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Hydrangea Flowers

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  • Help planning memorial garden for mom...

    Hello :) I posted in another catagory without seeing this one sorry! I am having quite a bit of difficulty with trying to play my mom's memorial garden. It is kidney shaped and our house will be on the back curve of the kidney. We are planning to either have… More

  • Can someone draw up a garden idea for me?

    Hello :) Please send a PM to get the email addresss. I am having quite a bit of difficulty with trying to play my mom's memorial garden. It is kidney shaped and our house will be on the back curve of the kidney. We are planning to either have an… More

  • extreme sun in front yard/flower bed, zone 9

    ...here after a couple hours after sunrise. my front flower bed is up against a… More

  • Trees, shrubs, vines, etc.

    I am planning some changes to my yard this year, and I am looking for some ideas for establishing a nice backdrop around the perimeter of the yard using trees and shrubs. One particular area I am having trouble with is my front walkway: I have a garden at the… More

  • Pruning hydrangeas

    ...f leaf buds in the spring? It still has the dried flower heads barely hanging on. More

  • Hydrangea buds blooming prematurely....Suggestions?

    ...eternal summer? I couldn't find an endless summer Hydrangea. However, here's some info on the eternal summer in case that's it. Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer Alternative Name: Bailmer Hardiness Zones: 4 5 6 7 8 9 Our most popular 2003 plant introduction. Recapture the feeling of a… More

  • Is this a hydrangea?

    I've had this "shrub" in my yard for about 5 years now. I noticed it after we had our parking pad bulldozed. It popped out from under the bottom log. At first I thought it was a weed and kept chopping it down to the ground but every year it… More

  • Annabelle hydrangea

    We had a customer into the garden center who had an annabelle that formed buds that never openned. I did a search on the internet for problems with Annabelles, but couldn't find that answer to her problem. She has it planted in part sun, so the location should be fine.… More

  • hydrangea vine

    ...ll, that has very healthy looking leaves and will flower. all the info I've read on it says it clings by aerial rootlets. Mine has never clung to the wall at all! should I give in a… More

  • Flowers for Veggies Anyone?

    ...ld anyone be interested in trading their leftover flower seeds/bulbs for them? Some are commercial and packed for this year, some are gathered from last years harvest.… More

  • Need a tree along my deck

    I'm thinking about a small tree where the cedar planter is and I'd like some suggestions--we want more of an enclosed feel to the deck. I'm thinking about a small tree or a shrub that can be limbed up, like a viburnum. The area between the deck and fence is… More

  • Hydrangea transplant shock

    ...ed to my husband, but we transplanted my favorite hydrangea and it is in complete shock. Looks dead actually, but does have a few green leaves left. My plan is to keep it well watered, but not too much and cut it back when I cut the… More

  • Pruning hydrangea?

    ...hydrangea bloom off new or old wood - I left some flowers on for winter interest - when/can I prune them back? Zone 5a More

  • Hydrangea

    ...blue flowers right next to each other on the same hydrangea. I am at work so I can't post a picture right now. How is this possible? More

  • flowers

    ...ed to share some new photos i took last week .... Hydrangea is doing awsome this year... And wild flowers are thriving as well:banana-wa More

  • Hydrangea Leaf Blight?

    I have four hydrangea, two are two years old one is one year old and one is planted this year. The two oldest ones have what looks like burnt tips of the leaves and in some instances over half of the leaf looks that way. The oldest ones just don't… More

  • help my hydrangea?

    ...'m excited! Can you blame me? Thursday I bought a hydrangea, a beautiful purplish/blue thing. I left it on the porch outside my apartment. The… More

  • What's wrong with my Annabelle Hydrangea?

    ...help me figure out what's wrong with my Annabelle Hydrangea. I planted it this spring (Late May - early June) and it was doing wonderfully. Lots of blooms came out and then last week I looked at it and it looked like the pictures. The leaves… More

  • Dried flowers which are your favorites?

    ...rrangements? I have tried roses, gomphrena, sage, hydrangea. I lose color - any tricks for better preservation? More

  • Hydrangea leaves no flowers

    ...e a lot of leaves and no flowers on two different Hydrangea bushes in two different places. One gets a fair amount of sun; the other not so much but a bit. Are Hydrangeas heavy feeders -- any special tips on what… More