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  • What happened?

    ...member several years ago and this site was always hopping. I remember Mamabear and Mainegal and a few other names I see but for the most part a LOT of ppl are gone and the beautiful sigs that everyone used to have are gone. You can't even… More

  • Hello to everyone.

    I came to this site thru IWON originally for some information. Last week when I visited I decided to join. My query was about whether it is safe to transplant garage wintered Rosemary in the cold.I have decided to do nothing. I just water it once a month. This is… More

  • Help w/ tiny bugs

    I have tiny blk. bugs hopping around my baby spinach, How can I get rid of they naturally??? any help would be great thanks Karen. More

  • From Grants Pass, Oregon

    ... a about 1/2 acre of vegetables, and flowers. Our hops will… More

  • Grackles eating baby birds.

    I didn't know they did it until today, but apparently grackles kill baby birds for food. I was trimming the neighbor's lawn this afteroon and saw a grackle with a dead baby bird hanging from its mouth. A couple hours later I was in the other neighbor's yard and I… More

  • Tennessee birding

    ...ake out my yard. The other day I tried to feed it hoping that a full kitty would not eat my birds but he disdained the hotdog I chopped up and stalked off. Today… More

  • Suggestions on covering a chain link fence

    Hey everyone, I have a massive block of Juniper (maybe boxwood?) style hedges in the front of my house. The plants get full on southern and western sun during the summer and are in area that is fairly dry. They have climbed to a fairly good size (~10 feet), even… More

  • Vcreeper and hops help!

    Hi Eveyone, I am hoping you might have some advice for me. I have a Virgina creeper and a hops plant that basicaly take over my my entire fence every summer. My question is whether or not I should completly cut it down every year and let it re-grow in… More

  • Tadpoles Have Back Legs.. NOW WHAT!!!

    I have a bunch of Tadpoles that will soon be toads, thier back legs are here, noticed them today ! They will be tiny little toads before long:animorang jumpin about... What do I do with them if they make it to toadhood?:eek: :eek: there are lots about 200! They dont… More

  • Nut & Grain Pancakes & Whole Wheat Rolls

    ...' tested ones, please. I tasted the pancakes at I-Hop & they're good! Can't find a good one for the dinner rolls. I'd prefer rolls not made in bread machine, but if they're good, ok. Thanks much! :D More

  • Host Plant seeds of Tiger swallowtails Wanted

    ...ds of the host plants for the Tiger Swallowtails (hop tree, ect...) I am also looking for Asclepias, Passiflora, Pipevines, and other butterfly hosts. Thank-you all. :-) More

  • Thegardenhelper.com reject coming at you!

    ...read was not edited! I think I might just have to hop right over there and correct the problem! ....a few minutes pass..... Done!! More

  • grasshoppers

    ...his morning I watched a pair of veerys catch grasshoppers in my front garden! It is amazing how they launched themselves into the plants going after these pests. When they catch one, the veery would hop to the sidewalk, and smack them against the concrete to kill them before taking… More

  • Plants for toads

    ...ower garden that seems to want to stay. I have a "Hop Inn" toad house there which he seems to like on hot days. I would like to put some plants near it that toads would like, but do not know… More

  • trade list

    List of trades I have Red poppy-2 Grape-lots Foxglove mix-10 Plians blackfoot-2 Pink columbine-3 Sweet William mix-6 Pink hollyhock-20 Allium “hair”-6 Blanket flower-4 Purple malva-6 Blanket flower “goblin”-lots Cleome-5 Money plant-lots Hyssop-1 Candy tuft-10 Lupin(pinks and purples)-13 Purple cone flower-20 Day lily(orange and yellow)-2 Shoofly of puru-12 Yellow clematis-10 Sunflower-6… More

  • Kitty Recovery Time

    ... convertible to greet us. He was doing a 'hippity hop' on three legs. His new collar and tag were… More

  • My garden buddies

    ...mowing the lawn the other day and I saw something hop out of the corner of my eye. It seemed like a good enough reason to stop mowing to me! So I waited for the little toad to hop away and then I finished. Mr Chippy has gotten… More