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Homemade Fertilizer

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  • New Composter

    ...ought a real composter. I knew I had to do it. My homemade barrel composter was simply not doing the job. It was a worthwhile experiment, and I learned a lot from it. Primary lesson: when a 50 gallon drum is more… More

  • Self watering gardens

    Please help. I am in a dilemma about my veggie garden. I will be going away for 1 week and afraid my garden will die if not watered. I have some container veggies but most are in the ground. I read somewhere on here where you can use plastic jugs… More

  • Ready Made Composters

    I don't have the inclination to make a homemade composter. I have a small flower garden that could use compost though. Are there any good brands of composters that any of you could recommend? I don't want to spend a fortune. Thanks, CTFlowers (Robin) More


    ...out past christmas spent together. And maybe some homemade gifts. If you want… More

  • Fried Green Beans

    ...e just cooked lunch and we had ham, potato salad, homemade rolls and FRIED GREEN BEANS. Delicious. She thawed the beans, dried them and dipped them in eggs and milk, then rolled them in salted and peppered flour, deep fried them and the rest is history. They are to… More

  • Shelf life

    Thanks to everyone I've made several homemade remedies for my roses. My question is how long can they sit (I made too much) before it looses it's potency? twotut:D More

  • Noodles

    Has anyone ever made homemade noodles? They are surprisingly easy to make! Even easier than pie crust. More

  • Homemade Hummer Feeders

    Thanks. I knew about that cleaning method. I'd still really like to figure out how to make the 'bowl' kind though. More

  • Homemade Jam!

    This is from the Sure Jell website. What do you think of Sure Jell? Sour Cherry Jam Prep Time: 45 minTotal Time: 3 hr Makes: About 6 (1-cup) jars or 96 servings, 1 Tbsp. each4 cups prepared fruit (buy about 3 lb. fully ripe sour cherries) 1 box SURE.JELL Fruit… More

  • Homemade Cleaners

    In leiu of the recent prices of things going sky-high, at least from what we were used to, I've started making my own cleaners, out of things that most have around home. I make our laundry detergent and have saved soooo much money.:D I also have made window cleaner and… More

  • Homemade Butter

    Hi all! My sister in law gives me fresh raw milk. I have made several attempts at making butter. Nothing has turned out quite right. Anyone have any tips? I mean, I know the basics, but I do not have the time to roll it in a mason jar, and… More

  • Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

    ...Kana_Zn6, I found your recipe and information on "Homemade Hummingbird Nectar" to be very good and very informative... I was was using PP Hummingbird Nectar... My neighbor is using the sugar water recipe... All my hummers left me and went to her... I read your post and tried it… More

  • Homemade Deer Repellent

    I found this easy recipe in Fine Gardening magazine and have never seen it posted here. You spray it right on the buds every 10 days to keep deer from nibbling them. 1 egg 1/2 c. whole milk 1 tablespoon cooking oil 1 gallon of water If you have any… More

  • sowing gel HELP!!!

    Does anyone have a recipe for homemade sowing gel? I read you can use a weaker wallpaper homemade glue. Any advices? thanks! Victoria More

  • Homemade spring rolls

    I watched a video on youtube on how to make spring rolls. I have an Asian market not too far from where I live, so I was able to find all the ingredients I needed there. They were fantastic! If you don't have an asian market, you can substitute the… More

  • Homemade Self Watering Containers Instructions

    Found this on another site and thought it might be interesting to those that want to join the ranks of growing veggies in containers. And like me want to grow them in self-watering containers. I just got a line on a possible source of "blue boxes" that I might use....hehehe....ok...yeah,… More

  • Homemade Greenhouse

    Can anyone post some pictures of do-it-yourself greenhouses? Indoor ones please that can move and are inexpensive... More