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Hydroponics for Indoor Gardening

Hydroponics for Indoor Gardening Articles

Hydroponics for Indoor Gardening Videos

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  • Patty's ideas

    ...peciality Gardening. HI, I haven't been with this forum as long as some. I wanted to tell you this is the best and easiest forum to use. Very user friendly! I had some computer problems so I… More

  • new ohioan

    I live in central Ohio. I don't have a hughe garden or years of experience. Currently i have corn, tomatoes, carrots, and a giant pumpkin (well its supposed to be). I am having a issue with mt cukes, powdery mildew. Tried the baking soda deal... no luck. My pumpkin has… More

  • Strawberry grow help!!!

    ...was wandering if u can grow strawberries in a DWC Hydroponic system? and how long should they Veg befour starting the flower cycle ? Thanks:D More

  • Early 2006 Peppers

    See that peppers are popular talk 'round these parts recently....thats great!! Just love peppers especially the chiles, and if they're heirloom or rare/unusual all the better IMO. Got nothing against hybrids, grow plenty of them as well. A few members seem to have plenty of excellent questions about how to… More

  • Can Someone Help!?? Pleaseeee

    ...ntment..the PH is between 7-8 ! I had it 5.5-65 before all this digging from my roots & wood chips and saw dust from removing the roots. I thought it was safe because I have worms where ever I dig… More

  • Indoor container gardening with grow lights?

    ...whether or not my deck is going to get enough sun for my plants to be very productive. So I'm considering using grow lights in my basement. 1) What kind of lights would I need? 2) Should I go with some type of hydroponic system or just regular… More

  • Nevada Newbie

    Hi Garden Guides people! I'm new to the site, and am just embarking on my lifelong learning experience growing plants. I am interested in growing food, but I also plan to start growing flowers, houseplants, and probably cacti due to the fact that I live in the desert. I am… More

  • how to take care of plant watering when someone away from home.

    ...ethod to water the plants during the time, i have indoor plants like croton, daieffenbachia and others and i have placed them under florescent light, please note here we don't have… More

  • Hello!

    ...istment post graduation. I am currently active in hydroponics, and very interested in gaining knowledge More

  • Home built hydro garden! thought Id share..

    ...uld be interested in seeing what can be done with hydroponics. These are some of the systems that i have built. I am curently working on a couple more...... More

  • hi there...from GEORGIA!

    ...ere it gets HOT ...lol!! I also grow primarily in hydroponics but have been expirementing in some soil adventures as well. I am planning to log this years garden as it grows and share some methods of hydroponic growing. I mostly grow PEPPERS, basils,… More

  • tomato seeds for hydroponics

    I got some tomato seeds that i need to start, BUT, because im doing hydro ponic im not so shure how i go about this :confused: . I think you can just put them into a baggy with paper towel and keep them warm+moist? then once they get a little… More