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  • Another surprise

    ...ng bloom. The leaves look a lot like the Torch or Hot Poker plant. Hope someone can ID it for me. I do think it was a trade/share from a GG member. I have had it come up… More

  • Hello

    ...smell sweet and I live in a area that gets pretty hot in the summer. More

  • Composting " oh Yea! " HELP

    ... find a huge pile of horse stable clean-out by my garden area, a friend "Dan" said he had nothing to do… More

  • I remember aprons....do you?

    ... with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was… More

  • Desert growing...

    ...sure it will be differant here because of the dry hot hot heat. My house faces to… More

  • I need recipies

    ... like some recipies that use cucumbers, tomatoes, hot and sweet bell peppers (as this is what I am growing in my garden). especailly mexican or italian food. Thanks pL More

  • Hot Pepper Suggestions

    ...s on peppers and I now know that what I have is a hot pepper. We still do not know what kind :rolleyes: but now I have to get some of them off the vines and I would like to get suggestions on what to do… More

  • Hot amish lettuce salad

    Amish hot spinach salad is the same as hot lettuce salad.This is how we make it.I use a 1 pint jar add to it 1 egg,3 table spoons of flour, vinager to taste, Add water with a little romm to shake the mix ,shake well untill the egg is blended.… More

  • pigeons and grass seed!

    ...lps keep the cats away too ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden Bear [URL="http://www.littlebossbear.com"]http://www.littlebossbear.com I wonder would ground black pepper work since it's cheap and comes in bulk? More

  • Cabbage Storage

    ...ll and freeze it. I have 3 large heads out of the gardenMore

  • So Who's Still Playin' In The Dirt?

    ...re all out in the garden...now that it's too dang hot to do much outside, who's still out there in the Midwest? Whatcha growin, how's it doing, any first time experiments? C'mon, chime in, I'm just sitting… More

  • New

    plants in my shade garden are a pink and red Astilbe and a pink Bleeding Heart. I have never grown Astilbe before. The Bleeding Heart I have tried but don't think it was in the right place. So I lost it. Somehow I think this new shady bed will be… More

  • potting lavender

    ...n pots on my patio. I live in SC and it gets very hot in the summer - many days are 90+. My patio is in a very sunny location.… More

  • Growing tomatoes in containers

    I'm not a garden professional; I enjoy spending time in my garden. I'm living in Zone 7; the soil in my garden is heavy clay. Therefore, I've decided to grow tomatoes in plastic containers this summer. I laid several lays of newspapers inside the containers before pour in potting soil.… More

  • Hi from Panama

    ...iles from the Canal. I have started a hydrophonic garden ( small inside) and will be starting a a vegie garden in containers outside once the rainy seasons stops around late November. I have basil plants all over the gardenMore

  • Camellia confusion!

    ...er I'm looking at adding a Camellia or two to the garden. I know the basic differences between C. japonica and C. sasanqua (leaves, flowers, etc.) but have been reading all kinds of differing opinions and stories about the cold hardiness, drought tolerance, and cultural requirements… More

  • Transplanted daisies

    ...apting, or will they not do well because it's too hot here? (I'm in Tyler, Texas, between… More

  • Weather

    ...t building and hopefully we can look forward to a hot summer… More

  • freezing potatoes

    ...wcomer to this great site & to freezing fresh garden produce. Being one to look for shortcuts, I'm wondering if red potatoes can simply be scrubbed, sliced & frozen (w/out blanching)--you know, like the store-bought french fries or hashbrowns? And can I… More

  • Losing buds on daylily

    ...re turning yellow and falling off. It went from a hot afternoon sun condition to a spot that gets all morning and early afternoon sun. What could be… More

  • One Hot Summer Amigo

    Way back in January I was "retired"(work in construction essentially) and the temperature the evening I decided to try this the actual temp was a balmly -24F....never figured out the windchill but it was chile that night. Read lots of Zana's fun and informative posts as well as by numerous… More

  • Hot nana pep., ripe??

    ...Well, today my question is how can I tell when my HOT banana peppers are ripe & ready to… More

  • Hot Topics

    You may have noticed staff topics show up in the hot topics area. They only show up for staff. You can verify this by logging out, then refreshing that page. More

  • You know it's been a hot summer when.....

    you look out the window and see your cat sharpening his claws on your dead, brown grass. :rolleyes: (True story!) More

  • How hot is where you are today?

    ...indow fans so they are blowing out so It's not so hot in the house yet. We are trying to keep the air… More

  • Boy, It's hot!

    Hello all, It sure is hard keeping the gardens watered with all this heat!! Thank goodness for soaker hoses!! How are all of you making out! STAY COOL! More

  • West Kentucky is hot!! How hot is it??

    Since you asked, it's 107 degrees right now. It's also quite breezy, so if you go and stand out in the sun (like a moron:rolleyes:) it feels like you are standing in front of your oven, it's turned up to 450, and there's a fan inside of it. I don't… More

  • South Carolina is hot! How hot is it?

    It's so hot no birds flying till evening hours. More

  • Greetings from the HOT Jersey Shore

    I just found this site from an old Garden Web buddy and found a Jersey Gal here too. I guess it's been a busy day with new members. Even a Nascar Gardener in the group. Birthday tomorrow and 68 seems to be a nice ripe age to join another Gardening… More

  • Hot Peppers In Maine Help

    Hello, Just finished putting in my 1st garden in our new home. I love chiles and put in 24 Jalapeno, 36 Inferno, 6 Habenero & 6 Thai chile plants. They were hardened/seasoned for 2 weeks on the porch, then planted this past weekend in mounded rows. Each plant received 1… More

  • new garden...

    So far below is as far as I have gotten on my garden (pulled a muscle in my leg trying to dig it up last weekend, will finish this weekend) anywho... I was wanting to grow some veggies, but have no clue where to start as the only thing I… More

  • How do I dry hot peppers?

    I have some hot peppers that I would like to dry, but I do not have a dehydrator. Can I air dry them? Do I string them up to do that? Need your help soon! More

  • raspberry hot pepper jam

    anyone have a recipe for a raspberry hot pepper jam or jelly? More

  • Question about Hot Water Stratify?

    ... the instructions say to cold stratify or Soak in Hot water. Well since it is too late for me to cold stratify I need to do the Hot Water trick but I have no idea for how long. Anyone know? Any… More

  • Hot peppers GALORE

    Check out my Blog;) http://my.gardenguides.com/members/pharmerphil/blog More

  • Calla Lilly Hot Choc.

    Went shopping and couldn't come back empty handed. So here is my latest purchase. More

  • Red Hot Poker

    I have a Red Hot Poker I wanted to move...........think its too late, or should I wait till spring? Its just a beautiful day, to be working outside......:) More

  • hot cho. mix?

    ...oooooo!! every body does anyone have a recipe for hot cho. mix the kind like carnation makes? Thank you More

  • Hot peppers...ready?

    I need help! I've never grown hot peppers before and I don't know when they are ready to be picked! Do they turn color when they are ready? More

  • drying hot peppers?

    We've got a TON of hot peppers, more than we can possibly use before they go bad, I was thinking of drying them to use later. Any tips on how I would do this? More

  • Red Hot Poker plants

    Hi all. I've got some red hot poker plants that are just about done blooming, was wondering if the stalks should be cut off or do I let them go and leave them alone. Thanks for your help:) More

  • fresh hot salsa

    ... tomatoes and a touch of garlic and made a pretty hot salsa. More