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  • Hydrangea leaves no flowers

    ...e a lot of leaves and no flowers on two different Hydrangea bushes in two different places. One gets a fair amount of sun; the other not so much but a bit. Are Hydrangeas heavy feeders -- any special tips on what… More

  • Hydrangea help

    I have a hydrangea that I've barely kept alive for 2 years, it's in a pot now but was in the ground at one time and almost died, it's in dapple shade in good soil with good drainage and get's feed and watered regularly, it get's pretty hot where I… More

  • hydrangea vine

    I have a two year old Moonlight Chinese Hydrangea Vine, on a brick wall, that has very healthy looking leaves and will flower. all the info I've read on it says it clings by aerial rootlets. Mine has never clung to the wall at all! should I give in a… More

  • Hydrangea buds blooming prematurely....Suggestions?

    ...eternal summer? I couldn't find an endless summer Hydrangea. However, here's some info on the eternal summer in case that's it. Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer Alternative Name: Bailmer Hardiness Zones: 4 5 6 7 8 9 Our most popular 2003 plant introduction. Recapture the feeling of a… More

  • Nikko Blue Hydrangea

    My Nikko Blue Hydrangeas are not blooming this year. Had one Blue Cluster and that's all. Am I overfeeding? or? Thanks, Marita More

  • oakleaf hydrangea and viburnums and shade

    ...one have any experience with viburnums or oakleaf hydrangeas in mostly shady situations? I have a spot on the north side of my house, right next to the steps to the back porch, that gets 2-3 hours of sun, then bright/filtered shade the rest of the day during summer;… More

  • Is this a hydrangea?

    I've had this "shrub" in my yard for about 5 years now. I noticed it after we had our parking pad bulldozed. It popped out from under the bottom log. At first I thought it was a weed and kept chopping it down to the ground but every year it… More

  • my hydrangea

    should i trim them back for winter ?? never had one More

  • Endless Summer Hydrangea

    ...one 8b and have been desperately trying to find a hydrangea that can handle my climate. This one supposedly can, but before I lay out any $$$ (they're… More

  • Hydrangea transplant shock

    ...ed to my husband, but we transplanted my favorite hydrangea and it is in complete shock. Looks dead actually, but does have a few green leaves left. My plan is to keep it well watered, but not too much and cut it back when I cut the… More

  • Climbing Hydrangea

    ...rum...I have a spot that I want to try a climbing hydrangea. I have heard they can be slow to get going and require much patience. They have a 1 gallon of it at my local nursery for $35. I just… More

  • Hydrangea from cuttings???

    ... a spot that we think would be perfect for a blue hydrangea. I haven't found any around here this spring. All of the ones I have seen in the nurseries are the pink rebloomers. If I got a cutting from someone that was new growth does anyone know… More

  • Anyone have a Pee Gee or tree hydrangea?

    I saw a beauty called 'Pink Diamond". It's a hydrangea paniculata in a tree form. Is anyone experienced with these types of hydrangeas? More

  • hydrangea?

    I have some hydrangea clippings i have rooted and was wondering when i should plant them outside here in NC, in zone 7-8:rolleyes: Michelle More

  • my new hydrangea

    ...at work and she heared me talking about wanting a hydrangea,so she comes in today and hands me a trash bag, and says im moving out of state, so i got you the hydrangea out of my yard. so i brought it home and planted it… More

  • Hydrangea

    I have a hydrangea that has never bloomed. The first year it was my fault. I cut it back and you aren't supposed to do that. But, this year I really thought I would have blooms. It is on the eastern side of the house and gets good sun and… More

  • hydrangea

    I have offically given up on my hydrangeas. I'm sending them over to MSBL. More

  • hydrangea or butterfly bush

    If anyone has hydrangea or butterfly bush, please let me know. I am new to this so I do not have trades at this point. Will gladly pay postage Thanks Kay in Louisiana More

  • Pruning hydrangea?

    I always forget if hydrangea bloom off new or old wood - I left some flowers on for winter interest - when/can I prune them back? Zone 5a More

  • Hydrangea

    ...blue flowers right next to each other on the same hydrangea. I am at work so I can't post a picture right now. How is this possible? More

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