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  • Halls Honeysuckle won't flower

    Help I've had a Halls honeysuckle for 5-6 years now. It's in the full sun, decent soil (not too rich), not pruned and has lush leaf growth but has NEVER had even one bud. It's by a wisteria which flowers. I know it's a Halls as I have checked the… More

  • Harlequin Honeysuckle

    A couple of weeks ago I saved this plant from the trash lot at work. It was pretty dead looking and I almost didn't take it. After a couple of weeks in the coldframe, its starting to take off. Its very pretty, with variegated leaves. Thing is- I dont know… More

  • honeysuckle trumpet

    help me find this ...... i need a start.. i need to know how to get one...please and ty very much ! More

  • cannas nor honeysuckle came back

    ... i could cry my eyes out! have always wintered my honeysuckle (hall's) and virginia creeper outside and this year the creeper came back, but not a single bit of green yet on the honeysuckle...i'm assuming it's a goner. any suggestions? ideas? also...had striped beauty and bengal cannas… More

  • Really, REALLY want Honeysuckle!!!!

    So, there was this HUGE honeysuckle that had over taken a house I was visiting - climbed up a 30 foot tree, over a standing forysthia, trailing into the pasture...I grabbed five cuttings and tried to root them in water. four died. One has two little green leaves on it,… More

  • Honeysuckle Vines into bush

    ...looks great. I have a question- I recently bought honeysuckle that is on a stake and I want to know if I can undo the stake and grow it like a bush/hedge. Or am I better off trying to find the… More

  • honeysuckle problems

    Hello I have a question about watering honeysuckle. I am 78 years old and been growing it on a chain link fence for 15+ years and this is the first year that I’m having a problem getting it to grow back. I always used sprinklers water about 12:00 midnight on… More

  • The MOST aromatic honeysuckle variety??

    ...input on any newer, even more aromatic variety of Honeysuckle. The old standby "Halls" (white with yellow throat) is my long time favorite… More

  • Help With a Honeysuckle Vine!!

    ...h left fallow for about two years. I have a small honeysuckle vine (the pink/yellow flowering kind) that I… More

  • Honeysuckle Bush

    ...anted to ask here. Anyway, this spring I bought a Honeysuckle bush(does not vine). Well, I got… More

  • Unknown honeysuckle type vine

    .... At first glance it looks just like the Japanese honeysuckle that runs rampant here. But a closer look shows that the leaves are a little longer and pointier, have red veins, and are outlined with red. Any ideas? If it's something… More

  • Honeysuckle

    I lucked into finding a RED honeysuckle vine in the woods at the side of the road. So I leaped out of the truck to get some cuttings and now have them in water. Will this work? What to do next? It is SUCH a pretty vine. Help ....... More

  • Honeysuckle

    My honeysuckle vine is starting to bloom, so the humming birds should be here any time now. John More

  • Pruning Honeysuckle

    I read to prune back honeysuckle to 18 inches but I thought it also said it blooms on old wood. Can someone clarify that for me? Mine is about 4-5 feet tall and I only have about 6 vines. They're starting to leaf out so I know it's time to… More

  • honeysuckle

    hi, i have a honeysuckle that is a couple of years old. it has beautiful leaves and is growing fast, but no flowers. it gets half a day of sun and late evening sun. what am i doing wrong? More

  • A sweet smelling honeysuckle

    ...it farm. A couple years ago I bought my husband a honeysuckle vine thinking it would smell really sweet. There is no scent that we know of. When my husband was growing up he always has remembered a honeysuckle at his… More

  • Honeysuckle

    I planted red flowered honeysuckle two years ago. Its growing nicely, way over my little trellis I put behind it. Can I trim it down and if so when should I do it. I've found out the hard way that if you trim back some flowers in fall you take… More

  • Wanted: honeysuckle bush and Oragen blosom bush

    If anyone has honeysuckle bush or orange blossom bush that they can part with I would love a trade or postage. RR More

  • honeysuckle

    My neighbors have a honeysuckle bush/shrub, whatever it's called. It's basically growing on my side of the fence and I can't push it back, I'm not sure how it did that. What would be a good way for me to get some cutting so I can start my own little… More

  • Honeysuckle Species?

    ...lp here. :D someone asked about the species of my honeysuckle but I don't know what it is...so many different species out there! :0 Help ID it please? PS. cape honeysuckle leaves look like mine but i'm not sure if it's the same plant. :confused: so far I… More