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Honeysuckle Flower

Honeysuckle Flower Articles

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  • honeysuckle problems

    Hello I have a question about watering honeysuckle. I am 78 years old and been growing it on a chain link fence for 15+ years and this is the first year that I’m having a problem getting it to grow back. I always used sprinklers water about 12:00 midnight on… More

  • Help With a Honeysuckle Vine!!

    ...h left fallow for about two years. I have a small honeysuckle vine (the pink/yellow flowering kind) that I… More

  • Honeysuckle Vines into bush

    ...looks great. I have a question- I recently bought honeysuckle that is on a stake and I want to know if I can undo the stake and grow it like a bush/hedge. Or am I better off trying to find the… More

  • what shrub is this?

    I found this thing growing in amongst my Bee Balm. I don't recall ever planting it, so it must be a stray seed from something nearby. Any ideas? Leaves are a lime-green color, serrated, and the stem is woody. When I pulled it up, it had a pretty long taproot.… More

  • Pretty weed vine anyone have a clue?

    ...wers. The smell is strong and sweet, sort of like honeysuckle, and… More

  • Tiny black bugs?

    At the beginning of June just as my Honeysuckle vine was covered with buds ready to open I noticed all of these microscopic black bugs crawling all over the buds. It was so horrible! I had my husband drench the bush with Liquid Seven and it killed the bugs but… More

  • hummingbird flowers and feeder

    I am looking for flowers that humming birds like, either plant or seeds. I would like this to be somthing that is proven to attract hummers. I also would love to get a nice hummingbird feeder and bird feeder....I want the bird feeder to be made of wood and look… More

  • Help with this Flowering Tree/Shrub

    Hello :) I have this little beauty growing out front... I ALMOST removed it early this spring because it gets so much shade and has grown so leggy... it has leaned to stretch itself into the sun... I'm so glad I didn't remove it though -- these blooms are so… More

  • Hiding rose's knees

    ...roses (and it) with it growing there ? What about honeysuckle or Clematis ? I… More

  • Honeysuckle Bush

    ...anted to ask here. Anyway, this spring I bought a Honeysuckle bush(does not vine). Well, I got… More

  • Honeysuckle

    I planted red flowered honeysuckle two years ago. Its growing nicely, way over my little trellis I put behind it. Can I trim it down and if so when should I do it. I've found out the hard way that if you trim back some flowers in fall you take… More

  • My Flower Garden In Connecticut

    ...ant blue spruce tree is in my front yard, and the honeysuckle vine (that's what I think it is) is around the lampost. Although it's hard to tell, in my flower garden are: Clematis vine, Iris, Lilly (white,yellow & orange),… More

  • Keeping woody shrubs bushy

    ...fter they flower? I am talking about lilacs and a honeysuckle specifically. More

  • Honeysuckle Species?

    ...lp here. :D someone asked about the species of my honeysuckle but I don't know what it is...so many different species out there! :0 Help ID it please? PS. cape honeysuckle leaves look like mine but i'm not sure if it's the same plant. :confused: so far I… More

  • Trying to figure out what this one is.

    ...s came up between the fence and the corner raised flower bed. The raised bed is about 15 inches tall and the plant is about 15 or so inches taller than the bed. It doesn't seem to get any bigger than this and doesn't bloom.… More

  • climber for part shade

    ...by the way. What climbers should I try? Clematis? Honeysuckle? morning glory? If it doesn't bloom… More

  • honeysuckle

    ... has beautiful leaves and is growing fast, but no flowers. it gets half a day of sun and late evening sun. what am i doing wrong? More

  • Good List of Hummer Plants

    If not for this year, for next. This covers the whole hummer regions From my newsletter several weeks ago. Some of these plants are very regional and some are not allowed in certain areas. Buckeyes are not allowed in California. Some tender perennials are sold as annuals. For example, Lantana… More

  • New in Zone 5, Chicago Area

    ...nd I've already gotten great advice for roses and honeysuckle here. I've been gardening in containers in apartments for years, so having a yard and garden is great. We have a lot… More

  • Halls Honeysuckle won't flower

    ... NEVER had even one bud. It's by a wisteria which flowers. I know it's a Halls as I have checked the… More