centers on grass-like foliage in early to late spring. Perennial Lyre-leaved… More

  • Wanted Sweet Pea's

    Wanted Sweet Pea's -Lathyrus or temp meWanted Sweet Pea's -Lathyrus Lathyrus belinensis Lathyrus Vernus Lathyrus Sativus azureus-blue Lathyrus Black Diamond Lathyrus King Edward VII-red Lathyrus Streamer Mix Lathyrus Streamer-Purple Lathyrus Streamer-Scarlet Lathyrus Streamer-Blue Lathyrus Streamer-Pink Lathyrus Streamer-Orange Wants: Asclepias - hello yellow -perennial Asclepias- upright varieties Matalea's-climbing milkweeds Mikania scandens-climbing… More

  • Haves and Wants

    Haves: Asclepias-Syrica Anise hyssop Apple of Peru - Nicandra physalodes Butterfly bush -Yellow Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine Grandpa Otts-Morning glory Milky Way - Morning glory Minature blue morning glory Four o'clock - Mirabilis jalapa Foxglove-different colors Hollyhock - mix -mostly old heirlooms Liatris-Blazing star Malva - Mix Lunaria-purple flowers Hibiscus-Dinnerplate-pink and a… More

  • I need these seeds Holly Flame vine

    ...s for looking Carol Haves: Asclepias-Syrica Anise hyssop Apple of Peru - Nicandra physalodes Butterfly bush -Yellow Cynanchum Laeve-Honeyvine Grandpa Otts-Morning… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Good List of Hummer Plants

    If not for this year, for next. This covers the whole hummer regions From my newsletter several weeks ago. Some of these plants are very regional and some are not allowed in certain areas. Buckeyes are not allowed in California. Some tender perennials are sold as annuals. For example, Lantana… More

  • Seeds

    ...k-mxd Amaranthus-pygmy,tall Amaryllis-mixed Anise hyssop Aruncus dioicus-goats beard Baby's Breath Balloon Flower-purpl/blue Black eye susan Butterfly Bush-Black Knight, pink & wt., pink Calendula-yellow&orange Castor Bean-red Celosia- tall pink Ceratotheca trilob-South African Foxglove Chimes Crabapple Columbine-white Coneflower-purple, prarie, Coreopsis-tall yellow,red plains,lance leaf,sunray, Cosmos-yellow… More

  • Rate your new perennials

    I thought it would be fun to share what we thought of our new perennials/biennials. Because they are perennial(biennial), include those that you planted 2-3 years ago as well: My faves: Crocasimia Lucifer, 2nd year- gorgeous foliage, fabulous red blooms that hummers love, didn't bloom until second year, but worth… More

  • Aurora's Want List

    I have finally figured out my want list :) Subject to additions :D Butterfly weed- any color but orange (have that) Great Blue Lobelia Cardinal Flower Milkweed- any color Any native flower really :) What I have to trade: Here's what I have to trade- Just let me know what… More

  • hyssop help

    I planted a hyssop last year and I loved it. I left it as it was and this year I think its dead. I broke off a branch and it snapped right off. I scraped the bark with my fingernail and found no green. I'm pretty sure it's gone. I… More

  • Hyssop

    Last year my hyssop was glorious. This year there are 3 or 4 stalks and maybe one bloom. I read they are short lived. What can I do? How to propogate? I have looked at local nurseries but none is available. Are they easy to start from seed? Can they… More

  • Perennials in pots

    ...ing to plant lavendar, and either salvia or anise hyssop in pots. What type of soil to I use? Garden soil or potting soil? I read that if you rub the leaves of anise hyssop on your skin it will repel skeeters. Will just the plant being on… More

  • Fuzzy, white mold

    ... growing on the peat pots that I started lavender hyssop seeds in. Is that OK to have there or should I take those pots out and toss them before all the pots get it? More

  • Mystery Herbs

    Ciao all, I've got 2 herbs that I need your help identifying. This first one is a volunteer, growing in our 'back 40'. I think it's Borage, but I'm not sure: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f60/Sorellina66/PossiblyBorage071806.jpg This one was given to us at a plant swap a year ago. It's growing in my boyfriend's… More

  • Edible cut flowers

    ...flowering herbs such as lavender, chamomile & hyssop; although… More

  • Anise Hyssop question

    I planted Anise Hyssop this last summer and now i just have dry stalks and dry flowers on it? Will it come back in the spring or summer if i cut these off? thanks Tura More